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Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Went for a concert by The Wanderers. I don't know their background. Too power mandarin, I don't understand much. Especially the songs. Too deep. =P

Anyway, I actually enjoyed myself and thought it was a RM10 well-spent. At least I was laughing my ass off at LYZ. HAHAHHAHA. He is funny sial. Sigh, these people, don't see they look like nothing in USM ar, walk here walk there also people no look at them ar, actually can perform also one ok?

Never judge a book by its cover. Anyways, tomorrow gotta go get my hair done and attend a friend's party. Don't misunderstand, not 'set' my hair for the party. Hair got split ends already, need to attend to it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why am I like this?

T_____T I was complaining to a friend saying that USMHotspot doesn't work la~~~ Then I noticed, eh, why the wireless icon no light.

T____T I accidentally off it when I was turning on the laptop. No wonder USMHotspot doesn't work. Ha-ha. Why I like this?

Yesterday after I kena 'kek' by someone, I wanted to go sleep already. Then I remembered my baju not yet keep. So I went out to keep them. And because I am Ping Ping and I am nosy like that, I wanted to kacau another friend who lives on the 2nd floor. And because I am Ping Ping and I am clumsy like that, I dropped my shorts to the ground floor, on top of people's clothes. Imagine how scared I was to walked all the way to ground floor and 'redeem' my shorts. WHY I LIKE THIS??

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

USM main campus don't close la

I read in blogs and facebook that uni-s are closing down one by one for fear of the spreading of H1N1. According to Hui Ping, UPM, UiTM, UKM branch and UUM also close already. Even USM engineering campus is closing for a week. And guess what? There's no cases in USM engineering campus yet.

Why are they closing down the uni when there's no cases? Precaution? Hello, USM main campus had cases in the beginning of July but we are still asked to come back to attend classes. Only Pharmacy School was closed for a week because many pharmacy students were infected. Then now, no cases also they want to close down?

Please don't la, I'm not yet looking forward to sem break. Just let me go on with school and then when my sem break comes, let me have it. Don't suddenly give me sem break and expect me to do something about it. Most people are not on holiday yet. And to break us off on different times will make us lose our hang out time.

Do you think it's a good idea to close down the uni even before there's any cases reported? Isn't it absurd to ask us to come back when there are cases but send us home when there's yet to be cases?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ever thought everything is ok

only to find out that it isn't ok. It was never ok and perhaps will never be ok?

This sucks.


y u wish u r stronger

Estefania Ch'ng Ping Ping : wish I'm stronger says:
so that i wont be easily manipulated
so that i can stay firm on what i believe in and not waver when i'm being tested

The sister came back with lots of chocs

Last Friday, the eldest sister came back from Langkawi with lots of chocolates for us and her friends. It's all at home now though.

Because I'm a camwhore like this.

Arranging them nicely so that I can take another nicer camwhore shots. =.="

CHOCKIES!!!! Nom nom nom.

One last picture. Not all are ours though. After distributing them here and there, there's really not much left. Ok fine, I lied!!! Nom nom nom.

Guess what? I might get to go to Langkawi soon!!! I'm not a big fan of chocs but I'm a big fan of travelling, anywhere will do.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Collection of pictures that I'll not be able to update in uni

The beautiful view I got outside of my window. But the heat I got from the same view is unbearable.

USM students uses iMac in their labs. Fine, just one lab, but still.

But we uses Windows in the Mac. FOL.

That's me. Wei Wei took for me because I want to show that I really uses iMac okay? Not walk by and snap snap only.

More picture of that iMac. =P

Oh, my toilet slippers and her imitator. Pinkish as always.

The position of my bed when the rain leaked into the room.

Freaking water leaking into my room. Exactly at the place where my bed was supposed to be before I moved it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It disgust me

I am disgusted because no matter how hard they try to prove that they are different or perhaps slightly different, they just appear THE SAME to me.

Stop trying to prove anything. Really.

