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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My SO story.

This post is scheduled to post up today. I do not have internet connection, sadly.

Ok, before this, I am going to bore everyone with how I got into SO. It's some random hopping around blogs like bunny that got me into adding SO. Adding SO and chatting in it is totally two different thing okay? I had it for like more than half a year before I tried chatting.

I got in, got stuck halfway and stopped going back. What? Normal what, you go one place, you cannot fit in, you run away. That's what I did. One month ago, I decided to just walk in and randomly chat with anyone. It was then Lasker came and welcome me.

I got warmed up pretty quickly with the other shouters over there that I no longer find problem jumping into any chats. I can randomly do the :whee: pose if I got nothing to say without feeling bored.

If I have to say who got me more into chatting, it has to be Lasker. It was those I-don't-know-what-to-do-working-is-not-fun times that I found SO and well, I found something to do online. know what's fun??? Teasing Lasker. I have to say that is the funnest thing to do although I always kena tease back.

Bwahahhhaa, Lasker and his half-naked-i-was-swimming-and-trying-to-attract-mui-mui-zai-to-come-in-and-chat. Lol, that's long.

I talked to Elise once only when I was trying out the SO thingie and yes, she is really nice leh. Better than Lasker at least. Lasker always trying to make me don't get to eat seafood. Bad bad. I hope to talk to Elise more. La la~~ And SO comes into my life when the worst thing that could happen online happened, MSN DOWN. I tell you, make people super emo one. Luckily I got SO to chat and then I got to know more people and that marks another phase of my blogging life.

Still, thank you Lasker and Elise. I suck at photoshop, comics, drawing and stuff like that. I can only write. So, I write you a poem? XD This is gonna be fun.

It was by chance, I stumbled here,
And malang tak berbau, I met Lasker, XD
He thinks he can attract young girls to enter,
I don't want to lie so I am telling you, LASKER, YOU CANNOT LER.

Mummy say we must always say thank you,
So I ma write this post for Lasker and Elise, ten kiu lor.

My poem is horrible. =P

Friday, June 27, 2008

Out of touch with the outside world

Yes, I will not be able to online (I don't even know if I will get enough sleep), I will not be having my phone with me, I will be running in USM and listening to talks. Waking up at 6 and sleeping way past 10.

Please pray that I'll be safe and sound.

=) Show some love la bloggers. =P

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah Ma, why you like that?

Since yesterday, my granny has been asking me what I am about to study and also suggesting all sorts of courses for me to take.

She asked me to study Hotel Management and become a receptionist. Who get a degree to become a receptionist la? And then she asked me to study Banking and Finance and I told her I do not have interest in that.

She keep pestering me and say working in bank is very good. Today, she saw an advertisement on television about Singapore Airlines.

No, she did not ask me to become an air stewardess (why ar?). She asked me to take up a course like that and become a CLERK!!!! Ah Ma!!! I don't want to become receptionist, a clerk or work in a bank la Ah Ma.

She might as well ask me to become an actress, model, air stewardess, singer and whatever else more glamor. T.T Ah Ma, I sudah accept taking linguistic. Don't make my heart shake shake (actually no la, won't make my heart move.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New template!!

In conjunction of being accepted into USM and be a UNI student there (excited lebih), I decided to photoshop my own banner.

YES!! THAT ONE IS PHOTOSHOP WOKAY??? I PHOTOSHOP TO PUT THE WORDS. T.T Why I so pathetic? Anyway, sempena meraikan hari yang berbahagia ini, saya telah menukar template blog saya kepada warna hijau, warna kesukaan saya sejak tahun 2005.

I sekali changed SO and my chatbox into green. Now everyone can start staring at my page and comment and not get your eyes spoilt (if it does, it is NOT because of my blog)

And silly me forgot to snapshot my blog old header before changing it. Luckily I blogged about Pamsong the other day and she took a snapshot of it. So I go korek-korek from her blog and found it here. Ta-da.

I love my new header also, got my face. Finally, cause face slim down a bit already, can put on blog already. Before this, every photo also cannot pakai one. XD Now, leave me comments okay?? If don't have nevermind (just in case really don't have then not so shy.)



Lol, didn't like the previous picture, eye look weird. =P Changed to this.

Wu~~~~ Wu~~~~

Not the sound of me crying. But it is damn creepy lo. It has been like that since I opened my eyes cause some one called at 9.30 or so. Stupid right? People sleeping syok syok. Woih, next week onwards I have to wake at 6 daily kay? Shit, now I am scared. How do I wake at 6a.m? I better get a super light sleeper as my room mate or get someone to morning call me daily at 6 (who so stupid do this job?).

