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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

I'm back from KL. It was a wonderful exciting trip. Thanks to Hwee Yeng, our host. She did a great job and I love every moment there. Thanks for those rides to town and to nice nice places and get all I wanted to do all done.

I will post up pictures of KL and yes, of Queenstown when I have the time. =) Do come back to read ok? I know some of you guys have been bugging me to post to cure your boredom at work, yea? I will I will.

And now, I am so so so so so so so so so in love with Afaluen Lu. I can no longer see Stanly but Afaluen is so cute!!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

It is all about the attitude

This morning, my mum and I went Tesco to walk around for a while. I had to wake up at 7a.m instead of my usual 7.45a.m as we need to go to E-Gate to get some documents. Anyway, upon reaching there, I went strolling around Tesco and mummy went for a shopping spree. She is a super keng shopper. Can buy a lot in a little time.

Anyway, as we reached the counter, the lady told us it is for 10 items and below only and direct us to another counter where there's about 3 to 4 people in the queue. And then I saw the four counter which only allows 10 items and below are empty without any customer. It is true that we must follow the rules but it is blardy early in the morning and no one is at the counter. Are they so dumb that they cannot act according to situation? Do they think they are smart, standing there, folding their arms and talking and laughing while the customers had to line up so long just to pay their items? Is it that their cashier machine can only enter up to 10 items? If so, please enlighten me cause I think that act was pretty stupid.

She even told another lady off because she carries 15 small items instead of 10. So much energy to count how many items there are and then continue talking. It would save everyone's time if they just do their work. Why do they have to open 4 counter for 10 items only and close the other counters that allow customer to pay for more items? So much of being systematic. It is all in the attitude. Enjoy your counter cause that's all you'll ever get to do if you continue with such attitude. In fact, enjoy it while you can. Because such attitude won't bring you far.

ps: I don't know if the cash register can only scan up to 10 items or what. Let me know if so. At least I won't be angry at her for no reason.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

MUET results out already.

Its the re-take version. I kaypo wanna know people's result. Can? Anyway, good luck and happy getting your results. Actually its out already. 10a.m ma. Its funny to think how we were like when we got our results last year. Siao betul. Scared until get cold feet and stuff. Shan some more teman me siao. Don't want to sleep just to wait for 12.01a.m slowly crawling by and get the deadly result. It was then I swear to myself that I will never re-take my MUET as the wait was unbearable. Thank god I got the result I am please with. If not, die la. Have to go over the whole entire traumatizing experience again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Although I have Astro at my place since like beginning of the month, I did not find a show that can make me stay in front of the television. Seriously. Not even Lin Yu Zhong's drama or Xiao Zhu's show. Two weeks back, I saw this One Million Star on the tv and have been following it for two weeks now. I usually watch the Sunday night air time because I am out the whole day. It starts at 11.30p.m till 1.30a.m. That explains why I am specially grumpy and sleepy on Monday mornings. My Monday blues are all because of this show. =P

I knew about this Xing Guang Bang band for quite some time already as I am S.H.E or to be more specific, Ella's fans. Xing Guang Bang are S.H.E's junior and because they talk a lot about Ella, I read some of the news from another forum. The first one I know is Lin You Jia or Yoga. He is the winner of the whole show and also probably the one who caught my attention on first glance. He is kinda cute you know? Through the show, my sister fall in love with Yoga la. I pula on the other hand like him but not as much. Hop on to Pao's blog to view videos of Yoga. He is a great singer. Very versatile with funny personality. A guy with good sense of humor.

Aska the one who looks slightly a little like an ape, (ok....I lied. A LOT) is a great singer for sad songs. But I still think Yoga is better. He can sing many types of songs and is once again cute (does not look like an ape.) Aska has a cute personality too. When he speaks. Shy shy. Comel.

Now straight to the point la. There are two guys I think are cute. Real cute. One is Afaluen Lu who is a 'orang asli' and another one is Stanly Xu. Go here for their tiny pics. They are super cute I tell you. I love it when Afaluen smiles. Can melt. Seriously. And Stanly has this sexy husky voice when he speaks and is well...pretty boy!!! Anyway, there are a few songs that I fall deeply madly in love with.