The VIPs in my life

Too lazy to write in detail of our outing but I had fun meeting up with everyone. 3 years has gone by but I'm glad, I'm really glad we are still friends, we are still who we were 3 years ago and we can still connect. I'm glad we all became more matured and I wish to believe prettier but deep down inside, we are the same playful people.

Love you girls. Have to post 3 pictures because first picture no Ju-Yen and Ling Ling, second picture no Ju-Yen and Su Ling and the last one Ju-Yen is finally around. =P Don't you dare to complain that you are bored of seeing me,yilin,diana and june. =P

Beautiful fireworks (i know, air pollution) during Bon Odori. Thanks for not letting me see it alone this year. T___T The traumatizing incident years ago is still in my head. =P
For more pictures, go to my facebook okay?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wei Wei vs Herballine

Location :- Equal (WeiWei is located beside Toy Museum thus free parking while Herballine is located in Gurney Plaza, in front of Kim Gary, beside S&J so you get to shop.)

Ambience:- WW is much more quiet as you are brought into rooms while in HL, you are brought into cubicles.

Services apart from facial – HL's facial comes with feet reflexology, foot bath, aromatherapy, nicer teas and spa soup- which was pretty yummy.

Price:- HL cheaper, WW’s price might increase with additional services like eye mask etc (which they ask if you want to do it when they are doing your facial, WW’s has more packages and that means more injury to our pocket. HL does not have any course that you must sign up for!

Annoying sales:- WW's staff are sometimes very pushy, comes up with courses that they'll make you sign up for. HL is actually quite good, not pushy.

Pain:- WW is facial not as painful. At first I thought they’ll be equally painful but NO!!!!!!! HL’s pain is like 10x WW’s. I was thinking HL will be where I’ll visit for my future facials but when that pain set in, I was almost ready to run back to WW’s arm without my bra. In HL, they’ll advise you to remove them but it was totally up to you, the girl who did my facial DID not tell me I can choose not to remove them.

Service:- As bad. Seriously, HIRE MORE WORKERS!!!!! I don’t think it’s a good idea to let your customer lie down in the room for some time that feels like eternity before coming back to them just because you are attending to another customer. T___T I actually thought she forgot me. I was T H I S close to knock the wall and remind them my existence.

Products:- HL- much cheaper and affordable if you intend to buy them.

Machines:- Equal I think, WW has this sterilization machine after she extract blackheads and pimples from your face while HL has this laser machine that removes dead cells.

Overall, HL wins by 2 votes but really, for the service, I won’t mind going back to HL but thinking of the pain I would happily run back to WW.

Wei Wei has many branches all over Penang.
Herballine is situated in Gurney Plaza, 3rd floor, in front of Kim Gary and right beside S&J. It currently has a promotion for first-timer. You only pay RM28 for the RM79 facial. =)

Sorry for the wrong name for the shop. T___T I am such a lousy advertiser. Sigh, sorry ya?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What you see on your way home.

For my case, it's on my way back to my room.

1. I see happy students walking back to their rooms.

2. Happy people driving cars.

3. Scorching hot sun. (This is feel, but oh well, I'm the blogger remember?)

4. Students waiting for bus.

5. A FREAKING DEAD CAT ON THE PAVEMENT WITH EYES OPENED. T_____T *Of course I'm sure it's dead. It looks.... DEAD.

Why does it have to be there when I'm walking face down? As in I looked down to the floor because my umbrella is very fragile, the wind can easily blow it off. Can never imagine how it'll be like if it was raining. Probably not bringing it out since it won't be of any help.

Anyway, the cat died with eyes open, as the saying in Cantonese goes, "Sei mm ngan pai", did not die peacefully. =s Poor kitten. I'm going to mourn for its death over dinner. =(

Oh oh oh and you know what??? My toilet slippers (slippers I wear to toilet in USM =.=") is branded stuff okay? Cause I saw an imitation of it three doors away. It's pink with polka dots!!! Must be branded la, or else why got pirated version? I'm so cool, even my slippers are branded. Super comfy from China kut. =P

I ran to people's doorstep to take a picture, but can't upload here now. I so scared she'll come out and ask me, "Er...why are you taking pictures of my toilet shoes?" HAHA.

