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Friday, April 04, 2008

And the surprise is I don't know got surprise or not!!!

Surprise party is usually you don't know about it at all right? Well, mine is different. Mine is that I told them I want one. And then president a.k.a my second sister tell me they sudah bubarkan the surprise party punya club. And they sudah lucutkan the Menteri Kewangan's (my mum) post.

So now I don't know got or not. And it's like don't have lor. Because we are so famous with plan but tak jadi one. My ah ma got say got, but her words, believe 70% enough already. If you have read before the ah ma 7 turning story, you'll understand.

And then the Menteri Kewangan who is also my boss sudah kena pecat because she said she will give me a budgetted party and I kind of like sacked her. And she was telling me that she got secret but not telling me. And I super don't like her doing this although after much persuasion, she usually gives in. She really seems like she betul-betul kena pecat and know nuts about it.

Now the gan cheong moment is not what the surprise is but is there ever going to be a surprise. So worried I'll be disappointed because I get bad feedbacks from the president and the menteri kewangan.

Sian. Just got my late salary banked in. 3 more days~~two jeeellloorrrr damn scary lor... Bye bye teens. I will no longer be a teenager (at 12.00 a.m. sharp on 7th April), I will be a young lady. Don't label me with teenagers, call me hey you, young lady. =x

Cheng Beng up tonight. And postings about Taiwan and Koh Sa Mui presents. Up by tomorrow morning?

It's okay that I don't know got party or not but why my mum has to go "I got secret but not telling you" the whole day? Chieh, got ma got lo. I not interested to know also. No tips meh?

Surprise or not, damn I am excited to celebrate my big two. Hahaha. =) Siao or not? Last two days baru complain not excited.

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