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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am at home!!!

My sis injured her leg and had to stay home for maybe two days if it still hurts. We brought her to a clinic yesterday night and she acted damn funny when she was in pain. As we all know, my sister is not a very friendly person to people she don't know of. (if you don't, now you do)

Yesterday she was half laughing, half screaming to the nurses because she was in pain. I never thought she will talk to the nurse lor. When she got in, she kept telling the nurse to go slow which was funny. And then she keep saying "tak pasal-pasal kena one" which was funny as well. The nurse keep saying, not painful right? And she screamed "PAINFUL AR!"

Man, did I have a good time laughing. She is so funny. =P And now, I am home with her. Off day, AGAIN. I wonder if I am a caplang worker. I stay home when after robbery, I stay home when sis is sick and stuff. I damn power. =P

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