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Sunday, July 29, 2007

ATQ ticket redemption 29/07

I woke up at 8.30 a.m today and watched 'Corner with love'. Then around 10.30a.m, I went to bathe. Ju-Yen is there in Gurney already. After taking my bath, I went down and get some newspaper for Ju-Yen. I bought 5 'Kwong Wah'. Then left for Gurney. Throughout the whole morning, I called Ju-Yen then Yi Lin then Ju-Yen then Yi Lin then you-know-who. Well, that explains my dried up credits. Anyway, got there at 12 something and ran to find Ju-Yen and Yi Lin at Echo Park. Stood there and talked to them. Teong Seng was there too. Taking for him and his sis.

Then somehow the guard moved the bar and I am in the 'ring'. As Ju-Yen needed someone to help her get extra tickets, I silently oblige though I know there were probably hundreds of eyes staring at me. Actually I think they don't really realize it. Anyway, the people started coming from my side and we get the 'BOOs'. Then a couple of them insist that Ju-Yen and the rest are included in the just-came-in crowd. As they were not talking bout me, I raised my voice and insisted that they were there since 10.30a.m and we are NOT MOVING! The organizer got a lil scared and just calm everyone down and ask us not to let anyone come in anymore to prevent chaos.

Slightly before 2p.m, some of the staff came out and passed us our numbers. Only 2000 numbers will be given and I got number 43!!! Front right? =P Anyway, as we are sure to have our tickets, we are asked to move out so that the people behind can move in and fill in the place until all the 2000 numbers are given out. We hang around a while and I ate something. Then we were walking here and there not knowing where to go. Walked around and got "boo-ed" a few times cause we were a little sesat. We did not get 'boo-ed' but the people in front of us did. =P We talked to a couple of friends who went as well. Lay Leng and Chun Yiun was there too. Talked a little then we moved to line up to get our tickets. I saw Nicole and I waved to her. -.- What was I thinking? Too excited already I think. She waved back and smiled. *phew* Luckily. Or not damn sia sui. 19 year old senior wave at a 13 year old junior and get no respond. Don't know where to hide my face already. Saw Hui Ting, Hui Ping, Chia Ming too. Anyway, played around with the camera until ATQ finalist came out and rushed to the stage. BAD MOVE! We were stuck there and eventually had to battle with other 1998 people there to get the tickets. Everyone was like pushing me and Yi Lin and well, every other people there. Yi Lin and I being a little less tall compared to the people there almost died as the oxygen had hard time reaching us. The tall people snatched our oxygen even before it can come to us. -.- I don't understand why they were pushing though. They've got the numbers and we are sure to get the tickets already. And those without numbers, lagi bodoh, come and curi our oxygen.

Then we had a not so good time shouting at people to stop pushing as we almost fell down a couple of times and had fun looking at ourselves on the window above us. =P It gets not so fun after a long time stuck there and we almost gave up. But we hold on and finally won the battle by completing that dreadful hours with stinky people and not-so-nice smell of ourselves. Sweat was dripping from Teong Seng's hair. Yi Lin claims that water is coming out from Teong Seng. -.-' Got our tickets and get out of that horrible place with a smile. Mission accomplished! Met up with the rest as we got lost in the process. Parted with Teong Seng without saying goodbye and went down for our late lunch at McD. We were starving.

Then Hui Ping saw us and passed me two more numbers and I rushed up to get extra tickets for Hooi Chen. Got it and went to play at the arcade. I sucked at basketball. Then wander around with Ju-Yen and the rest and went CD Hunting. Mission failed though. A while later, sis called and got onto the car to go back. Glad I got the tickets. Now, how I wish I get the VIP tickets then I will be ever so glad to pass my tickets to other people. The one I got from battling. My battling reward. If not, I'll be glad to sit with Ju-Yen and the rest to enjoy the show too. =)

If you ask m whether many people there or not. Well, 2000 numbers were given away and there are few hundreds left with disappointment. So you tell me. Many people? Luckily the building did not collapse with so many people on it. At the exact same spot. The line? Well, Penangites, imagine this. You know where the stage always is on level 7? Between Echo Park and that shop that sells Mickey shoes? Well, the stage then there's like a hundred or more people in front of that stage. Then the line continues to pass the cinema's premier class, then passing glitters, then speedy, then celebrity fitness, U-turn then passing SenQ and the line ends there. However, the line did not seem to move until maybe 2 something to 3 probably cause there are still people coming.