I hope she don't lose her slippers and thought I stole hers. I wore it first okay?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Loving the alone time

Hey, it's great to hear from you again. I read your blog (tried leaving a comment but sigh, unstable connection.), and I can totally feel what you are talking about. I sometimes feel I've neglected so many of my friends due to maybe time constraint, money constraint, distance or just being pure selfish, wanting more and more alone time. You are a God sent wake up call to look around me and love the people around me for being who they are and for loving me. Thank you for the msg left on my wall, totally made my day. We really should hang out soon.

-Ping Ping-

This is the message I'm trying to post on Cheng Ling's fb. Not sure if I'll be able to do it tonight. Connection has been not so stable lately. More juniors using already I guess. Anyway, as this will happen ALL the time (what i'm going to say next, not the bad connection), I guess it's gonna be some moments when I look into the mirror and rearrange my priorities.

I was told by a friend that I make people smile. Because I'm bubbly and funny. Don't know if it's a good thing but I guess to have the gift to make people around me happy is not at all a bad thing even if sometimes they are laughing at me (can totally sense some people coming up to me purposely just to laugh at me =.=" Why I got friends who love me like this?)

I don't know if it is because I laughed too much just now (bad thing bad thing, will feel so empty after that), I'm feeling empty now. Like hollow inside and just need to fill it up with something (not food). But I never really got around to fill it, I'll just space out and be alone. I wish I'm not such a thinker. Yes, you read it right, I think. I don't just blabbered nonsential things although I look like one. Ok, maybe I do. Whatever.

Ok, done emptying out my empty heart to a blog which is empty -not much readers. I really wish I stop running away from crowds, from social life just because I feel like being alone. My social life is close to none, I don't even know if I am allowed to mention that word. Yes, THAT BAD. I'm eating lunch alone, dinner in my room or walking alone to classes and although it bothered me a lot, I think I began to like all the alone time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


it's not just how you feel. No man is an island.

*but they did not say no woman is an island*

Sigh, sometimes, it's not just how you feel.

I think it is very selfish to put your pail and your clothes in the sink while you take your bath just because you want to reserve the sink.


I'm very pissed off because she acted like it was ok to do that. I mean it's bad enough that you people throw your towels over the doors of toilets you want to enter while other people are STILL bathing inside. And then you walked off to go back to your room. But I can tolerate that (though sometimes my weak heart might not be able to).

I cannot tolerate this kind of bullshit. First, there's people staring at me washing my clothes in attempt to chase me off which she successfully did it, then this. I mean, be considerate a bit, fill your pail with water and your washing powder and then put it at the side. You are not living alone here.

They might have learned how to be independent but to learn how to live with others? They've got a LONG WAY to go.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Scared me chicken shit

I thought my internet connection in USM got banned. The truth is, it was just a weak connection moment. Well, I have a reason to be scared chicken shit. Ever since I got back to USM three weeks ago, connection has been nothing but great.

Then I was dl-ing the bluetooth software from Nokia website for my phone when the connection suddenly went weak. I thought walao, jackpot also not so 'chun' la. Got so 'chun' kena me or not? Then as a scared chicken shit, I quickly try to do everything possible (including praying to the God for giving His magical touch. My God is a busy God, His child's connection got problem also find him.) So anyway, I itchy chicken hand decided to reset the connection thingie and ta-da, I don't know how to. So I thought 'cham', seriously kena ban.

I gelabah-ed for the next few minutes (even thought of running to the pusat komputer to get it fix), messaged a few friends asking them how to fix it and started clicking around the settings. Well, I can blog now so I managed to fix it (THANK GOD).

Sorry USM =(( I insaf. I will not download anything in USM anymore.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

They said Michael Jackson Died 13 years ago.

