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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Dedicated to Pao. "It's of What Women Wants. Don't scroll down if you refuse to read it okay?"

Charles' new dream is to be a king. So that he gets someone to escort him all the time. And Hafiz was so excited when he saw police excorting them and the road ahead was empty. And they are going to Tioman. Then their 1st task is a quiz. Lol. Hafiz won and he escaped from riding a donkey. A winner for the contest get to meet them and she went on the dates with them. Charles was a little bit cute but still as kayu as ever and he even tried to catch biawak for that girl. He was kinda kayu by the time its for the romantic dinner.

Hafiz pula. I like him. He made me smile a lot. So cute. His part is really worth watching. I would definately want a boyfriend like Hafiz. So muscular=security, so kind=loving, so caring=prihatin, and small small things he does make girls smile. So HAFIZ!! U better win. XD

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