And I will have to bathe in cold water, eat at uni, sleep at hostel, wake up for morning exercise (better don't have lor. siao one.), midnight want pee have to go far far away for toilet. OK!!! I am so not ready for uni. And I got no super power mp3 or laptop to cure my boredom, not that I have time to use them.

But still, aiya, nevermind, Penang campus, opposite got S&J. Can go buy soft toy, huge one, T.T. Uni life better be good lor. Very kelian la me. Now I scared already, and I am in Penang lor. I don't want to guess how the rest are coping with it. When I'm in uni, I obviously can't blog or online and that means, hotmail is going to burst, UV is going to drop, and you people are going to leave me lots and lots of comments, daily. T.T

I think I just failed in cheating your comments. Not like any other post got many people comment also. But since I so kelian, cin cai come here and comment la, any post also can. I am internet-less leh. Has not been happening for a long long time lor. The last time I was close to not having internet connection was when I first moved in but I managed to curi also what.

I am now going to change my blog outlook, if berjaya. =P

LEAVE ME COMMENTS!!!! and get me reading with tears in my eye when I am back to online.

ps: Say until so long, never mention why got the wu~~ wu~~ sound. It's the wind la. Strong wind the entire morning till now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why you all like that one?

Below will be pictures of random blogger (lots of Kenny Sia) doing random stuff at the party. Check if you are in it. XD I will not blog about it in sequence cause many others will do the same already.

Elephant resting.
ms.bunny is very happy for ms.bee. Ms.Bee is standing like model like that. XD

What is that gorilla ar??? Walao eh, if real one really scary lor. Luckily I no nightmare that night.

Kenny Sia on his knees, diligently taking photos for his blog I think.
Still very kuai taking picture for his blog while Audrey gossip kat belakang. XD

OIIIIIII. Rupa-rupanya not taking pictures for his blog, he was waiting for the moment to bite on people's udders. T.T So teruk. I would have died of heart attack if he suddenly comes and bite me like that. Scary betul.

Ringo doing her killer whale is jealous of world peace thing. *PEACE*

Lol, the chicken was supposed to be doing the jealous expression. How come don't look jealous pun. They look happy, or okay, we were enjoying ourselves.

Chicken finally decided that he should not just stand there and start doing his chicken dance.

Sweat Lee laughing hysterically. Or wait, was it Audrey and Hui Wen who were laughing?
Some more have to dance and laugh like siao. Lol, shake her ostrich bum.

Audrey laughing at Sweat Lee, or was she doing the hysterical laughter? Hmmmm....
Sweat Lee, look at how hard the chicken laughed at you. Go attack him. =P

I guess people feel disturbed by the sight of his udder and decided to give it a pull. Oi, you suka suka pull, must kahwin the cow one leh. XD
Have to put this up, there goes my PSP. T.T
The King and Queen of the Jungle. Let's not talk about how salah their combination, look behind them.

Kenny the Pooh hiding behind them.

Doing cute cute poses. -.-"

People win, he pinjam the limelight, not that he need pun.

Still there. -.- Kenny the Pooh, syok la you, like star like that, flash light everywhere.

That my friend, is Kenny the Pooh's bum. If he comes and marah, I'll just have to go anonymous. T.T

Timothy Tiah holding tightly on his tail, worrying that someone might pull his tail. You know la, people are fascinated at long poked out stuff like the udder. =.="

Finally, when everyone starts leaving, Kenny the Pooh starts dancing.

And he was very seriously dancing. Shaking his bum bum with tiny tail.

And also danced with a hot girl.

While Kenny the Pooh is dancing, another lion? came out and danced with them too. =P Nampak excited sangat la that guy.

To those who find their pictures here, suka tak? Tak suka also cannot marah me.

And finally, it's time

It's time to move on to another phase of my life, to move on to uni life. I've been avoiding it long enough, trying to stay as long as I can, but it is time. I can really feel it now. All those shopping for clothes, hugging, pictures and expensive food *ouch*, I know it's anytime now.

Now all we chat in MSN are,

"Oi, sudah certify cert?"
"You got what uni?"
" SO FAR????"

I hate those chats. I want to chat about what we are gonna do when we meet each other the next day in class. I may be in Penang, but my friends aren't and man, that sucks just as much as I have to leave, okay, slightly less, but still.

Thank God I got Wei Wei.

Anyways, went out for a gathering with my buddies and yeah, we took pictures and also video. Thank you Wan Mei for the video. Love it.