I like the latter one better and true enough, Aska won this time around.That challenger is cute though. Unfortunately, too much powder.

I love this one a lot.....Suka...

Last but not least. My favourite guys!!!! So handsome hor????

ps: we bake some cookies yesterday and today. Might update with some pictures. Might only hor??? =P

Cause I had a bad day

My phone officially died on me AGAIN. It surely has to do with the battery. But I bought so many not-so-original batteries and none of them actually works. Stupid!!!! Sien betui. Might find a new phone. But I don't know. Haih......Handphone mati. Tak guna betul. It has been with me for two whole gorgeous years. The two years when I fall, and stand up once again. The two years where I learnt more about people around me and about my own life. That two wonderful years. Oh....well....sienz. Back to Nokia 3200. When will I get a boyfriend who will get me a PDA when my ciplak phone spoils? =( Good for you, Pao.

Back to square one.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Once bitten, twice shy.

Disclaimer: If you have soft spots for ah ma and going to lecture me on how I should treat older people better, you should just leave before you hurt your tiny little sensitive heart. But if you can take jokes, read on.

I have a grandma who likes to ask people to fetch her here and there without at times considering whether it is convinient for people to do so or not. I am sure people will shoot me with words like she is an old lady for goodness sake, just layan(read: do as she say) her la. To be able to do something according to what people say, you must at first have the ability to do so right? My sister, being the not-so-pro-driver who doesn't know the roads in Penang well yet was her first innocent victim.

I think old people like "lau juak" or merri-ness. If there is more people, even better. Coffee shop with crazy amount of people=good food. Bonus to that is the insane attitude of drivers in Penang. Really makes things worse. Consequences? Ah Ma had to tell sister to drive slower and not follow the front vehicle so closely or shout at her to beware of the snakey-motorcyclist the entire journey and probably swear in her heart that she will never ever ask my second sister to bring her out alone again.

Ah Ma lawak. And yes, NZ postings will resume very very very soon. =)

Night Market

is such a good place to do some eye-washing. =) I've got nothing to update. Been having family outing and will be going to KL next week. Have some plans in mind that I wish to try in KL. Will let you know if I managed to do so and update bout it. =) Queenstown up next. When I am free.

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's like that one lah~~

Malaysian all also very "hot hot chicken shit" (read: hangat-hangat tahi ayam) one. This morning I went to have breakfast at a new coffee shop. When I reach there, wow, nice chair, nice cutleries, wahseh, the worker got uniform, walao, even the seller at their respective stalls have the exact same uniform with aprons embroided with the coffee shop's name. So cool. But hor, how long do you think this will last? How long do you think it will be before they throw away the uniform because sudah kusut? (read: old and dirty. something like that. =P) Will they get a new set of uniform just to wear to sell "Wan Tan Mee" or "Hokkien Mee" or "Hailam Kei Pui"?

Just like the toilets in the city. Take Prangin Mall for example, the stench of the toilet is unbearable. I cannot recall how the toilet was when it was first opened. In fact I can't even remember when they officially open Prangin Mall for business. Must be quite some years back already. I suppose in the beginning, the toilet is well kept. And then? Hot hot chicken shit lor. They stopped keeping the toilet clean at a acceptable standard.

I can complain about everything I want but heh, I also Malaysian, also hot hot chicken shit. I got like 6 blogs all around and I never update them after few postings. Very hot la the chicken shit. =P

ps: This one good ah.

Many shops are selling dvd's selling for RM6. For this price they are'single layer' (not the best quality). One shop on 4th floor has for RM12, 10 if you buy a few, and these are 'double layer', much better quality. If the movie has just come out, or in some cases, not hit the big screen, then there is of course a very good chance that they were filmed in a cinema, hence the heads.

I don't know we can put this on the net for everyone to
find. =P

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I forgot my baby's birthday!!

Did I post on my blog's 1st anniversary? I must remember that this baby was born on the 14th of October, one day after Diana's birthday and it was born in the year of 2006. So sad. Did not celebrate. So...Happy belated birthday baby. I was preparing for exams la darling. Sorry ya?