And let me get this straight. I am sure many of them go just because S.H.E will be there. Typical right? Just like many of them, so was I. I actually gone through those crazy moments because I want to see S.H.E. But I do have clue of the ATQ finalist. Though not exactly a very clear one cause I do not have Astro but I like Xiao Xiao since the first time I saw her in Penang on the 2nd June. And I like Wayne when I heard him sing the other day on Astro when I was at my aunts. So I am not that out okay? Just that it was S.H.E who brought me there. Glad I can finally participate in some reality show's recording session or finales. I used to watch it from television only. I am sure it will be nicer live. =)

Now, pictures. =P

The stage. Yes, I was that near before they ask us to line up again for the tickets. -.-

The line.

Behind me. I have taken the numbers and had to line up again for the tickets.

The crowds. Those who are not lining up yet after getting the numbers. We were sure to get the tickets once we get the number.

Us, proud of our numbers. We love our numbers. =P Thanks Ju-Yen.

Our numbers. 50,48,43,45, and 35. Good good. 2 digits nia. =P

The crowd

the line. in front of me.

Teong Seng's back. With the ape.

Ju-Yen, Pei Ying and a little bit of Teong Seng's back. Why today all black?

Yi Lin and Pei Ying and a random girl. =P Suddenly stand in the middle.

The crowd again.

ATQ finalist. I can't take good pictures cause I was very far from them and was battling my way to the front. Waiting for Ju-Yen to send me some.

The card. Love.

The envelopes!!

The tickets.

So people, I am so going to see them. =) Who cares about the lala zai-s, inconsiderate and uncivilized push-people machines who went to take the tickets, I am not going to see them. -.- I won't even notice them. Uncivilized freak. Got numbers already still pushing. Don't know for what. Sure to get the tickets already what. -.- Seriously. Put people's life in danger only.

Are all parents that noble?

That, you tell me. I am a very sensitive person and I admit that I get angry over things although at times I don't know much and only see it from the 3rd party point of view. However, I cannot just sit still, watch them and then keep my mouth shut. I am the type of person who will stand up for other people but when it comes to me, I will probably swallow it down with a big gulp or venture my anger elsewhere unless I cannot accept it anymore. Well, this is only applicable when I am out around with my friends. At home, I am a big big devil. Just like Pao. =P

Anyway, I have this relative. As her husband cannot give them money to feed themselves in their own place (in another state, I don't know where), the mother brought her 4 children back to her mother's house in Penang. Well, first of all, I am pretty pissed off thinking that the mother, knowing that her husband cannot feed them even with 2 children dares to give birth to two more and their age gap is realy small. Like a year or two only. And the boy unfortunately is a special child. Therefore she claims that she cannot work because she needs to take care of the kids as her mother cannot really take care of them.

Secondly, the thing I am angry about is the husband. He is a real irresponsible man. He brings shame to all fathers in the world. I seriously think that a man who cannot feed his wife and kids because he gambles or drinks or has concubine outside should not be respected as a man. I heard that he spends his money drinking and gambling and even treating his friends which eventually put him in heavy debts and he cannot bring back money for the family. And now that the wife is back in Penang, he comes back once a week or something like that to see the kids. I don't think he deserve to be called a father. You have four kids at home waiting for you and if you love them, I think they wouldn't have to come to Penang. With his more than RM3000 salary (I think it is more. I am not sure), his daughter have to owe people money in order to buy her laptop. Don't tell me her daughter can't think for herself. I am leaving this out for now.

