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Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

NOTE: That 'wonderful friend' of mine just asked me to help his friend to buy callertunes. Seriously,charges need to be imposed already. I am losing my patient but as I am too tired to argue,I agreed. Maybe I don't want to start my year with a bad feeling I guess. Sorry to all my friends if I have been moody, grumpy and a bit bad tempered. I need time to cool down and the hot weather is not helping much. And my grandma actually knows where is Scotland Road. I just found out the name of the road today and I think I will forget it in just matter of days. Ah Ma hou yeh!!! And I just helped her to dye her hair. Ah Ma oso vain. XD

Finally its holiday!! Today was the worst day in the week. I was so sleepy, tired, hot and exhausted. And to have my P.A test was the worst idea of all. I kinda fall asleep for like 10seconds while doing my pie chart. Then Maths sir came in and another two periods of boring subject. Jas Lyn did make my laugh though. She thought my sir said Happy New Year and she started packing but my sir was actually saying continue here. It was funny. Then the bell rang and I felt relieved! Holiday mood is just rising and I ended up waiting for my sis till 2pm. However, I was shock to find out that their car was knocked by another "P" driver. Trust me, that "P" driver has serious attitude problem and I don't think I like him or his girlfriend. He was rude to his father and that girl was brainless enough to expect him to bring her somewhere when he has to settle his accident things.

Anyway, my purpose here today is not to talk bout some lame budak who don't appreciate the father. I am here to talk bout one of my favourite past time when its Chinese New Year. I love to watch the advertisement. In fact all celebration season's advertisement are very meaningful and nice. Here is one of the best that I like..

ps: It is in hokkien. Good way to polish ur hokkien huh?

I'll never want my mother to end up like the other aunties though. Love and care will top to all those money that we can earn. We can earn less but we must not love less. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. May u enjoy real homecooked food and have a wonderful Chinese New Year.

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