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Monday, February 26, 2007

PayPerPost (PPP) And Review My Post

Side Note: I saw a few guys with blonde hair and some with green highlights in Butterworth on Sunday. Scary. They are surely a bunch of daring kids. Dare to be different. So I shall not laugh at their hair anymore. Instead I will salute and respect them for their bravery while loving my own natural and virgin hair.

I am sure many of you heard of PayPerPost or PPP in short. If you have not heard about it, read on. PPP is one way where you can earn money while blogging. When you sign up for PPP and log in to the website, you will be given a long list of opportunities where you can pick anything from the list that you would love to talk about. You can talk about handphones, some electronic stuff and many more. It is kind of an advertisement online and they need our view to help promote them. If both parties can get benefit from it then why not? I signed up and currently still looking for a suitable title to blog about.

There is guideline for you to follow and you will be paid if you post is accepted. You must blog in proper english, not too much profanity and extra research will earn you some extra tacks.

Things you must have to sign up for this PPP:-
- Computer (Go to cyber cafe also can)
- Internet Connection
- A blog (written in English)
- A paypal account
- A PPP account

and you can start earning money already. Blog about the topics stated and money will come flooding. Say goodbye to leg pains, muscle aches and long hours in office(for part timer only). If you still think that working in those places ensures stable income then say hello to extra income, more new clothes and more cash. Never say no to extra income. XD

Blogging is beneficial too you know? Now you've got an extra reason to blog. I shall go and browse more opportunities and bookmark them so that I can write about it when I am free. I do think that this is a good way to learn new things and to get updated with latest gadgets. At least now I make an effort to do research on things I never thought exist. I have no idea that W880i has released. Seriously.

click here to get to PPP website and learn more about it there.

Besides that, you can also earn money when your friends review your post. You can review theirs too and get money just the same. Both you and your friend will earn money when a review is done. You can get $7.50 per review. However, they must also sign up to this PPP first. You can put the review my post icon under each and every of your posting and you can get money once they review your posting. Even those that is not sponsored by PPP meaning your daily ramblings and things that are not related to anyone but you and your circle of friends. Isn't that amazing. Definately worth all the time and trouble I had while signing up. I am kind of blur when it comes to signing up for things. But I am a very optimistic person and I hope I can learn a lot through this. Heh. You can even set the template so that every single time you make a new posting, the icon will be attached to your posting.

To set this in blogspot:-
Go Customize => Settings => Formatting => and then paste the code provided in Review My Post and the next time you want to blog, the icon will appear in the box already. Just enter a few times and type above the icons. Have fun earning money. XD

ps: The greedy me goes back to some of my favourite postings to put this icon up. Please review it when you are free. Talk bout anything on that particular topic alright?Hope to hear your side of story soon.


weiwei said...

i saw some auntie highlight green also. i laughed at her because she's so ah lian-ish. haha.

btw, the PPP thingy. not the review wan la. the normal post eh. google page rank must at least 3 baru they accept us. mine 0!!!! hahahahahahah..

Mrs Chong said...

lol..i tink mine oso zero...hahaha..i two rite?? one is PPP another one is review one...two different one...

got one actually dye the hair pink u noe??not DYE!! so scary..macam sailormoon grow old d..

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