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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things that old people are good at

Note: Non-halal post ahead.

I will not deny. I will not act angelic. IMHO, old people are good at nagging, scolding, merajuk-ing and asking for something at times I find ridiculous. They are like kids once again, we were once that pain in the ass. So stop complaining.

However, we often forget and neglect other things they are good at like COOKING!! I don't know why but almost every single old people is good at cooking. They must have cooked when they were young because they couldn't afford to eat out every day or to hire a maid. That's why. I decided to blog about this place I had my dinner here because I believe there's more Penangites reading this blog.

This evening, I went dinner at this Senior Citizens' Association. I've been craving for Mee Sua Tau ever since I came back from New Zealand but very few shops offer them. The one at my old house bungkus already. This cafetaria I went is run by a bunch of old people who are members to the association. I think the profit of the cafetaria goes to the association, place where they hang out. Yes, they hang out there, sing karaoke some more.

The food was great at very reasonable price and eating there is like giving these old people a chance to do what they love and to continue doing it. Besides, no one rejects good food. Even my grandma who often complains the food from the noodle to the soup to the water they use to cook the noodle was showing thumbs up.

Their association. Complete with karaoke set and many other activities.

Nah, take picture show you the time of their business. Tak tau tempat can call. =P

Click to enlarge and see the menu first. =)

The place. There's like 10+ tables for the customers.
Mee sua tau. Priced at RM4.80. A real satisfaction I tell you. They put real crab meat instead of those fake ones okay? Yum yum.

Singapore Bee Hoon at RM3.50. I thought it won't be yummy and grandma won't like it because they put eggs in it but it was good, surprisingly.

Singapore Bee Hoon. See the prawn. Drools. I love.

Spring Roll and Roti Babi. RM3.50 per piece. It was good though. Worth the price.

They are very generous with the filling and this is the second shop I've been to that serves such yummy spring roll and roti babi. And their portion for this is big. Definitely worth the RM3.50.

The special sauce for the spring roll and roti babi.

Roast Chicken. 1/4 for RM7. A must try. The skin is roasted until crispy. Yummy. I really like this one. Beat the ones we get at fast food any time. It's really good.

The sign board that you'll see when you are turning into the place.

It is situated at 7, Jalan D.S. Ramanathan (Scott Road) Penang

Tel: 2288799

It is at the rich man's housing area, where all big big bungalows are. This place is a little secluded as the fences are fully covered with plants, wild I suppose. Try to drive at that area and find them as I think it's a place both Penangites and tourists should go. These people are cooking for the passion of it and to earn something to support their association.

I like this place for four things, the food, the service, the passions and finally, the ambience (free live singing from the senior citizens- they were singing karaoke and having fun. =p)


sHaN sHaN said...

i like the food as well especially roti babi...hehe...

Juliana RW said...


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PS : it seems delicious :D

Mrs Chong said...

shan shan: yea...but roti babi tak oily meh?

picturing of life: will do it tomorrow?

9PEK9BO said...

Yalor..old people all good at ngam ngam chamm to 9pek9bo!..hahaha!

Mrs Chong said...

9pek9bo: haha...betul lor..

sHaN sHaN said...

haha...sort of but once in alwhile is ok la.. no eat no fun...haha...

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