Read this. But it was published 4 years ago. It was said to be a hoax so don't go around emailing your friends telling them MJ died 13 years ago.

Yes, unfortunately his face is that koyak-ed. The real one. It's not the fake one that got koyak-ed face okay? And the whole Casper (read: A friendlier name for the gh***. Well, Casper, the friendly gh***) thing is fake also. =) So please go on and mourn about MJ, listen to his songs (Yes, mummy please listen to his songs. I bought the CD at RM49.90 ok?) and watch his MV. Even if he died 13 years ago, he is still dead. So, don't have to stop mourning okay? =))

Back in USM

and I'm eating Jacob's wheat biscuit with some cereal drink. T_____________T I should make the sister feed me good food next Sunday.

Hello USM bed, I missed you. (I was just kidding)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is blissful

when you are home with a nice cup of yogurt *though the mean step sisters lied to you that they tasted weird*.

Sigh, I love home. Hugs mummy, cheche who calls me Este FATnia when my spanish name is Estefania, and ze business partner *click*. Oh and the supergrandma who cooks the yummious food ever!!!!!! I've restocked enough pork in my body to last me another week.

I think I'm gonna go to bed early tonight. Going out for a hang out marathon with the girls I love most tomorrow. =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No one said it's going to be easy

No one told us it is going to be easy.

In fact, everyone was disapproving.

But we did it anyway.

Because that's what we want to do.

Because we believed that we should at least try once or we'll always regret not taking that route.

And because of that, we have to persevere.

We have to prove that we can pull this through, the two of us, together, hand in hand.

Even if at the end of the day, we failed, at least we gave ourselves a chance.

We will gather all the knowledge learnt and be wiser. =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am super cool today

Because guess what? I used Mac in my computer class. I was late for the class and rushed in to be greeted with 40 over Mac computers. Insane la. USM super rich. I grab any one of it (because I know it won't give weird sounds like the last time I was using a 10 year old look-a-like computer).

Then, I don't know how to switch it on. T____T Anyways, although we ended up using Windows, we were using it on a Mac. Even the mouse feels weird. Mouse=tetikus.

I took a lot of pictures with it (like 5) but my bluetooth software is not installed yet. =( No piktures. I better get it done quick.

After that class, I went to my law class and I got something to share. Madness, I laughed like siao.

(ps: Oh yesh, today got donuts and three pieces of chocolate from Dr. Harjit Singh - yumness, ate one cause I forgot how painful it was to drill a hole in your teeth.)

His example to explain one of the terms we need to learn:

"Pada suatu petang Ahad bercuaca panas, Jamri sedang seronok berenang di sungai (sambil menyanyi lagu Getaran Jiwa lagu P. Ramlee), tetapi tiba-tiba mengalami sesak nafas, dan Siti yang sedang berlalu dengan basikalnya (sambil menyanyi lagu seribu bintang), terdengar jeritan Jamri meminta tolong (tolong! tolong! tolonglah demi tuhan!) terus menjunam ke dalam sungai gaya aksi filem "Baywatch" dan menyelamatkan Jamri. Selepas itu, Jamri (yang bersyukur esok masih ada) berjanji untuk membilakan Siti sebuah 'basikal berenjin' yang dapat digunakan Siti dalam kampus (untuk pergi kuliah HBT 103). " - Dr. Harjit Singh

Walao, laugh till I teared okay? Then I came back feeling very empty. Ya, laughed too much. I'm like that, if I laughed too much then I got back to my room alone, I'll feel extremely empty. Guess it just mean I've used up my happy hormones quota for the day.

It's so funny because he uses the names of the students in our class. If you were there, it would be funnier because he really read them out and explains why. I couldn't take it any longer when I saw gaya aksi filem "Baywatch" and "yang bersyukur esok masih ada". This sir damn funny. Although sometimes he nags a lot, like what must be good human being, must not think of earning money only, must give back to the society -hence the chocolates?, and things like that. But he is funny alright.

ps: HBT 103 is the course code.

