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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

07042008 Queensbay and suprise.

On my birthday, I dengan penuh gaya, mutu, keunggulan sekali took a day off. Muahahaha. Okay, I went to Queensbay with Swee Win and Yuh Jen. Luckily last minute Ju-Yen can fetch us cause my mum cannot send me. Once we get there, we headed to Sakae Sushi for lunch. Ju-Yen went home cause she was tired. Go zz.

Good weather. I love. =)

One incident that I cannot not blog about. We all know Sakae Sushi serves their green tea by giving you a cup and a packet of the green tea that cost you RM1 and you get to refill the hot water as many times as you like right? If you don't, you now do.

Anyway, I told him I want one hot ocha. And he asked, "for three?". Swee Win blurted out, "Nope, for one" and that waiter laughed so loud. What la? Everyone else are doing the same. Laugh at us nia. Not fair.

This is wa mia hand, refilling hot Ocha

The high tech mia ordering screen. By the way, got one question, if la hor, the mouse mia wire kena air, will kena electric shock ar?

Jen, Win and I. We camwhore until we laughed so hard, we couldn't continue. Yuh Jen la, keep laughing at me. You know why the last two pictures are blurred? Aiseh, perempuan mia problem la. Baju too low la.

Us in the toilet after "pow chong" (read: touch up on our make-up)

We went to find Su Ling at Lo Hong Ka (she sells bird nest and such there. Pregnant ladies an find her.) and chit chat. She damn pro in selling stuff. Some more got say "Huan Ying Kwang Ling" (Welcome. I don't know the han yu pin yin T.T) Then we spent hours at CIMB waiting for Ah Win to withdraw some money and by then it was already 4.30pm. We went to buy our fake lashes and walked around before going to make my Jusco card. Yes, I MADE JUSCO CARD. =D

Then we went to Manhattan Fish Market to makan-makan.

Me and another of my gossip buddies. Enjoy gossiping with her. Always make me laugh.

After Su Ling left for work. We took lots of pictures. Ju-Yen run until she "kee chuan" (exhausted)

Me, Ju-Yen and Ling Ling. I used to sit beside them. They are buddies. We had our differences but now we are cool la. Last time damn gin na.

Went to Su Ling's shop and asked her colleague to help us take picture. =) Group picture.

We saw this at Forever21. Mamamia, the mannequin was placed below air-cond and the hair keep like flying la. So real. T.T macam orang. But body damn chun la. =P

Pao called me around 9 and asked me what time I'll be back. She lonely I guess. I got home at about 10.30 to 11 and eldest sis got so excited to see what I bought. -.-" I buy fake lashes, eye liner and two necklaces only ler. So tiring.
She then open the door and off the lights. I saw my second sister standing at the door with my cake. I did think that I will not be getting a cake because I thought they have forgotten all about it. And it was so late at night already. I was overjoyed la. That was the most unexpected one lor. But their three surprises were all not what I expected la. I love the cake!!! They were laughing at me after reading my blog post about them officially bubarkan the club. And mum's secret was that the day they went out to get grandma supper, they were actually out there ordering the cake. I was in the room, blogging. T.T

Me and my two candle cake. =) I am a happy girl.
Christians always say, ask and you'll be granted. =) I had a wonderful birthday this year. =D Love you all.
-The End-


Anonymous said...

ee sakae T.T maluu...hehe..
he's cute :P haha

Swee Win said...

so funny meh??
its not wrong to order one ..
were other ppl laughing ??
i tak tau pun..but yea i agree with jen.that guy is cute.. haha

Mrs Chong said...

yea...he is tepi tepi kap chor..why no one said anything tht time?chieh

Anonymous said...

shud have ask him sit down n take pic wit us rite ? xD hahaa...

Swee Win said...

aiyo. yala.. y we din voice out our pendapat that time ?
kekeke.. nvm nvm we go makan there again.. ahahha

Unknown said...

like yr style of writing. quite amusing - and very malaysian lol :) if i may add, memang bergaya, ada kelas!

Mrs Chong said...

jen & win: lol..nx time muz tell ok? aiseh..all kap same guys but no one said a word. Chieh.

QuaChee: Oh, thank you. =) Aiya, shy only.

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