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Monday, April 28, 2008

A day at Penang Road and New World Park

Initially, it was just a trip to go get my sis's batik wear cause they have to wear batik every Thursday. As my sis and I do not know where to park our car nearest to the bazaar at Penang Road, we parked like 5 streets away. -.-" Walked all the way there and was complaining, walao, so far meh?

Anyway, it was a good experience. We had fun looking at the things along the way and of course, we snap pictures of stuff that caught our attention. First stop was the chestnut stall. I love chestnut and bought a super quality one when I was in KL (super expensive also. T.T). When I saw chestnut in Penang Road, I cepat-cepat go try and buy RM5.

Sis and I feasted on the chestnut cause we were very hungry-we went straight to Penang Road after our church service.

The chestnut uncle and his stall. I want eat chestnut.

Pao walking in the bazaar, looking for baju kurung with batik design. Choosy fella.

We were walking, sweating and eating chestnut along the way. Man the place is super hot lor. Like sauna. Walk until we big drops sweat, small drops sweat. (tua liap kuah, seh liap kuah) lol

Wide selections of baju kurung. Beautiful colours. If you want to get baju kurung, this is the place to go. Reasonable price and there's like over 20 shops for you to choose from. =)

I've always love the baju kurung cloth cause they have real beautiful sulaman with very catchy color. But I cannot stand the heat la. You know? All so long, can die.

On our way back after buying her baju kurung, we saw this. Yum yum. If you are a tourist and you want to get jeruk like this, go to Penang Road, you can find yummy jeruk like this along the way and there's few shops around so you can go around choosing and buying.

And further up the road, we saw this,

Walao, really brings back memories. Bata shoe. My aunt used to buy lots of this. My entau cousin used to wear this when he was young. I wonder will he wear this if I buy for him now. But really, brings back memories. Ha-ha. Last time my aunt very "heng" this shoe one. =P She used to buy different designs and different colors of different sizes.

Nah, the shoe that those char kuey teow ah pek or kopitiam uncle wear. =P Some wear clogs but some stay loyal to Bata. I wonder why now kids no longer wear Bata slippers. =P Bring your anak to Bata shop and offer to get them this, they'll ask you to save the money.

This wall is super low lor. Can't see? Neh, Pao Pao in front will be the measurement for the height of the wall. Can't see properly? See below.

If she can touch it, it must be super low. =P I wonder I'll get like super punch when I go to sleep at night. Roommate can punch you can say she was dreaming lor. =x

After hot hot Penang Road trip, we went to New World Park because we craved for ais kacang. It is sad though cause the ais kacang do not have peanuts and nutmeg in it anymore. I think the one in the old shop opposite the new 'New World Park' still has it. I want to go makan there


It's RM2 a bowl and I find it super worth it despite not having two of my favourite ingredient because some stalls don't even have 'atap chee' lor. It would be even better with peanuts and nutmeg.

And when I go NWP, I must eat this uncle's chee cheong fun, chai kueh and or kueh. Yummy. One day must try their otak-otak cause they always promote.

Chee Cheong Fun. Wa suka. Hee.. Now sudah crave lor. Sien.

Chai Kueh., Another of my favourite. I never say no to chai kueh. I have a few favourites that I never get like mood swings with. No PMS towards chai kueh. Shared the above food with sister cause we were full with chestnuts. Ha-ha. Did not eat or kueh cause couldn't finish.

Will do such trip more often. Really open my eyes to Penang's beauty lor. Luckily got a bit beauty ko.


Chef Julia said...
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Joze Foo said...

those slippers.......really bring back memories...Me and my elder sister stay in Penang whereas my other sisters stay in Terengganu. So when me my elder sister visit them Terengganu my step mum will buy this bata slippers for us lo...Plus me total we had 7 siblings..6 girls and one brother all wearing the bata slippers with different size..

Mrs Chong said...

joze: ya lor..hahaha..when i see tht shoe i terus thought of my so pandai berdandan..if ask him wear sure he dowan..hehe..

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