I smiled

I smiled when my lecturer gave us an assignment to prepare a poster that reminds me of my high school days.

I smiled not because I am good at making posters. (Hello! *waves* I'm a PS idiot here)

I smiled because that's the best time of my life.

I smiled because I've met the most important and wonderful people in my life (I don't know if you guys feel the same way but no obligations to feel the same way okays?)

I smiled because of the silly things we used to do as a kid.

I smiled because I had such fun times back in high school.

I smiled because I know this project will cheer me up a little although the PS part might drive me up the wall.

I smiled because we had so many pictures (though I was hideous in them) together and it'll be fun rummaging through all those albums to get a perfect picture to include them.

I smiled because I know I'll be transported back to 2001-2007, way back to the clock tower days, the canteen days, the lepak prangin-onestop-gurney days, the taking pictures in class days, travelling days (though the last one I was a pain in the arse), and more camwhore days.

I smiled because I have you guys.

I'm more excited to meet everyone this Saturday now.

Dress at your best okay? Win, I'll still tag you in the air. You are not forgotten. Wait till I mastered the skill of PS-ing then I'll PS you into the picture.

Shan, you coming back this weekend? You going to Bon Odori? If you are, let me know, we can meet up.

GOSH!!!!!!! I still remember why I once hated Bon Odori. I didn't go for a few years already.

It's because I got lost there and watched the fireworks alone while others had friends and boyfriend/girlfriend with them. Felt so lonely and lost leh. After the fireworks, I found the gang. T___T FML.

I'm suddenly filled with love. I can feel my heart full of love now. <3 you all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheers! Cause I'm young

We were in our English class just now and we were given some listening cum spelling exercise. Basically the lecturer say the words, we spell it. The second category was the harder one that has all our linguistic terms in it but the first one was about youth.

Poor lecturer, have to think of words like facebook, friendster to test our listening. Then she mentioned Ben 10. That's what most of the people couldn't get. Even WEIWEI don't know what is Ben 10. Have to highlight that cause later my lecturer say, "Wah, those who got it are young, those who didn't are more outdated than I am." So, I'm young and Wei Wei is old. Period.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't you know it's rude to stare?

I've seen people staring at other people eating because they are waiting for the table in busy coffeeshops but CAN YOU STOP STARING AT ME WASHING MY CLOTHES? I'LL FINISH WASHING AND LEAVE AND YOU CAN USE THE SINK.


And I was washing my undies. How rude.

Wheee new clothes

Had late night yesterday, updating the blogshop because I started at 12.15a.m. T___T Was doing my law translation okay? Sigh, still not finish. The translation I mean. But will be meeting up with friends to settle it later.
Anyways, I bought clothes too but they are just tops. No more money. =( Go look at the dresses!!!
Blog has been rather dead with not much updates especially those with photos. Sigh, back to uni life is a bit boring and hectic to me. Boring as in keep doing the same thing day in day out and hectic as in running all about. I really should start taking piktures.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's raining

and I wish I can just lie on the bed, listening to the rain, tapping. Why do I have to translate law stuff when I can just relax?

What are you doing? Are you just chilling?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yes, it was THAT bad. And guess what? I have to go back there on Monday morning, 9.30a.m. For more. T_____T

Thursday, July 09, 2009


First the Pak Cik MA called me Ch'ng Ping Pong (and gave me weight gain vitamins #@%#%@), then a new found friend call me Pinky.

Thursday was suprisingly bearable. I'm starting to love this sem. Is it too early? Think positive man. Then people will enjoy being around me, the Children Lit. lecturer said so! And she said something about 'ping pong' and a friend laughed. IT'S PING PONG THE GAME, NOT ME!

Ok, actually out of stuff to blog about. Bought scarily lots of books and they are staring back at me. Will need to read and study on 6 children's lit. novels this semester. So intimidating. And I've got a super thick Spanish book (with colours, no more what's-that-black-black-thing?) and some law books. So far so good apart from money flowing out like the water in the big longkang in USM during heavy rain (Read: VERY FAST, trust me).

