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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Love is

-when your sister gives you a tight hug just before she left
-when your mum gan cheong with you every morning because you are late for school. AGAIN!
-when your sister sends you to your friends house for some party and even fetch you back.
-when your sister drives you back from school every single day under hot sun.
-when your uncle drives you to tuition every week without fail.
-when your uncle buys you fruit because he knows you love them
-when your uncle says that you are smart although at times those things were just some normal thing. Just to motivate you and make you feel better.
-when tears fall down whenever you think of your loved ones who will never ever return.
-when the 1st thing that comes to your mind whenever you accomplished something is that "my uncle would be so proud and would say I am smart again"
-when your mum scolds you when you wake up late because she doesn't want you to get demerit
-when your mum follows you to some "stanger gathering" for she doesn't know anyone there.
-when your mum fetches you everywhere
-when your aunt bring you to lou yee sang although that means they have to wait till you finishes school
-when your grandma heat up the soup for you as soon as you say you wanna have your dinner already
-when your mum knows what you eat and what you don't
-when your aunt willingly fetch you
-when your aunt buy you things and pamper you
-when your aunt allow you to wear her shoe when you can't find others
-when you hang out with your highschool friends and still have the best time of your life.
-when your sister brings you shopping with her boyfriend *lamp post XD*
-when your sister treats you without thinking of how much she has to spend on you
-when your mum endlessly ask you if you need any money
-when your mum cook for you every day
-when you get hugs and kisses from your mum and sisters
-when your sisters joked and play with you
-when your friends show their concern to you
-when your friends never ignore your existence
-when your friends try to listen to you for you talk too much
-when you get morning smiles from your friends
-when you get greetings on special occasions from friends you don't usually talk to
-when you get dedications from your sister's blog
-when everyone were just as anxious as you were when you were taking the driving exam
-when you friends help you in studies
-when you wake up with messages from your buddies on your phone
-when you watch the fireworks with people who matter most to you
-when you talk to your primary school friend and still can feel connected to her
-when you still feel close to friends you don't meet that often anymore
-when you feel comfortable being with your highschool cliques
-when you are surrounded with angels called family and friends

And lastly, love is when you feel blessed and have teary eyes while typing/reading this post.

Love is not something big that someone does. Its the small things people do each day that show us that we are being loved. Different people may have different view on love. I love to have a life like this. I rather be loved this way than any other way that can possibly happen. At times I wish time like these will never end. But life is not a bed of roses and I shall treasure every single moment I have with them for they are the love of my life, now and forever.

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