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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Resumes

Pao is gone. No one to wake me up early in the morning, calling me ah gu loud loud and sing to me.
No one to disturb me, to bring me out for shopping, to fetch me home, to curi my food, to buy me things and treat me to expensive restaurants all the time anymore. Every year, at this time, when she has to go back, although it is for just another 9 months, it still makes me sad. Probably because no one to pamper me or to make me angry for 9 months. Long enough to give birth to a cute baby girl. *cuz I like girls.* XD

I bet she'll claim that she has jet lag and sleep a lot. She does that all the time. Every year. Last year, she even skipped class because she was having jet lag or in another words, she can't wake up. Lazy bum. Hopefully end of this year I can go and find her and we will have the time of our life.

What I Miss Bout Her?
1. Her irritating voice
2. Her singing
3. Her hugs
4. Her random kisses
5. Her treat to expensive restaurants
6. Her fetching me back from school
7. Her snatching computer with me *not very*
8. Her presents
9. The way she pampers me with gifts
10. The endless shopping trip with her.
11. The singing in the car session
12. The redbox session
13. The camwhore session
14. The Wednesday and Thursday pasar malam session
15. The Thursday What Women Want session
16. The market session with chim and her.
17. The baking session
18. The grocery shopping session
19. The DVD session
20. The CNY cloth hunting session
21. The chit chatting in the car session
22. The mercedes experience
23. The wedding dinner experience

In fact there are many more and I just realize that I miss her more that I thought I would. Pao I miss you and see you soon. We shall study hard. You for your final year and me for my STPM. I love you Pao and although you always disturb me, I still love you to bits. Miss you already. See you soon hunny bunny. XD You're my honey bun sugar plum, umpie umpie umpkin,you're my sweetie pie, you're my .... the apple of my eye XD

Note: Last year she left on the 21st of February also. I love Pao

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