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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year II

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends! How was your reunion dinner? Mine was late. We went to our aunt's house at 9 something and apparently everyone left already and we took the dinner on our own only. After eating, we left for Tesco to get stuff for the small family party the next day. Met Cici there and smiled to her. Then continue shopping.

I am not gonna bore you guys by mentioning what I bought. Unless of course if you want to know =P Moving on,I find the youngsters*not to say that I am old* nowadays very daring lor. I seem to see teens with many many daring colours on their head. For instance, I saw a guy with green hair the other day at Prangin. Then I saw another boy with purple hair at Tesco today and a woman with pink hair in Gurney last Thursday. What's up with the colours? Why green, purple and pink? And seriously, they dare to try on things on their head. They get lots of attention too. And I also met many people with fashion disaster *or so by my sis*. Some come with super not matching colours and some just make people go dizzy. Green, yellow and blue makes people feel a little sick isn't it? Well, at least for me.

Alrite. Time for bed. Tired already.Nights.

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