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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Thunder Story

Two nights ago, we were being attacked by thunder and lightning. Basically I was semi-conscious, very scared (in my dream) and do exactly what my sister/roommate asked me to do. T.T I don't even know why we were so dramatic la.

My eldest sister always show the "peace" sign when lightning strike cause she says it feels like paparazzi taking picture of her. No comments. Mum who is her roommate keep scolding her and asking her to sleep cause she always wake mum up to "peace for the lightning. -.-

To know exactly what happened, go to my sis's blog because she was super conscious (can go toilet some more -.-). She can relate the whole incident better because I was practically sleeping in starfish style with my mouth open wide very soundly. I remembered getting up to off my handphone, hearing the alarm going off and hiding myself under the comforter because she asked me to.

The rest, entahlah. =P


Drama Craze.
Now I am watching Love @ Zero Degrees on AEC every night at 7.00 to 8.00 and repeat at 11.00 to 12.00. I am head over heels with YiXin and Guo Bing lor. I think they should be together. I used to like WeiXiang but then, aiya, this Guo Bing's character so romantic one. Watch already also feel heart warm warm like that.

Rui En (Yixin), Felicia Chin, Julian Hee (Guo Bing), Elvin Ng(Wei Xiang)

I think Rui En is a good actress lor. So natural. And Guo Bing is such a cutie. I hate An Na. Lol, hated her even when she acted in Meteor Garden 2. She memang got that muka menyampah. Seriously.

La la la. Tonight another episode. I am such a sucker for dramas. I tend to watch them all at a go and no, I don't think Taiwan drama is that good anymore. I bought many dvd but watch halfway and got bored. T.T Waste money nia. I am now Singapore drama and Hong Kong drama fansee. =P If I am to watch one more Lollipop and Hei Se Hui Mei Mei's drama which I won't, I'll probably go crazy. Worst buy in my entire life. T.T

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