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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Difference Between Wonderful Friends and "Wonderful Friends"

Yesterday, after the cookout competition in school, I went out with my close friends. A friend of mine whom I once always cari pasal with her came to fetch me and Win. Don't ask me what happened. We were young, rebellious and damn stubborn. At least I was. Anyway she fetched us and I was pratically talking throughout the whole journey. Mind you, I am really born to talk. Some people may find me rather irritating and annoying. But I just can't help myself. What can I do? So back to the shopping part. We reached there and then meet up with other friends. Although there is a slight discomfort due to a sacarstic remark from one of the friend there, I manage to keep my heads up and stay cool. I am not gonna burst because of some stupid remark, will I? I guess she still can't accept my nature of being talkative. Like I care. I just wanna remain okay-friends with someone who can't accept me for me. Some of my friends were hungry so we proceeded to Wong Kok for lunch. Gee Kin came and join us.So we walked in queens for sometime and decided to give SL a visit. She works in S-Vogue. Her hair is much nicer now and she looks like a puppy. Hehe. Whoever with permed hair looks like a puppy to me. Especially if she got a small face.

After that we hang around longer, shopping for CNY clothings and then we go to MCD for some snack. That was our dinner. We took some lawak photos in Queens with the assistance of June's bf. He was a lil grumpy but fun towards the end. After that, Win and I followed HS's car while the rest went into LL's car. We didn't know June and BH was following LL. If we knew bout it, We would definitely bring Yuh Jen with us. Before that, HS, Win and I went to see some fashion show by MOTIVI and we saw PARIS AIS PHILLIPS!! then we went to the seaside and take loads of pictures. Really a lot!! Had so much fun and my legs are aching. But I had fun and that's what matters isn't it?

Nothing can beat crazy moments with highschool friends. I love emmoes cuz we can have fun just about anywhere. Well, almost all. I love Win cuz she can endure my laugh a lot and talk a lot nature. June and Win can actually teman me to do those. While Jen and HS are rather quiet but still very fun to mix around. They are stylish and although I've had my fair share of problems with HS, I still enjoy having her around. No one is perfect, so am I. Whereas for Diana, she is my serious topic partner and also gossip partner. SL is always the quieter one but she can be crazy too at times. I enjoy her company. LL is a super daring driver and I really need to learn driving from her. I never thought she has that much courage. YL is rather gila now compared to last time and I love her. Angeline is my paling lama one friend, no matter how old we became, I am sure we can still hang out. Ju-Yen on the other hand is my gila artiste partner. We often saw each other chasing artiste. Although I admit there's still slight awkwardness between us, we still can act like nothing happened and talk to each other. I guess I should learn to let go those bad moments. Friendship is full of ups and down. So is life isn't it?

NOTE : To see the difference between wonderful friends and "wonderful friends", read the previous post bout Aren't 'Friends' Wonderful? . My conclusion is, wonderful friends makes you happy and "wonderful friends" makes you sick. Wonderful friends do not use you while its not the case with "wonderful friends"

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