On that very memorable day, I was busy talking about that entau actor. :s

Good money ah

Important Notice!
Go to to have a look at some second hand clothing. Size varies from S, M, L, XL, and XXL and prices are as low as RM5. It is still new but you can always drop by to have a look. More clothes will be up by next week. Sarport sarport a bit can?

This Ah Win works at Sony. Damn good salary can? I mean for people like us who have yet to get any cert except for our SPM cert. STPM one not yet come out. I should have gone out there looking for jobs. No doubt working with my mum is less tense and more freedom but the job like what Ah Win is doing can easily give them RM1000 leh. My another friend who works in a bank gets RM995 as basics. That's blardy a lot already. Oh man...I so need to find some part time to do to get more money. If not no choice, Ah Win will have to treat me already. And there I was thinking only to take out RM50 per month to use and keep the rest in the bank. They can easily use RM250 and keep the rest in the bank and still save as much as I do.

I don't want to write paid post to earn money because I am not as devoted to blogging as other paid post-er out there. I'll probably make my blog die for a few days and then update. Especially when I am working right now. I still have post about Christchurch-The Fudge Factory, and trip to Queenstown to be written. I cannot write paid post. I will drive away the very few readers I already have. Not like I have sense of humor like 5xMom who can make their paid post so catchy. I guess I should find some other job. Not a very good direct seller though. Got "kang tao" please leave comment ya? "Kang Tao" not "Kong Tao" ya?

ps: Kang Tao means like lubang in hokkien, Kong Tao means curse or jampi. =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet Mimi and er.... Momo

Can you remember Mimi? Er...I take that as No. It is Ah Shan's teddy anyway.

Okay. To refresh your memory a little, Mimi is the teddy I am holding. Blardy huge and hugable. Like me. =P

And this is Momo. Given to my sis by a friend and man it looks like Mimi. So I shall officially declare it here that Mimi and Momo are friends. Good good friends. =P

ps: Tilt your head to see the picture. Somehow I cannot rotate it.

Dunedin Day 3

We did nothing much. We shop a lot, got back home and packed for Christchurch on Monday. We went to Pao’s church though and met many of Pao’s church friends. Their church is in the same building as their museum. Pao asked me to walk around their museum but I ran out soon after that cause there’s lots of human statue over there and it was dark and freaky. I know, I am very chicken for my size. Big size with puny heart.

That night after dinner, we were invited to Pao’s church friend’s house. Their place was big and very nice. I took a picture of the house from the outside only though. The 9p.m in New Zealand is like 6 p.m in Penang.

The view was breathtaking though. We got home at 10 something to 11 that night and slept soon after that cause we were leaving Dunedin for Christchurch at 7.45a.m the next day.

Dunedin Day 2

That morning we woke up pretty early to get to the market. The market was nothing like the Malaysian market. The floors are not wet, there’s no fishy smell, there’s no people selling pork like what we see in Chit Tiau Lor. They sell lots of muffins, cupcakes, bread, fresh flowers, vegetable, cheese, fruits like apples,cherries, kiwis and such, bacon, beef, hotdogs, hot drinks, a few Chinese stalls selling vegetable, tau hua and things like those.

Their apples are crunchy. Seriously.

These , my dear, are the real cherries. It can cost up to RM60 back in Malaysia.

Buns buns and more buns. Yummeh...

Mr. Cheese selling cheese. Lame -.- I know.

The oh-so-famous hotdogs. I did not try though.

The vegetables!!

Cakes, cakes and more cakes.

After that visit to their Saturday Market, we went home to get ready for Pao’s graduation. We walked back and on our way, we saw TRAFFIC JAM!!!! According to Pao and the hottest girl in Dunedin-Hwee Yeng, if there’s more than 4 cars waiting at the traffic light, it means JAM!!! O.o Shocking? It’s true. It’s that empty in Dunedin. At night, it was like an abandoned city or something where everyone got lost and only few of us left there.

Aiya. Cham la. Traffic jam liao... They obviously stay in NZ too long. =P Come to Malaysia.