My family and I are very lucky because we have real nice relatives who brought us out of our problem but by the age of 7, my sisters 11 and 15, we took care of ourselves. My eldest sister brought us to school on the first day when I was 7. I can still remember my eldest sister bringing us on bus and she had to carry our books. My mum, on the other hand, worked to bring us up. Dad was not around but mum never gave up. If people were to say my relatives helped us, well, if my mum did not work, I bet even super relatives couldn't help us. My eldest sister and second sister are very responsible and we proved to them that we can live and we can be successful. We are now all successful in our own way. Mine is yet to be seen but it is coming. I hope. We get help but we did not act as though we are princesses. We stayed at home without our mother around each day after school. We do not go around mixing with people at our area which is a good news. That family however is super bad luck to have such relatives. RM5.00 of eggs also must count with them. The rich one don't care, the poor ones have no ability to even care. Seriously what is wrong with them?

Actually the thing that triggers me to to write this today is the fact that the father thinks it is alright. My grandma always buy something for them to eat because they are often left hungry at home because they do not have money to cook a decent meal. They said. Today, we bought 4 packets of Chicken Rice. One for the grandma, one for the grandchild, one for the mother and one more for my grandma. My grandma had hers and that father took TWO FREAKING PACKETS OF CHICKEN RICE!!! How inconsiderate? His wife got nothing to eat and the daughter had to share with her grandma. And according to the stories I heard from my grandma, the father can't even give the mother money and he dares to come and eat the rice. Just like few weeks ago, he ate the nasi kandar we bought for his daughters and wife. And his wife, said nothing. -.- If he was my dad, surely he kena tiger claws all over already. My mum will never let him. My mum always put us first. We are always important. My dad, as horrible as he can be, he will not eat all and leave us nothing. Perhaps we resemble our mother. =P Lil tigers. My dad is a weird guy, he once bought 20 'siew mai' for me and my sis and now, I hate 'siew mai'.

The mother, the father, the grandmother, the aunts. All don't know how to think one. I dread thinking how the kids will be when the two small ones grow older. I seriously against the idea of not letting the mother to work and earn her own income. If you get a very good husband then different story. Still, women should not stay at home and shut herself from the world outside. People changes. You can never know when your husband will. If you say trust is very important in the relationship then continue trusting your husband. The 2 weeks in China is just a work trip. Even if he has to go there like once every month. -.-

Women should not stay at home and not earn her own income. We must not depend on guys totally. We must stand on our own feet. If we do not have our own income, the husbands might think that we are weak, we cannot go anywhere but to be with him. So, WORK!! Want to stay at home take care of the kids?? Can. Earn USD from blogging like 5xMom la. Anytime earn more than working like mad outside and still have to see the boss punya muka. Never ever shut yourself out from the world, the fashion and your circles of friends. And earn some money so that you can survive on your own. Be independent, can?

ps: From a girl's point of view. No, she has not gone out there working and actually experience life in a whole but she strongly believes that women are NOT WEAK!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate it when people make assumptions.

Don't assume things when you don't know what is happening. It is alright if it is small small things but DON'T EVER JUDGE SOMEONE BY ASSUMING THAT HE/SHE IS LIKE THAT!!!! I am still very unhappy because of what my mum said.

She thinks that 'he' is bad because 'he' initially wanted me to go to Johore to study. And did I even agree? I said no on the spot. I am NOT STUPID!. But you are making me feel like fool. Do you think everyone is like that? That the only thing a guy and a girl can talk about is that? How shallow? We are friends, we talk, I got so many friends who are like that too. Wah Keong koko, Lemon, they are guys too and we talked, does that make them like 'him'? I am the youngest in the family but I am 19 already, that time, I was 17 already, I know what is right and what's wrong. I know what I was doing. You guys might say that they are just being concerned but I feel that they don't even trust me. Am I such person? Am I such person in their eyes?

