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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was that kind of people who will give the beggar my one last RM1 when I was younger. RM1, that's the furthest I can go. As I grow older, despite having RM10 in my wallet (but I kena cheated RM10 once), I stopped giving much to beggars cause they are everywhere, you don't even know if it's another fake one. I occasionally will give to old people but most of the time, I am busy taking care of my bag to even let my eyes wander far.

It was few Thursdays ago (yes, I damn pro in procrastinating), I saw a bunch of uncles and aunties at their golden age, probably 60 or less gathering somewhere around the carpark of my mum's office's building. They were busy packing vegetables.

Out of my curiousity, I went and asked one of the aunties what are they doing. Apparently they gather every Thursday to pack these vegetables given to them by the sellers at the market opposite mum's office's building and give them to those who are poor. How they know these people are poor, I do not know.

That got me thinking. Where is the Ping Ping 10 years ago who will give all her money to a poor beggar? I've grown up into a hard hearted lady who prefers to look elsewhere when a beggar comes to her, probably due to fear of being cheated. Although if you insist, she'll give due to fear, not of trying to do charity because frauds happen everywhere. If this continues, those who really needs help will not get it because people stopped believing in doing charity.

Do you still give beggars money?


Some @#%&^%# living at level 1 or 2 is having feast again. Sien. It's 9.30p.m and to have fried chicken's smell all over your room is not that fun you know?

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