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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


The culprit

The crime scene

The victim.

T____________________T I fell down.

What's worst?
The bulu still there. T.T Cuma skin come out. Bulu, still strongly attached.
ps: Walao, really like what we say, "kiuk ang pow" (collect red packet) So near my birthday some more T.T Who so baik hati, give me ang pow?


Doralin Lee said...

Apa ni la dear? That's why la I told u already don't climb high, don't climb low! You never listen and you go and wear heel sandals somemore! Kan dah buah nangka busuk jatuh bedebuk!!!!

Be careful la next time don't keep on looking at the cute guys only, look where you are stepping. Take care ar.....

Doralin Lee said...

Eh... Eh... sorry sorry thousand apologies I memang half buta the sandals tak ada high heels la hehehehehehe!Soli soli mensiasueykan betul!!!

Mrs Chong said...

hahahhahha..but it's slightly a bit high la..hahaha...

no cute guys to look at also k??so malang..all ah pek only...I some more so happy got back from toilet, all ready for evening walk at botanicals...then, jatuh...luckily no one see... T.T

Swee Win said...

u fell down hor ?
i tot ur shoe got stolen when i saw the 1st pic.. haha

Mrs Chong said...

T.T then it'll be the victim, not the culprit..hehehe

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