I was angry when I heard that because first of all, I HATE THE FACT THAT THEY JUDGE ALL MY FRIENDS. From Angeline, to my other primary school friends, then my high school friends, the friends I know along the way. I hate it. I am not dumb. I choose my friends properly and I am not that stupid to be sticking with friends who are extremely bad who will bring me down. 19 years of living with me, being with me, am I that type of person? Perhaps I am like that in their eyes. They don't even know my friends. Even if 'he' irritates me at times, 'he' is my friend and I don't think 'he' deserve this kind of treatment. Another reason I am so angry is that they claim that I rarely tell them my things and they just make their own assumption. I don't tell them because I hate to be questioned, I hate them asking me the same thing after a long long time. Like 'him'. 'His' story ended more than a year already.

Seriously, I feel cheap and I feel sorry for 'him' because 'he' got that label on 'him' although 'he' did nothing. I cannot say that 'he' is an angel but 'he' does not deserve this because 'he' did not do it!!! I guess I am just upset because I suddenly feel that they don't trust me. That I am not a good girl afterall. =(

ps: still pretty upset.

pps: Wah Keong might be right. They don't trust me not because they don't trust me as a person but because 'Love is blind'. So I guess I was not in love cause I still can think.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr Koay Part II

Today is the last day we will ever see Mr. Koay in school, wearing his usual baju, with his usual short tie coming to school to teach. We had an assembly to celebrate his retirement with him. The Form Sixes were being given the chance to sit in front as we are the ones he taught before. I sat the second row for the first time in my life and actually glad I got the place. Swee Hong claims that his tie is longer today because it actually reached the 4th button on his shirt whereby usually, it only reached the 3rd one. -.- Anyway, as the whole class simply adore him, we were not even complaining when we had to sit in front. Seems like he is quite influential to U6V1 students who are always complaining and at times hate the school and the rules.

During the speeches, there were many times I was almost in tears but I controlled it and made sure it stayed there, in my eyes. Pn. Irene describe Sir as a teddy bear. He does look like a teddy bear. I have never actually had my own teacher retiring. Okay, I had, but I didn't even like them. I shall not gossip but I can't control myself. I will not mention names but one was very very strict, not much people liked her although she was an English teacher (it seems like English teachers are usually more lovable). Besides, I was only in Form2, I did not really know how to be sad when a teacher leaves. Another one was very bias and only like pretty students. So I didn't really like him cause he always pick on me and yes, because I am not pretty lar. Cannot is it? They are the two teachers I can think of who left when I was still in SGGS doing my Form1-5.

However, things are different with Mr. Koay. I LIKE HIM! Well, I actually loved all the speeches by Pn. Irene, Pn. Jansee, Pn. Pengetua and Mr. Koay himself. Pn. Irene mentioned that Mr. Koay is like a teddy bear and he says okay to everything. Pn. Jansee said that Mr. Koay always say, "Nevermind, nevermind." I did not know he is such a sweetie to everyone. I used to think that he said that to make us feel guilty. Cause he is extremely nice and I thought maybe it was his strategy. Yes, I think too much. =P I am not sure whether it was Pn. Jansee or Pn. Irene who said Mr. Koay loves the pond a lot. He was washing the pond the day before. I was almost in tears when I heard that. I still remember before the Sports Day, Yi Lin and I had to saw some mop sticks for our Mahsuri hias khemah thing. We asked him to bring us to the bengkel and he did. He was busy feeding the fish while we were busy sawing in the bengkel. Then we started asking for sand paper, this, that. The only thing he said was, "Sure, go ahead, take, take, take anything you need." Yi Lin and I were saying, "He so nice la. So nice......" I have not met a teacher like him. I met many nice teachers throughout my 16 years of studying but none of them is like him. I am glad I was under him before.

