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Sunday, April 06, 2008

MDG: Cindy again!!

I tell you, CINDY is the problem in that show. I hope she is out next week. So that she won't get to be AT LEAST at TOP 6 like what she told her father. There are a few things I have to talk about here.

1. It is not about you speaking English, you moron!!!
She mentioned about how people don't like her because she speaks English and started calling people "being-17-with-braces". They mentioned her faking her Australian or whatsoever accent when she can speak normal Malaysian English with no fake accent!! I understand how the rest of the girls feel. I myself hate people who speak with accent like they are not Malaysian at all. So what if you studied there? Speak a normal English without purposely roll your tongue here and there can? They did not complain that you speak English so you got no rights to complain them speaking Malay. Ya la, you smart la, your English power la. People can't speak la. *roll eyes*

2. About the shoe.
I think both Fiqa and Cindy are at wrong here. Fiqa saw the shoe, and put them back right? How can Cindy possibly know that Fiqa chose it first? Unless Fiqa told Cindy or something. So it's understandable that Cindy might like it too without knowing that you wanted it first. But I think it was at that time, their tone la. The way they trying to fight for the shoe. Besides, they are not in good terms, so they will probably be make a huge fuss over it. If it is Fiqa and maybe Hanis then this wouldn't be a problem at all.

3. About her calling names.
Why must you call Adeline na-ge-hua-ren-nu-chi. If your father knows Hanis and Fiqa by name, would he not know Adeline? And why is it that you have to call people names on the show? Make Chinese damn sia sui can? And calling people "being-17-with-braces" makes you an even bigger loser lor. Don't have to hint like this, just say Hanis can? If everyone don't like you, perhaps you should think again. Stop pushing everything to everyone. You are no angel, no one is.

4. About her insisting that she wants to be in top6
Hey, no Vote Out system ar? I don't want her to be in Top 6. Menyampah only. The way she talks to her father also shows that she is much pampered and pretty au-ban (read: stubborn). And ya la, seeing her photos on her blog is a big turn off la. Kenny Sia said she is someone many guys will like and many girls will hate. Ya lo, shallow guys will like lor. Hiao enough ma. Look at her blog also know already. Like that one attitude, take back home be girlfriend also pening kepala. Later all friends run.

5. About her getting so angry over everything.
Eh cik adik, you Aries kar? Lagi panas baran dari I leh. Buat imej jatuh ajer. I don't like people discriminating another person, like Adrian's case. But hey, Adrian made it seems like he is a victim you know? It feels so bad to see him able to smile and say he can tahan. If Cindy don't act like she is like what they say on screen, perhaps people will have sympathy towards her. She is someone who only wants to win. And she doesn't care what it takes. She just want to win. Sien.

I don't like her.
-The End-


Anonymous said...

hey there~! i agree 100% on your opinion about cindy...with her attitude like that, and the way she expressed herself on ep10 will not make things better for her...i pity her really~! and i dont think she deserves to be in that show anyway~ she may be pretty but not pretty enough to stand out as a model...besides, she got in because she wore that skimpy little red dress and caught Kenny's attention...and i have to say that Kenny is one shallow guy!! SERIOUSLY! Thank You.

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