My two real good buddies, one that always gets on my nerves but never fails to make me laugh every single time, and another whom I always get on her nerves. =P

-.-" Like those Disney cartoon.
Me drinking while the rest are talking. I was not pouting la.

Muka blur while others are talking and laughing.

Us with win as the photographer.

All of us. I will miss you girls. Win!!!! Go until Sabah. T.T

That's like 4 pictures of me trying to drink and take picture.

Ah Win curi take this. Must give her credit for doing it alone and not joining in our chat.

I love taking pictures of me drinking.

Thursday will be the last day I'll see Swee Win. T.T

Indeed a busy week

Got back from KL yesterday night and have not been resting since. Went out with shanshan, wanmei, yilin and win, annie left early, to get some clothes. Then got home, read the whole book of buku panduan only to find I have so many things I need to do. I will have to sit down and read it again tomorrow morning.

I am such a lousy person who is so not organized and super easily get panicked lor. I hate hate hate to rush things la. And yes, I am very nervous. So many things to do, so little time.

As my MSN nick says, if life is a music, it must be a rock one now. T.T tempo fast fast.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging!!

Yes, I was there!! All the way from Penang, just to hunt those animals. It was so coincident that my holiday trip to KL was around that time and we decided to go for the event. No regrets though. I was there, as sua koo as I can be, happily running around like a happy looking hunter, trying to take picture with all the bloggers whose blog I read la.

(Don't even try to imagine how I looked like, running around.)

The first one I tried to kill. Sammy, the panda.

My three buddies who followed me there, yilin, win and jen.

Michelle who blogged about terrible Taiwanese singer's name. The first one I took picture with and THANK YOU for remembering my name. So happy kay? XD

Ringo whom I tried killing. =P Star struck la me. She was pretty and real friendly wor.

This ladybird lady which we were so eager to take picture with because she was so pretty. XD But I don't get her name, please, if you know her, let me know her blog. =P I found her from Aronil's blog. =P

The Nuffies, that bunny was so pretty la...

Liang, the MC.

The gorilla who finally did show me his face before we left.

The elephant terrorist which I think is pretty cool. Lol, love his socks trunk.

Adeline and I. She was very pretty and sweet too. And she remembered me.

Simon Seow. I wanted to take pic with him since the beginning of the event but lol, tak berani. Luckily I saw Adeline and after taking with Adeline, I asked to take with him. =P

Robb the porcupine. He was busy but he took a picture with us. And he saw my name already, I some more go introduce myself, shy only. But I am glad I finally met him in person. And yes, he is that handsome in person too. Sorry for the blur pic. Robb, can take again next gathering? =P

Ming, the co-founder of Nuffnang. He look cute la.

Timothy Tiah and Samantha. Samantha is really gorgeous. I like her la. =P Must take again with Tim also, blur one.

Some random chicken. =P Can introduce ar? I not sure of the name or the blog la. But we loved his outfit. Chicken yummy what?

Me and Suet Li's friend, Audrey, the bee and Hui Wen, the peacock. Sorry I did not get her name either. =)

Suet Li. And she remembers me too. I read her blog also la~~ It's good to have Ping Ping as your name, easier to remember.

PAMSONG!!! I have been her reader for quite some time la and I was looking for her. Finally approached her and took a picture. I think another guy, Hwei Ming has better picture of us. She stuck her name on her stomach there. How to check if she is Pamsong or not? Had to try to stare at her stomach without looking so hamsup. T.T

Me and another blogger who gave me his card. Will read his blog. =)

I like this cow also. He got tits kay? But the panda did not get his tits in the pic. =P

My Project Trafford group leader, PinkPau!!! So happy to meet you at the event. =)

Me and the twin tower. I already said don't want stand in the middle mar. T.T I am born short like this la. Glad to meet both of them lor. Star Struck again.

Finally. KENNY SIA!!!

The Winnie the Pooh. =P He was really friendly lor. Took a picture with us. I stand beside him. Happy si.

And me, live blogging though got 5 nangs only. XD

Linora. I have been following her blog recently. Glad to meet her too.

And who says I am a friendly cute hunter? I did try to be a garang one okay?

Overall, I enjoyed the event. It was hot and stuffy but I enjoyed it because I met so many bloggers I hoped to meet. Met all of those I really want to meet actually and took picture with them. Another new phase of my blogging life. Had a great time saying hi-s and taking picture lor. =)

Goodies bag. Love the bag lor.

Thanks for the wonderful night.

ps: Will update the event next post. This post is for the pictures I took of me and the bloggers I met. =)

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