Anyway, Pao put on her make up, changed into her *I don’t know what* graduation baju and we walked to the clock tower to take pictures. In Dunedin, we walked a lot. We walked to the malls, walked to take our meals, walked to the church, walked to the library, walked to the museum, walked to do grocery, walked to the railway station where we took our bus to Christchurch, walked to the market, walked to Pao’s school, walked to Pao’s friends’ house, walked to their graduation hall, walked to have our graduation dinner with Pao. We walked, walked and walked almost every day.

My sifu, the chief photographer (read: Hwee Yeng) and I took photos of Pao. We are also professionals who charged less. =P Okay, we are quite professional who charge less, can? Our professional shots.

Us in front of the clock tower.

Sis together with all the other Pharm student.

After taking pictures, we headed home for lunch. Pao cooked again and we ate our lunch. Then we walked to the place where they were assigned to assemble for the Parade. It is one of the Dunedin or University of Otago’s tradition whereby their graduates are given the privilege to parade to the council hall where their graduation ceremony is held. Police will take care of the traffics and these graduates will walk on the road with people cheering on and taking pictures of them. It is only done in Dunedin as Dunedin is labeled as the student town whereby almost everyone who lives in the town area are students-overseas or local.

The parade.

Ini attention seeker. =P

Pao says he goes to class like this at times.

We followed the parade and I think it was more tiring for us to follow them than them to parade. This is because it was me who had to do the running so that I can take front shot of her. I have to run further so that I can turn back to take a beautiful picture of her walking and smiling and laughing with joy with her friends. Let her be the princess of the day since she had endure 4 years of being alone overseas.

After the whole parade, we entered the hall for the ceremony. We were seated too far to take any pictures but it was a proud moment. The Mauis- one of the natives in New Zealand, has special cheers or thank-god procedure for their child. It was another cultural shock to me though. I would die if my mum were to scream like that holding a mini drum, hitting it away while I have to stand there and wait till she finishes. Not because I am embarrassed of the tradition but because I have stage fright. =P

The stage.

The Lao Shi. =)

After the whole ceremony, we went for dinner which Pao call the graduation dinner at one of the Itallian restaurant. The pizza and the chicken were great but the dessert was too sweet for my liking. We got back home and Pao’s friend came to visit. I fell asleep real early cause I was having jet lag.

Dunedin Day 1

Actually I went to Dunedin first before I went to Christchurch right? That's why I am stuck. I post wrongly and I was pretty lost. So I guess I just post about Dunedin right now la. =P

Dunedin Day 1

We got to Pao’s place by Lawrence’s car. We had our first meal in Dunedin, cooked by Pao. Then we rested for a while and went for a walk around the malls in Dunedin. It was Friday and the shops open until 9 that night. Usually they closes at 5p.m and on Sundays, 4p.m. We did not buy much but we did some grocery shopping which was pretty fun. I bought my I Love New Zealand tee at Supre that day. My very first purchase. I saw another blouse I like but did not buy. I couldn’t find it anymore after that.

We got back to Pao’s place and slept early for Pao’s big day was the next day!!! Not her wedding la. Her graduation!!!! I had fun taking pictures of the houses around her place though.

A so very the damaged car nearby Pao's house.

Its XMAS!!!!

That's the houses in NZ. You don't need any grill or gate and you can name your house!!

The dead city. You know like in those movies where everyone are either zombies or gone from the entire city. It feels like it. You practically own the whole street!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

14th January

Just before I start posting anything, when is chinese valentines?? Here so diam, no people reply kut. =P Anyway, don't hit my head, i know I got lots of NZ post still not up. Will do it tomorrow, I promise. I can even swear!!!!

At times I do wish everything that happened was a dream. And when I wake up, I will remember it for like what? 3 days? And then forget it completely and have slight memory about it after that. Why do people ask us not to dream when it does wonderful things without harming us? Mentally, physically or spiritually.

Just when I thought I am so not going to put myself in that exact situation again, I yearn for the happy times I had. =(

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lack of updates

Its due to work, shopping and resting.

Habis satu post. Really la. Work, come back, eat dinner, watch tv, sister using computer, nothing much happened, tak update. When its weekend, we shop shop shop until we got no energy to even type a short conversation. How to blog? Buh~~ I only started working for a week. Damn.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Read my mind.

