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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take For Granted.

Isn't that what almost everyone does every single day? How many of you actually feel happy and grateful when your mum wakes you up every morning? I only feel grateful on Teachers' Day, Children's Day, Canteen Day or days when I know that there will not be lessons. Other than that, I usually show her my muka masam and unwillingly dragged myself to the toilet. When I am really tired or lazy, I would even raise my voice a little cause I find it annoying. I am a bad girl I know. I am bad tempered but I cool down real easy. We take things for granted and regretted it when it is gone. Most people won't learn to appreciate until they lose something and after some time, they go back to their ignorant lifestyle.

I am definately not the only one who is not grateful. I do have friends who take me for granted as well. Coming to me when needs me and just leave when I am of no use. Sometimes I hate myself for helping but I just don't know how to say no. It seems so mean and selfish to say no and I ended up utter the Y word for God knows what reason. And I feel stupid for days and when I finally felt better, that very friend will come and ask for help again. That means endless feeling of stupidity haunting me. Some even ask me to pinjam them money and never bother to return me not even one cent. I have learned to be smarter and say no when it comes to money. Close friends can go up to RM50 as long as I believe them and normal friends only up to RM1. More than that, I am sorry, I have no money. I shall curse the people who take my money and totally forgot 'bout it. May you be poor for the rest of your life for cheating my money. These people should really be burned alive or something like that. Diana, go burn them for me XD

I, myself is a very very ungrateful girl who takes everything for granted. I took my family for granted, I took the cat who eats up all the lizards for granted, I took my handphone for granted, I took my time for granted. I never really sit down and appreciate those things around me, those people who loves me. I am usually mourning over those things that is not turning out well in my life. I mourn over my studies, my life, my social life, my everything. But I never really thank God for another day of living to make everything better. I rarely see the good side of people and only remember the bad things they once did to me. I never really thank my eldest sis for all the love I got since I was a small girl. I never thank her for my new school bag, my CNY clothings, my watch, my necklace and lots of other things. I keep having the feeling that both of us have lack of communications and lack of time being together. I shall from now on treasure the times we spend together and quarrel with her less *Terms and Conditions Applied* Heh. Better put this up just in case I became really bad girl. I never appreciate my second sis until she left for studies in overseas. I used to quarrel with her all the time and still does at times. But I am trying to control myself. I even quarrel with my mum all the time. Yes, I am a universal naughty girl cause I find fault with everyone in the family.

We should all learn to appreciate, learn to respect and learn to be grateful to those who really stand by us when we need someone to lean on and someone to believe in.


Old Beng said...

I am always the one who wake my cha-bo-lang up every morning

Mrs Chong said...

hahaha...opposite ah???then did she give u a no shadow kick or did she give u a morning kiss???hehehe...

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