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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Birthday Wish List 2008 *updated*

It's the time of the year again. This year, I am turning 20. It's twooo jilo zero. No more balance. It seems like yesterday when I was just 17. Suddenly, I am turning 20. So scary. Ya la, I know the 17 is like 3 years ago la. Meaning it's many many many yesterdays ago la. =P

So, I checked back my wish list on 2007. Each year must improve. So the price of the presents also improve. =P Say nia la.

So, got your PDA ready?? =P Last year, it was pen and paper, improve people, improve.

1. A new wallet I got two.

2. A mp3

3. Surprises

4. A wonderful celebration that will last a lifetime. =P

5. More opps for PPP and Smorty. =P (like coming true)

6. Higher Page Rank (You can give me this by linking me!!!!!!!!!! =P )

7. A new to-uni bag. A bigger but ladylike one. (will get it from KL, gift from emmoes)

8. A whole lot of memories on that day to remind me of you people.

9. This one is to God, a good, secured place in Uni.

10. Casio Watch!!! I got it lor. My god. I almost fainted

11. CJ7 plushie!!! Best if the face is a bit buat lawak one. I got this too. Almost fainted. Twice.

Picture of the watch I like. =P If I want change design, I will update again. Muahaha. One more week nia okay?

I arrange them according to the ones I like. =P I've checked out other Casio watches. But these are the ones I like la. Oh well. Will go hunt for other watches. Might get one for myself when I get my salary.

Actually hor, you guys always know what to get for me. =P I just put this up to hint you guys that it is coming. I'm turning 20. It's a long way okay? Give me some credit for walking so far la. Spoil me another day la.

1 comment:

Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, so many wishes ah??? hehe... I got too, maybe more than u... hahaha...

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