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Friday, February 09, 2007

Aren't 'friends' wonderful?

Friends are suppose to be wonderful aren't they? I mean not all friends are perfect, make that no one. No one is perfect and I am not looking for a perfect friend. But at least give me a friend who respects me as a person and not as a device or computer that is there to help you to do things. I hate the feeling of being taken for granted and treated like maid or something. And don't come acting cute to me. I hate that. The scenario is like this :- One friend asked for my help. I stopped talking to him for a few months and suddenly, he messaged me and ask me to check for him why his callertunes not working. Its the way he approached me that made me feel a little bit used.

He just send a message that goes " Can help me check why my callertunes not working?"

After months of not keeping in contact, isn't it a little rude to ask just like that without a single hie? Of course, being a very fussy and this-wrong-that-wrong type of person as I am, nothing he does will make up to it because if he starts beating around the bush with other things before asking for my help, I will think of him just the same. So yea, nothing really works to me. Haha.. Anyway, after checking that everything will be fine, he asked me to buy callertunes. I was tired and asked him to wait till today. So yea, I did for him and I ended up doing for his friend too which I think was rather out of my duty because I know nuts 'bout the friend. And again, being the kind person as I am, I agreed and help. Seriously, deep down inside, I am very angry and is planning to charge him. But no, of course I didn't do that. Friends don't kira-kira one. That is of course if he is still my friend. Since I have enough things on my head to think about already, I shall forget bout this and continue to do my certs which if I can't print at home,still manage to go to my aunt's house to do it. Shall continue throwing my fire all over here when I am free. A busy person don't even have time to actually throw their anger. No wonder so many people busy until they go cuckoo. Lol.

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