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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year

is full of activities. Yesterday I went to Penang Hokkien Gathering . Had so much fun talking to Kim Mo, Ang Ku Kueh and Ah Tox Kia. The rest too are fun. But I find Ah Tox Kia aka Boh Tien very cute. He likes to talk and he always take pic of Kim Mo. I had fun and I think mum is a little bored but it'll b fine. She'll be fine. Then Ah Win came and we had a super photo session with Ice Ice Baby's dollies. XD

Today, I am sending Pao off to airport *not I drive lar duh.* Then I am going to Queens for a while to get something for Ah Phung Chi and then going to JY's place for BBQ!!! Its gonna be so much fun with more camwhore session. It's just fun to hang out with emmoes. Diana is going too and I am loving that idea. Too bad SL can't go as she is working and Jen don't know got transport or not. If not there'll be like triple fun. And I have yet to invite YL. I think she is not coming anymore. =( My bad. Hope to have loads of fun with emmoes today. I love them. I love bentengs too ok? Having a mini CNY celebration with them tomorrow in school. With some benteng members missing cause apparently they live in Sarawak kut. Need a longer time to get their ass back in school tomorrow. XD But a girl has to do what a girl has to do which is to have that CNY celebration going though some won't be around. I just love what I do now.

Note: It is not that I don't wanna update the previous post. But I can't get the picture yet. Wait till I got the picture. Then I'll update. XD

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