He is always smiling and ever so friendly, everyone knows that. The one thing Pn. Pengetua mention about Mr. Koay that got me laughing was that JKR people come, sure find Mr. Koay. When she mentioned that, I keep recalling the times we were complaining and asking for fans from him and he was very very nice, smiling and say he will look into it. Although we have yet to get it, we still feel grateful cause he actually cared. It is not that we are choosy when it comes to teacher but its the small things they do that makes you appreciate them. We do not pick on teachers. The only reason we like one teacher over another is that the teacher is willing to understand us and look into our problem and actually fight for us, not just telling us that he/she can't do anything about it. We can't possible go up to the Kementerian or the Pengetua to complain, can we? Teachers are our middle-man, the one who can be there to help us.

Anyway, Mr. Koay's speech was the funniest. He told a small secret of Pengetua. He said Pn. Pengetua took pictures of 'tembok-tembok' while looking for the perfect design to replace our school's fences and put them in her handphone. He even said that if the Pengetua is to be angry with him, she can only be angry for one day. So cool when he was telling jokes. Then he mentioned that during one meeting with Pn. Siti Sarimah to discuss about the tembok, he wasn't really paying attention to her, he was busy thinking and imagining how funny Pn. Pengetua looked like when she is taking the pictures. -.- Sir, meeting time don't daydream can? =P

He also managed to fulfill the dream of those administrator of SGGS ever since 1980s which is the change the fences to the brick ones. I was touched when I heard him saying that he bought the wires and get the private sector workers to fix our school's old fences. He is a teacher for god's sake. What is he doing fixing fences? He is really someone we should look up to. He also took care of the pond in front of bengkel. He feed the fished, wash the ponds. How will life be? After 27 years in this school, if he were to wake up tomorrow knowing that he do not have to come to school anymore, will be feel empty?

In his speech, there's another part which got me laughing so hard, I was in tears, tears of joy. He said he was once assigned to get the plants from MPPP people. The people there was surprise how SGGS get free plants when they themslves had to buy from other supplier. Anyway, as the lorry was not available till the evening, he called up Mr. Teng and Mr. Ang. He decided to transport the plants back to school by their own cars. BAD MOVE. After few rounds going to and fro the MPPP place, he regretted making that decision in the first place for their car were filled with the organic fertilizer's odour. Mr. Ang's car was a new one and that odour remained for quite some time. I can't stand in and start laughing like mad, imagining Mr. Ang's face at that time. =P Mr. Teng looked sad throughout the whole ceremony.

Good songs from the Junior Prefects and at 1pm, we went down, waved to Mr. Koay as Miss K drive him off.


That's the end. Happy retirement, sir.

perfect picture. If you are one of the U6V1 students, you will understand. Its not easy to get everyone in school, in class and willing to take pictures together. 41 is big!
Mr. Koay and us. One of the best picture that I am sure all of us will treasure a lot for its not easy to get it taken. Seriously, 41 is big and hard to control. Although there's lots of politics, I still love U6V1.

Bentengs plus some none bentengs.

Sir, the peace maker. Regret that we did not take much pictures with him. Should have taken more with him.

ps: To those who wants to know more about him, go to Yu Jean's blog. I miss a lot of his lessons for I don't listen. Should have listened. He is so cuteeeeeee. Am laughing though I just read it from Yu Jean's blog. And I know where to find him. =) IPG!!!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Accounts Sir

I am sure fellow Georgians can remember this sir who is very cute, with white hair, his specs and super short ties during Monday assembly. =P If you are not in his class, you might not know him that well. He is very very cute in class. He will tell some cold jokes that are so cold, you won't even understand. But when you see him laughing at his own jokes, you can't help but to laugh too. He always try to teach us and make the subject interesting but at times, numbers get a little too boring. Honestly, I pity him because our class are very noisy and being the gentleman he is, he will not scold you. Instead, he will say something like we must lower down our voices because at times he can hear us from his place. For God's sake, that place is like so far. One field away okay?? I don't believe him but at least he did not scold us.