Your Brain Usage Profile:
Auditory : 53%
Visual : 46%
Left : 43%
Right : 56%
No matter which side of your brain is dominant,
M i n d W a r ecan strengthen your emotional brain power
by helping you understand howyou feel about yourself.

Ping, you show a slight right-hemisphere dominance with a moderate preference for auditory processing, an unusual and somewhat paradoxical combination of characteristics.

You are drawn to a random and sometimes nonchalant synthesis of material. You learn as it seems important to a specific situation, and might even develop a resentment of others who attempt to direct your learning down a specific channel.

Your right-hemispheric dominance provides a structure that is only loosely organized and one which processes entire swatches of reality, overlooking details. You are emotional in your reactions and perceptual more than logical in your approach, although you can impose structure and a language base when necessary.

Your auditory preference, on the other hand, implies that you process information sequentially and unidimensionally. This combination of right-brain and auditory modes creates conflict, as you want to process data more rapidly than your natural processes allow.

Your tendency to be creative and free-flowing is accompanied by sufficient ability to organize and be logical, allowing you a reasonable degree of success in a number of different endeavors. You take in information methodically and systematically which can then be synthesized rapidly. In this manner, you manage to function consistently well, although certainly less efficiently than you desire.

You prefer the abstract and are a theoretician at heart while retaining the ability to be practical.

You find the symbolism in a great deal of what you encounter and are something of a "mystic."

With regards to your lifestyle, you have the mentality which would be good as a philosopher, writer, journalist, or instructor, or possibly as a systems designer or social worker. Perhaps most important is your ability to "listen to your inner voice" as a mode of skipping over unnecessary steps to achieve your goals.

Short talk: I was reading Soursand's blog and found this. Journalist leh...Is God showing me some signs? Go there to do yours now. =)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Just because yesterday I said nothing, you think that I don't mind? I don't care if it wasn't you yesterday. You know my patience level is almost zero. You have crossed the line. You are being so inconsiderate okay? It is so late already. Perhaps it is not for you. Perhaps it is normal for you to do it now but it is NOT for me. The pain you let me endured the entire time you having fun. They never told me that moving here will result in this situation. No one ever told me this. I am losing my patience as you are having fun over there. It is a Tuesday for God's sake.
Can you stop

I have taken my instant noodle dinner. Yesterday you take KFC, I forgave you. Today you do BBQ pulak. So hungry can? So wangi....I want BBQ also!!!!!!!!!!!

*typing away with saliva dripping*

ps: So inconsiderate hor? Do BBQ past people's dinner. If before I let them kena lagi teruk. This make me very angry okay? =P

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christchurch Part II

Read about the very short review of Christchurch over here. This will also be a short one as I have nothing much to blog about Christchurch cause the most thing we did over there was none other than SHOPPING. I bought most of my clothes in Christchurch at very very good bargain.

ps: It is so nice blogging and chatting while looking at really beautiful scenery over my room window. Me suka.

We got a very handsome driver. I do think he is cute. =P He drove us all the way to Christchurch. You cannot get a handsome driver in Malaysia I tell you. The face langsung not rusted okay? (read: rusted means berkarat, translate it to Hokkien. It means like gangster face)

We stopped by Lake Tekapo to have our lunch and took some pictures. It was fun.
More explanation or introduction alongside with the pictures ok?

Mum and I at Dunedin's Train Station. The same place where the Saturday Market is held.

Me inside the train station

The train station

Mum and I again in front of the train station

Train station sure got train lo. But no one yet cause the train service there kinda expensive. And it was still too early.

Opposite the train station.

Wa pun tak baca, tangkap nia. Lol

Our bus driver. See the belakang also know entau and cool liau. =P

Lush!! Not lust lar. The soaps are handmade. Lush branded wor sis say.

Sabun, sabun, lots of sabun.

Don't get night mare of sabun chasing you hor.

Ini soya mia kut. Color macam soya. I want go back NZ!!!

Ini jelly mia. Cool leh? Tak cantik one. Macam the air freshener nia.