Glad to see all the friends in USM again- the people who made this place so much bearable and happening. Missing the others though. Win, Shan, CL (DID NOT MEET UP AT ALL), Diana, SL, Jen, EVERYONE!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A day at the dentist and clinic

Wei and I went to made an appointment to visit the dentist today when she went to clinic for the H1N1 screening yesterday. Unfortunately, I am the only one who has to go back to 'tampal' my tooth/teeth (I don't know, she did not tell me) on Friday at 11am. WHY ALWAYS ALSO I KENA ONE? Since primary school, I am always the faithful patient, visiting the dentist twice or even thrice whenever they went to our school.

Anyways, after visiting the dentist- a painful experience for weiwei and yinyin, not so for me, we decided to get some vitamins. You know, the suck-till-finish one that we always love to eat when we were small. So we took number and met the M/A (Medical Assistant I think). He called me Ch'ng Ping Pong with selamba face. T____T He read too fast and misread it. WeiWei laughed so hard, I thought she'll be out of breath and die there. Then he asked me besides Vitamin C, what else do I want? I told him I feel tired (actually my main purpose was just to get the suck-till-finish Vitamin C).

Then off we went to get our vitamins. When we got it, I realised Wei Wei and mine are alike. But...but...SHE ASKED FOR WEIGHT GAIN ONE!!! So we hurriedly went back to the MA and asked him, 'Which one eat already can gain weight one?'

Then he said, 'Oh, the B-Complex.'
'But I don't want to gain weight, so how come we got the same one?'
'It works the same, you say you tired ma, eat already will got appetite this one.'
'Wah, like that one I don't want liao.'

The reason I am tired is because I walk a lot in uni after such long hiatus. And I walk this much instead of taking bus which is so much more convenient is because I want to lose weight. And then he give me vitamins that gives me appetite. APA NI?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I thought last sem was busiest

Boy, was I wrong. I will be having classes from 10am to 4pm on Thursday, CONTINUOUSLY, and I'm the only one in my course who is suffering from this misfortune that day. Imagine having to run here and there ALONE.

Anyways, Wei Wei and friends had 9 hours of class on Tuesday, CONTINUOUSLY which is worse. T___T I don't get it, WHY DON'T WE GET LUNCH BREAKS? It's always the language paper that took away our lunch breaks. My lunch will be bread for Thursday. I will probably buy bread for Tuesday to alas perut cause I've got only an hour break between my 12pm to 7pm classes.

I will be running like crazy for the next six months so please, pray for me. Sigh.

ps: Visit if you are free. =))

Oh great, the rain is coming into my room through a tightly shut window. HOW? You tell me. Seriously, stop harping on your AH PEK title and start doing something like FIX THE LEAKING WINDOW? I'm sleeping in the middle of the room tonight. Will illustrate it with real pictures when I installed bluetooth on my lappie.


Monday, July 06, 2009


I didn't want to blog anymore today but I had to write this down in my little bloggie. I think I was rushing too much and my body which has already rested and hibernated for two months couldn't take it la.

I had a class, ran to get places for tutorial, then I felt VERY worn out. Like having aches all over from the walking and climbing up the stairs. Then I rested a while before rushing to a friend's place cause I was late already. I felt more worn out when I got there. We talked, talked, talked and suddenly I feel hungry. I KNOW!!! Then I felt that something is not so right, so I told her I want to leave already.

I stood at the door, waiting for her to get her keys and my vision blurred and kinda have black spots. I thought 'OH NO, AM I FAINTING?' I rushed back to her couch and rested. She was shocked to see me turn back and dash to the couch. I told her I'm not feeling very well and rested for 5 minutes. Then I started to sweat and I know it's over. I rested a bit more and left to find Yi Lin. Gosh, damn drama la.