I was telling my friends jokingly what I would tell him if been given the chance to. I can't remember exactly what I wanted to say but I can remember here and there.

Sir, when you are gone, you take my freedom away with you,
There will not be 3 free periods-literally as I am sure other teacher will not let us have it.
There will be no time for us to finish our homework, for other subject that is.
There will be no time for us to sleep, to talk or even read our daily newspaper.
There will be no cold jokes that got us go "WHAT?"
There will be no free graph paper or full marks for test.
There will be no open book test
We will not get to go out of the clas with you saying "Oh sure, go ahead."
I will miss you. I will miss all those freedom given to us. We will miss you, a little bit more than our freedom.
It is actually pretty sad to see him go. And while I was talking and revising my Maths, he gave us a magnetic bookmark each. That indeed make me feel as though it was a knife that he gave us and that knife is stab into my small little heart. It says something like "You are thoughtful, I am grateful." I think those words should be said by us and not the other way round. I immediately wake Cheng Ling up and together, we showed our want-to-cry-already face. Okay, I did that alone. So what? =P

Oh, I simply adore this Sir. Not because he gave us a lot and I mean A LOT of freedom, but because he is really really nice. He keep telling us that we can do it and we only have to study 60% of the syllabus. I love that line. But thinking back, I doubt I can even master 40% of it. He is also darn nice to one point that he makes me feel guilty cause at times I need to go out of the class to find Pn. Audrey. He will always say "Sure, go ahead." I went to one of the Lower Six class he was taking care of and the same thing he gets from us, he gets from them too. They talk as though he is not there and there he was, sitting alone,with no one talking to him or asking him questions. Perhaps we should ask him questions tomorrow.

We are having a ceremony for him on Wednesday, the 25th of July. His birthday is the next day. I'll miss him. We did a framed picture of us and him. Hope he likes it and remember even if it means he will get nightmare every single night. His wife is so so so lucky to have him. I hope my future husband is half as good as him. So patient and so kind and cute and nice. Ah, I am not having a crush now. =P

Bye bye Mr. Koay. We will miss you and hope to see you again in near future. Take good care of yourself and even though I am very lousy and naughty in your class, I still like you a lot.

ps: He is so lovable that those who are usually very pernickety when it comes to liking a teacher loves him. Those who show perangai in classes also love him and willingly get together to take picture with him. I tell you, IT IS VERY VERY HARD TO GET U6V1 '07 together to take a decent picture. Very HARD!!! So it was actually an accomplishment to able to do that. And I will definitely develop that picture and treasure it. =)

(read: pernickety means fussy according to one exercise I did for MUET. =P First time using, if wrong, forgive me alright?)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Old People have weird taste and ideas.

My definition of old is people who are in their golden age who probably have experienced World War Two. Not those in their 40s or 50s but those in their 80s. Yes, our grandmother's age.

My grandmother has been sharing her very own opinion of the new house. As excited as us, she started telling us what she need in the new house. She is a very rich lady, at least with what she wish to have in the new house. =P She wants water heater for both the kitchen and the washing machine. Reason?? Water gets too cold sometime and she can't wash her dishes or clothes. No, we did not abuse her and ask her to wash her own clothes but she is a lil fussy when it comes to these things and she wants to do it her way, so she usually does it herself.

Anyway, from what I heard from my friends, these are not cheap. Especially the electricity bill cause it will cost a lot every month. Furthermore, to install it, we have to spend a lot. From what we heard after asking several friends, we need to install one kind of huge water heater thing outside of the house which will cost bomb. So during dinner just now, my sis told my grandmother that we cannot install that water heater for her because it is too expensive and we cannot afford it. Furthermore, with the hot weather in Penang, we don't need the water heater, At least not for the washing machine and the kitchen. She started talking about rheumatism and things like that and say that a little money is going to prevent us from all those sickness. My sis insisted that it will be very expensive and it is not necessary. Then she said it only cost another RM100 according to some guy who did plumbering for my aunt when she renovated her house. My sis was like, "WHAT??RM100??" Then grandmother said we will only use it when necessary so the electricity will not be that expensive.