This one cun. Macam cake. As birthday present one. Just make sure your friend or the birthday boy/girl don't eat the "cake". Confirm mouth come out white foam.

Things you can get your mum to do with you when you are overseas. Heee. Waiting for sis's friend to bring us go jalan jalan buy grocery also syok.

Don't know the people here busuk or what. So many sabun one.

So many style some more. Sabun fetish.

Gila sabun. Siao.

Got cupcake design one okay? So cute....

More more. Got fruits inside. Cun

ps: if wanna see pictures of me and the sceneries, go friendster ya?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Adverlets domain sudah expire lah

Aiya, Adverlets domain sudah expire. No wonder la I cannot open my own blog. Cis. Ah Leng taught me how to fix it. Kam Xia.

There is only one way you can save your own blog and that is by removing all Adverlets' advertisement. Log in from and remove your advertisement. Then you can get your blog back.

Don't think of waiting for a few days and it'll be fine. It is not like friendster problem last time. Adverlets' domain sudah expire which is bad. I already untung RM3.40 there okay? *pouts* Heee. Luckily not RM34. *stares at Wah Keong koko and giggle*

Eh, newly updated news. It is not expired. Just facing some redirecting problem. Not expired. Its expiry date is 2009 la. But still, to save it for now, delete your adverlets advertisement first.

Looking back at those days

I go blog hopping and realize many people put up what happened to them for the past one year in 2007. I also itchy hand want to type about mine la. I only posted my resolution, don't have this one. Hee.. A bit slow nevermind.

I had both ups and downs in the entire 2007. It would be rather freaky not to have a little of both side isn't it? I mean what's life if everything is in the right place. You will never know how to be grateful. And worst still if life is all about being sad and lonely. Man, life is not worth living if so. I had my down moments when I was being rather ridiculous to think about my existence in my friend's life. I too question about love and lots of other stuff.

I had a blast hanging out with Bentengs although Emmoes still stand very firmly in my heart. I played, studied and spent my entire Form6 life with them. I also went to my very first and the last Merentas Desa I'll ever get to attend in high school.

I passed my driving, unexpectedly, since I do not know how to change the gear. And I passed it at first time.

It was also the year I got so frustrated with someone that I shut him off completely from my life. I felt so cool then. Not anymore. =P I lost a friend in the process.

It was also the year I questioned about life and death due to the sudden passing of Xu Wei Lun. It made me cried thinking of my favourite uncle and my aunt.

It was also the year when Pak Maidin and Mr. Koay left the school. Such a big loss to the school. I only mention them cause I know the two of them. There are few other people who left school.

Completed my Hepatitis B jab in school. Hurt like mad. Ok, exaggerating.

My computer died on me. As in really die, no more computer.

I sat for my MUET and passed with a band 5, a result I can be proud of.

I finally blog a little more seriously whereby I blog more frequently compared to my other blogs that I blog like once in a month or something.

Almost got into a fight with Penang Bowl auntie for lousy service

Its also the year we went for serious house hunting activity.

Completely lost my temper to my friends

Had a blast during my birthday with lots of present despite not having a party to celebrate it.

Chased lots of artiste both in Penang and in KL. I am crazy, I know. Both local and overseas artiste. Took lots of pictures, bought lots of albums. There was even once when I chased artiste for like 3 weekends in a row.

Went KL with Yi Lin, her sis and my aunt.

Went in Redbox for the very first time. Up to date, I only went twice. Lol

Found our house.

Saw S.H.E for the first time and still loving Ella up to date.

Actually studied for all my exams which never happened before this

Did rebonding

Entau ba that I used to kap kena tangkap for selling or smuggling ecstasy pills

Bought the new house. Furnished it, bought furniture, do renovation.

Chased artiste while having STPM paper to face in two days' time.

Sat for STPM and got over it.

Went on a vacation to NZ for the very first time. Sitting on a plane, went to so many places.

Moved into new house.

Life in 2007 is good afterall. I love my life. =)

Penang-Singapore-Christchurch-Dunedin Part II

Well, my second sis is bored and she ask me to blog more. So I will add one more ok? Don't read until u become Swkanky's relative har?