Why am I such a weakling? When I eat, ok, ask me to walk a bit, nak pengsan plak.

Got connection already!!!!!

First day of class more important right? Internet not that important right???? WRONG!!!!!!

Cause I went to register my internet at 8.50a.m. and I was greeted with 41 other people. By 9.30a.m., there's 100++ people and number was closed. I waited until 10.00a.m with my trusty number 42.

In the end, one junior who went in with her friend earlier to see how they do it, fixed it for me. *teary eye*. I got internet connection already. I wrote down how to fix it so that I won't have to line up for it next time. God bless that girl who helped me.

ps: Wei Wei who came back to USM at 8pm was homeless and put up at my place. She was so afraid I'll touch her. T___T Anyways, she's so skinny, it felt as though I slept alone. HAHAHA.

pps: Before I write a complete post on The Manni-Queen, please, hop over to to look see look see the clothes and if you are really a kind hearted angel, help us to spread the word to your friends.

I think I should go ta-pao my lunch in a while. Will update more later. Just got pranked by a friend. He told me timetable change, got class at 9am just now. T__T Why like this one???

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Back in USM

with no connection. Currently in friend's room, using her laptop. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my internet connection fixed.

At the meantime, please go to to show some support!!

Yes, this is the secret project that we wanted to do long long long time ago. Clothes are all ready stock.

Can't blog much now because it's not really that convenient to be using people's laptop to update your own blog.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Project X

My sis and I are doing some project now. It has been a want-or-not project for the longest time ever. Everytime we are so close to doing it, we decided maybe next time. Or, can or not one?

So finally, we've taken HUGE BOLD step out of our comfort zone. No doubt it's hard work. Lots of hard work but we are keen this time. So....
What's the project? You'll find out soon. Right now, before we are ready to announce it to the world, it's still a TOP SECRET.

So stay tuned to or till we announce it. =))

Ok, off to our project.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The eldest sis's advance birthday

We went to Shenanigans (which means something crazy in Irish) for dinner. We all dressed up for this okay? It's a rule that everyone must dress up for another person's birthday. This started when it was my 21st birthday.
The guests arrived.

A picture of the guest. Clockwise: The mother and daughter look-a-like contestant (Me and mummy), the family (seated on the most left and right are Datin and old bean respectively), the couple (Pao and Hern), the birthday girl (Che)

The birthday girl with our present for her, the bracelet.

Food. The food was actually good. I think grandma loves the fish and chips which was done in the British style, something new. The chips are a bit too salty but it was okay. However, there's not much choices on the menu as they have not much customers at the diner area and have been reducing the selection from the menu.

Different people react differently to a good pint of Kilkenny. The eldest sister who was a pro did it with class and said that it's smooth. The second sister who is more controlled, although did not like alcohol could do it in style. The youngest one who FAILED to maintain her coolness and showed this kind of face. IT WAS BITTER AND I ONLY HAD A SIP CAUSE I DRANK MORE FOAM.

The three sisters.

The old bean wanted to take picture with all of us so here's mine.
The only picture our Datin is smiling. Trick is? Take picture with her after her tummy is filled. =P Just kidding.

Back at home. The three sisters insisted to take more pictures before we take down our 'mask' like what Pao said. A normal happy one. Then Che say eh, all act cool.

I looked more angry than cool (cool factor 7), Che looked very 'sombong' (cool factor 9), Pao looked KESIAN (cool factor 0). T___T FAILED. She say looks like she kena bully then we stood up for her.

Anyway, after this picture, I was seen wearing the exact dress with my blue and green slippers running about. XD Followed mum to send her documents.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pampered Child 2

The yummies granny cook for me before I go back USM. 4 more days. Good food makes a rounder Ping. So I got a plate face now.

Feel so loved and pampered. It makes the worms that were in the soup taste ok. T___T Yes, got worms in the soup and I drank two bowls (for two meals) before I saw it when my sis came back for dinner. Apparently it's from the peanuts. It's white and tiny.

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