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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Phone Cards

I remember my sis used to call me from New Zealand using international phone cards. Mum used to buy a card like that last time to call her as well. Now we don't have to anymore cause she is back to annoy me every single day. =P And to sayang and pamper me.

I believe communication is the most important thing in relationship after trust. If you trust each other but do not communicate enough, sooner or later, the trust will also be broken. It's like a package. My sis's boyfriend calls her every single night (or alternate) from Singapore cause we do not have microphone and the only way they can talk and listen to each other is through phone. To me from talking, you get to hear the other person's voice, and their feelings, whether they are excited, tired, happy, sad, troubled or simply bored.

I come across this website that sells cheap
prepaid phone card. If the one you wish to call is in Malaysia, you should check Mandarin Garden out. The rate is cheapest for Asia countries. There are many other very interestingly designed phone cards, each with a theme and several countries at cheapest rate so that you get the most benefit out of it.

All Phone Card and Calling Cards are delivered online instantly. Getting phone cards have never been easier.

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