Warning: You may realize there are some information in here that I have mentioned in earlier post titled "It is all about the toilets". I pre-write this and I wrote that last night, so it might be the same. =)

I reached Christchurch at about 10 a.m in the morning in New Zealand. That is about 5a.m in Penang. I was dead tired but I could not sleep. So basically I visited the toilets to find cool stuff over there. First is the towel of which we uses to wipe our hands. You just have to pull the towel till it is stuck at some point, wipe and it will automatically get rolled back into the big box for cleaning I suppose. It was so cool. Then I thought, if it were in Malaysia, I am sure it will break because people will pull and pull and pull although it is already stuck. (No offense Malaysian, we know ourselves.)

Then I went into the cubicle. Walao. Got a sanitary sterilizer machine over there where you can get some tissue, press some anti-bacteria liquid onto it and wipe your toilet seats!!! And then again, we Malaysian do not need it. Why? Because even if it is a seated toilet, Malaysians will stand on it. No point cleaning the seat when you are going to stand on it anyway.

Their sanitary bins are also automatic whereby you do not have to use your hand to open it, just put your hand around the sensor and it will automatically open. One thing though, their water are icy cold. And when I say icy cold, it means icy cold. Get a small bowl, put some ice and some water, wait for a while and put your hands in. It’s THAT cold. There are also hot water at some toilets. Their hot water is not boiling hot but close to boiling hot. Probably a boiling water put aside for 10 minutes? It’s THAT hot!! Crazy.

Christmas decorations at Christchurch Airport. There were very few people when I reached
When you get to NZ, you will understand why Westerners enjoy sun so much. The one spot I enjoy. Lovely christmas decorations.
More christmas decorations.
Me trying hard to be artistic and take artistic pictures. FAIL!

Trying hard again cause I was bored, tired and could not sleep.

It was summer in New Zealand. Summer means bikini, swimming, sun, hot weather. No? It feels like summer everyday in Malaysia therefore we should be able to get use to the weather pretty soon right? WRONG!!! Their summer is cold summer. Although there’s sun, when the wind blows, you will get aches at your back bone. You will feel the chilli-ness till your spine. I was sitting around, feeling bored as my mum fell asleep on the waiting area. Being the ‘adventurous’ me, I sashayed my way to the automatic sliding door, walked out of the airport and come running back like a wet chicken. VERY COLD CAN??? So much of being a summer day. That’s the end of my adventure at the airport. I sat there like a very good obedient girl and fell asleep.

I went for a chicken pie and a mug of hot chocolate in Christchurch Airport. The chicken pie tasted so-so but I love the hot chocolate. I was hungry because my breakfast on plane was sucky, I took only a bite. I was shivering as well, so I went to get some breakfast. The chicken pie cost us NZ$5 while the hot chocolate was NZ$5 as well for a big mug.

The chicken pie that made me vowed that I will not eat any more chicken pies in NZ.

The Hot Chocolate that made me went back for another mug before I left NZ. I love it.

We decided to check in our bags pretty early and hang around at the Airport. Around 3 o’clock, there are already many people over there at the arrival area, waiting for their family members. I see people hugging and playing around. It was then I noticed two suspicious people with cameras and microphone? First thing came to my mind, GOT ARTISTE???? I waited there eagerly on to find the two ‘artiste’ are someone I’ve never seen before. In fact, I don’t think they are artiste cause no one cheered or screamed when they saw them. We went to the waiting area early at about 4p.m. We left for Dunedin at 5p.m. Yes, we spend lots of time on the airport. 7 hours in Christchurch and 7 in Singapore.

The flight to Dunedin was a short one-an hour ride. We get to walk to the plane and climb the stairs!!! It was pretty chilly, so I ran to the plane instead and got my cap blown off, ran to get it and ran to the plane. Damn embarrassing I know. This time I get to sit by the window. We were served cookies and hot drinks. The view was mesmerizing. The beautiful preserved nature. It was a pretty place and definitely an ideal place for post-retire. I reached Dunedin at 5.50p.m and Pao came slightly after that. We were scheduled to reach at 6, that’s why. Met Lawrence- Pao’s church friend for the first time.

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