It was then my sister told her that it will definitely not be RM100 because the water heater itself would probably cost a lot. You know what my grandmother say??? I bet no one can be more creative than her.

She said that the one she was thinking about was the one like the hair saloon. Yes, the water heater or better known as shower you have in the bathroom. That, in our newly renovated KITCHEN!!!!

Hi everyone, this is my new kitchen. =)

Granny damn creative lar. Can be interior designer already. Then I told my sis that people will ask if we open hair saloon during the day. =P I even suggested that mummy and granny can put a long chair like those they have in saloons and wash their hair there after coloring them. If I am lazy, I can ask my sister to wash my hair for me there too. What lar. Like that also she can think of, I am so looking forward to see our new house. Hopefully not designed by my grandmother. Else we might be lucky to get in Malaysia's Book of Record for the most peculiar looking house with NORMAL PEOPLE living in it.

I really salute my grandmother lar.

ps: Picture is before renovation. Renovation not yet start.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wei Wei tagged me. I am lazy to link everyone. So I always type names but never link. If you want to see their blogs, go to see it at the side lar. I got very important thing to do one ok? I got meme to write about. Here goes...

So here's the rules.
'Write about one of your naughties moment in secondary school'
'Story must not be shorter than 20000 words. Jk. Just dont make it too brief lah'
'Tag bloggers who you think have really interesting stories to tell. Dont go "ah i wont tag anyone"'

One only meh??? Actually my naughty moments are not very naughty. If you read it, you'll go, "Like that call naughty meh?" roll eyes. So I will list down a few and see if you find it naughty or not okay?

1. I stare right into my teachers eyes when they punished me. Especially when I was not at wrong. I got it once in primary school and once in secondary. I just hate teachers who punish people without first checking out what was the problem. I won't cry cause that will only make them happy. Sick thoughts? I know. =P

2. I brought lots of illegal stuff to school and once got caught for bringing more than 10 VCDs to school. It was post PMR. Everyone brings VCD to school. In the end, they had no choice but to return them all to us without any action taken cause no one was willing to go up and claim their pirated RM5 VCD. =P

3. I gave problems to the Monitor and Assistant Monitor when I was in Form 3 that the first pair to be elected as temporary Monitors as part of their ways "TO MAKE US REALIZE HOW MUCH WORK THE MONITOR AND ASSISTANT HAS AND HOW WE ACTUALLY MADE THEIR LIVE TERRIBLE" was me and my 12 years mia friend,AC.

SHIT, I am actually very good girl. Apart from talking too much, I was pretty alright girl who only gets her name remembered for well, talking too much in class. Ah Wei is wilder than me. =P So much wilder.

I am going to tag some innocent angels or so as they claim or look like one.
1. Pao Pao
2. Ah Shan

Happy telling me your stories.

After I go offline and think think, actually I did pretty funny stuff in school. Not naughty but cheeky. I once scare my friend. She was sleeping with her head on the table. Then being the cheeky us, my 12 years kawan aka AC and I decided to kacau her a little. We counted to three and pushed our chair. Actually we wanted to complete the show by saying 'Selamat Pagi Cikgu' but she already jumped up thinking that the teacher was in the class already. We had a good laugh after that.

ps: I think Pao should do the one on her primary school one. It is more interesting like that. So Pao, add in your primary school one. =P

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Daniel in Gurney on the 15/07

15th July 2007.

