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Friday, February 02, 2007

One year changes everything..

One year... Everything changes in just one year... Remember how we used to go around wishing our close friends happy birthday?? Remember how we used to spend our free periods making cards or signing on handmade cards?? Remember how we unsuccessfully tried to hide the presents and wanting to keep our friends in suspense? I can still remember how 'Emmoes' celebrated my 17 year old birthday for me. It was a Thursday I think. I was feeling rather down as no one actually remembered or wished me happy birthday. Being the ego person as I mentioned in the previous post, I did not ask them why or whether they still remember my birthday but deep down inside, I was rather uneasy thinking that they actually forgot my birthday. *I remember all of their birthday, trust me*

So the whole day was rather dull and nothing much happened.. Some not so close friends wished me while 'Emmoes' just buat bodoh. When the clock strikes 2.30 p.m, it's finally time to go back. I had physics extra class with Mr. Sa'adan or was it Chemistry class with Mr. Khoo? I can't remember that clearly. But I remember how they were waiting for me outside of my class with a bag in their hand and I saw Angeline walking to us. I was wondering what is that budak doing at that time because she should be at home now. Then i realize that they actually bought me gifts and they hid it from me. They did a superb job because I did not suspect them one bit. Okay, mayb a tiny lil bit but since there were no action, I casually ignore them. I love the teddie they gave me and it is a lil dirty now that I hug it to bed almost every night. Call me childish, call me silly, but teddies are one of the most precious collection I have and I don't have like 50-100 of them. Just 20 of them makes me happy. =)

Okay.. Back to the topic. At this time of the year, what will we see? We will see people selling pots of lime tree, pots of flowers. We will see people going everywhere looking for Chinese New Year clothing. We will see Chinese everywhere, even at the markets. Pasar malam or night market will be more pack than it has ever been. The stalls will be opened till 12 midnight and you will see 'people mountain people sea' there. You will see cookies being sold, Chinese New Year decoration everywhere. Cheong sam, red stuff everywhere. You can even smell the fragrant from the cookies that your neighbour makes *my neighbour makes me drool a lot*

In school, you will see students discussing bout what they bought for the celebration, you will see people planning on what to do during the festive season and last but not least, you will see pink envolope everywhere. PINK ENVOLOPE ! Those were the days when friends start giving you those pink envolope with greeting cards inside and no matter how stingy you were, you had to get some cheap cards to pass around too. At least to those who gave you. Some will pen down really thoughtful words and you will know that you are important because she gave that card to you. Some will just write

To, Ping Ping


by, whoever

These will be the commercialize cards. Meaning they will buy in like dozens and send to everyone. Well almost everyone. I still feel that she is being thoughtful to give it to me but well, its rather not personal isn't it?? So I was saying that today, when WY passed the card to JL, I suddenly realized, HOW COME I DIDN'T BUY ANY CARD??? Just one year. 2006 when i don't celebrate that season with friends, I totally forgot bout it. But hey, why should we get a card when we can send it online? It's free and it's very environmental-friendly. So send an e-card today.. =) Wan Mei sure loves this line. Lol.

ps: yes, I can be distracted pretty easily. I beat around the bush and I think Miss Yeoh is not very happy with that. XD

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