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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I admit la, I went to line up for Sushi King just now. Shy only. My cousin ajak-ed me and since it's free, I go la. How would I know there's so many people as kia su as us?

Shy only. Now I have to face those people who heard me saying that I won't line up for Sushi because it's LAME!!!

I am lame. =(


Swee Win said...

*tsk tsk tsk*

Anonymous said...

ahah!!! you went for the RM2 promotion leh!!!

Was it good? I'm thinking of joining but am a bit skeptical of the rm15 membership...

Mrs Chong said...

my cousin has the card.
Ok nia la. Very fast full d cause u can only take the one with rice base and u have to finish the rice. T.T so sia sui. =( like 7 month nia..

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