The day I have been counting down for. The day where I get to meet him again after such a long time apart. I am sure all Penang Pinkies felt the same. It has been a long time and we missed him. I got up late that day. Reached Gurney and rushed up to the cinema to watch Harry Potter. The show was okay lar. I am not exactly a huge fans of Harry Potter, that's why Win caught me lazing around and asking lots of question. Bet she regrets sitting with me. I just talk too much. =P Anyway, after the show, we went to the ladies then headed for foodcourt cause we were starving. Ate chicken rice and fixed my banner. Then called Ju-Yen and she brought the other Pinkies to me. Ha-ha, thanks layleng for the mag from Redbox. They went for redbox session earlier. Anyway, after that, I quickly eat my chicken rice and ran to Apple Centre thinking that Daniel might be there. But no, he was not. Then I brought some of the Pinkies to get TVTimes with Wu Zun inside. I then got seperated with Shan, Yi Lin and Win. T.T Anyway, I joined the Pinkies after that to get whistles and stuff. Sorry to Shan cause I ended up screaming like maad in front and leave you guys behind. I really had a great time though. I think I should just point form everything.

~4.00p.m- Ran down to the ground floor, got into toilet,changed my Pinkies Tee.
~4.10p.m gather outside with other pinkies and wore our badge.
~4.15p.m got a lot of attention from people around there. Decided to move to the stage.
~4.30p.m Saw Sandra there. So many people there already. Tried to squeeze in but to no avail. Took group pictures.
~4.45p.m saw the Tinge poster, got one. Stand around with our banners.
~ Just enjoying ourselves until Daniel came some time after 5. Actually, probably 5.30 or later, not sure.

Anyway, Daniel came out and we were in super hyper mood. Cheered, sang, shouted. We said, 'DANIEL, PENANG PINKIES MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH' and he said, ' I MISS YOU ALL TOO + something I did not hear.' He is not longer afraid of us. Hope that continues. And to the ARMY *LayLeng,JY,and Ming will understand*. DONT COME AND KACAU OK? ish.

Then we went up stage to get our album signed. His hand was very warm. Oh. =P

Had so much fun and when it all ended, we had several pictures taken with all the Pinkies and then Shan and I headed for food court for some drinks. The mix fruit juice was sour, but the lemonade was even worse. I pity Shan, but she seems to love it. Then I sat and talked to Swteh, Ming, Xin and Lay Leng at the food court. We took pictures and left at 7.30 p.m. Let the pictures do all the talking now. When there's Pinkies and Daniel's events, I think the picture will be a lot. =P. Pictures are in random order.

Daniel, making his cute face. Can see the Daniel is Unavoidable banner?? Mine. =)

My banner, the audience and Daniel. =P

Penang Pinkies with Uncle IH aka Jimmy. =P We had to ask Sony BMG's permission to take this pic okay? No la. Just some blur answer from Uncle IH cause he thought we wanted a group pic with Daniel.

Daniel, this i what I call cute-ness melebih.

Daniel, close-up. Perfect.

Swaying to his songs.

Hitting high notes or waving with us. Left right left right.

Daniel who looks so cuteeeee... Thanks to Shutterbug

Daniel. How can you all say he not cute? He is nothing like Wu Zun but he is cute.

Daniel teaching the rest how to re-act his Tinge advert.

Tinge, I am me.

Daniel mouth open wide. Cute.

Daniel acting cute. *pics by tchinyee*

You. Yes you. *pics by tchinyee*

Sing with me. =P

Daniel. Cute. Love.

Pinkies, Penang or none Penang ones.

Ju-Yen and I with the banners. =P

Ju-Yen, DT, Me. (DT=Daniel Tua.) DT complains that we only want him because we can't get a shot with Daniel. Hmm. How come he know hah? Very obvious meh? lol. =P

Ju-Yen, Aunty Swan, and Me.

Us and Aunty Swan's sister. I don't know their name but will find out. =P

Penang + Kl Pinkies.

That's all for now. Till I get more pictures. =P

ps: sorry for not stating this. Lupa la. Used up 4 hours to complete all these post okay?? Kam Xia to Uncle IH, Shutterbug and Ju-Yen for these pictures. The pictures are taken from . Go there for more pictures.

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