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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Love Cupid

is nowhere to be seen. Hehe. Yes. My love cupid got lost or something i guess. Or perhaps another love cupid accidentally struck mine and she needs to be hospitalized or something. So yea, a valentine-less year this year. =) Anyway, so fast, one year has passed. I still remember how I was sitting at home doing nothing *well,its like a routine already =P * and just pass this day just like any other day. Today was nothing much different either. I went to school, drowsy as usual and then off school!!! Then my friends came to visit and we took a few pics.. Then its time to go to the field. We ran 400,100, lompat jauh and lontar peluru. I manage to get 2 marks out of 8 . XD

Then my mum fetch me to get some ribbons for my hair. I love them and maybe I will go to get some more tomorrow. Probably will ask my aunt to bring me. Then it'll be free again and I can have different colours to match my clothes. Isn't it cool? I fell in love with ribbons and tying my hair. I don't know why. Anyway, talking about my love cupid, my friend asked me a few questions about love. Apparently, she was quite impressed and shock when she heard my answer to my teacher's question which is about my husband and his affair. I told her that I will choose to befriend the secretary because we should always keep our enemies close. That is what I learnt from my sister and I really do see point to it. It's always better to go the soft and unexpected way isn't it? We can also keep our image clean.

Adakah patut? Cheng Ling said she was shock that I actually sounded wise. She never expect me to be wise as I am always gila-gila and laughing for some lame reason in class all the time. So she started pouring lots of 'what if' questions to me. The first one was about what if she has a best friend and a boyfriend and her best friend and boyfriend fall for each other. Should she give them her blessing and let go? For me, it is almost impossible to let go and act like you are very generous. Firstly, its because when you still have a feeling to your boyfriend, it is really hard to let go and even worst, to see him with your best friend. Furthermore, if your boyfriend and best friend really cares for you, they will not be together right after you let go. If they can be together even if they know deep down inside, you hurt very badly, they are not true to you. But well, Ah Shan told me what if they don't know? Well, I would say that they will be dumb not to know that someone would hurt because of their action and I am sure friends will try to control their feelings if they really care for you. If I were that friend, I will not accept that guy at all. Firstly its because I won't want to hurt my friend and secondly, if that guy can fall for me while he is with my friend, how sure am I that he won't do the same to me? Well, I do think I can do that though. I mean leave that guy so that he will be happier cause I find it rather ridiculous to hang on his body but not his heart. Perhaps I will suffer, perhaps he would to. But after 1 month or 2 months or 1 year, time will heal the wound and we can still be friends. Some people will think, why do that when we know that both parties will be suffering. To me, these sufferings is just a short term one. Furthermore, its best to leave when we still don't hate each other. I would not want to hang on until one day, he started to hate me or vice versa. I want to keep that beautiful memories in me forever. Some may think that I am very stupid but that's how I feel and think.

Wow. Just one question done? Let me talk bout the second question from Ah Shan. She ask me what if my friend and I like the same guy and my friend started to hasut that guy and talk bad bout me. Firstly, I should kill myself for being so blind to still think of her as a friend (literally). Secondly, I would think that the boy would be rather stupid to believe her as he should get to know me through me and not some lame friend who talks bad bout me. I mean isn't it weird that one friend is telling another guy how horrible her friend is? Common sense would tell you that SOMETHING IS WRONG SOMEWHERE. Furthermore, he should not only listen to one person. He should get to know me from other people, understand me himself and also, love me for me. If he choose my friend because of some lame hasuts, I should kill myself again for liking him at the first place. After that, just move on. =P

Besides that, Ah Shan also asked what if I fall for my friend's boyfriend? I would say that I will just tell myself its just a crush and he is not available. Like there is no other guy in the whole wide ugly world? Furthermore, friend's boyfriend is a total no-no. Like I can't take coconut and I don't crave for them cause I know its wrong to eat them. The same goes to guys. If I know it is wrong, I won't feel like wanting him anymore. Plus, it is just a tepuk sebelah tangan relationship.
Just leave that happy couple alone would ya?

Cheng Ling pula ask me which one would I choose? Option A, a guy who is much older than I am(5-10 years older), option B, a guy who is younger than I 'bout a year or two and option C, a guy who is my age or a year or two older. My answer is........ A no doubt. At least for now. I used to think guys who are 4 years older are OLD. That was when I was 16 years old. Then when I am 17 or 18, I realized, 4 years isn't that bad. I won't mind the age as long as we love each other, we are not hurting anyone in the process, he loves me a lot, and we lead a healthy relationship. Who cares if he is like 26 or 28? I would say that all three options are not a problem in a healthy relationship. However, I would prefer option A. I seem to believe and think that guys who are our age or a year or two older tend to be a little bit childish. Not to say all and not to say that I am not childish but I do see many couples suffering cause their boyfriend play too much. Please don't ask me to define play and don't be angry for my statement. That is just my thoughts. In addition to them being more matured, they would know how to treat their girlfriend better and they would probably takes care of the girlfriend better. This is again a very subjective matter so yes, that is my conservative thoughts. So don't question my choice, please.

That's all for tonight. I am rather tired and happy valentines day to everyone. Love you guys a lot *my friends*

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