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Friday, November 19, 2010

Another sem gone by

This has to be  the most interesting one throughout my 3 years of uni and it ends so quickly.

First time I finish my exam in the first week with only two papers to battle my life for. People are giving me the i-kill-u look but, but, but...I suffered 2 years already, doesn't that count for anything at all? =P

I've been shaking legs and running around for the past week. Time to slow down my life for a few days before running around again chasing kids in VBS. I find life so fulfilling when I can do things for God, share His love with people around me.

Did a personality test and boy was it accurate. I'm both crazy and emo. SO TRUE. I'm not lazy though, what a relief. =P

Life is getting more and more exciting and the boy has met the parents and close friends and was accepted. Also cause they love me la. And he was a great boy to begin with. Meeting his family later and I'm really not a very good girl so it's going to be tough. =) But he is there to assure me that it'll be ok. <3 No fear.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wai Kin's Birthday

It was Daniel's ex-roommate's birthday. So we double-dated to Victoria Station to celebrate his birthday.

Sayang with his default cheeky smile.
The other couple, Wai Kin and Wai Lin.
Their Papaya with Fresh Milk
Nom nom nom.
Our Tiger Prawns and Chicken!! Yums.
Daniel Chong and I.
Praying, look at his serious face.
WK and WL's dinner.
One small cake from us. =P
Happily singing song for WK like a smo boy.
Whee...I love Victoria Station. Very pwetty.
Took a pikture outside of it too.
WK and WL.

Good food, great service, romantic ambience and awesome company. =)

Happy Birthday Wai Kin. =) Glad you had fun.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of us

 Us and chick bii

There, finally can post up.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Finger-numbing cold

in the library.

On days like this, it'll be nice to have someone to warm your hands.


Sunday, November 07, 2010


With a non-existent movie date excuse, I was brought up to the highest carpark level in QB, supposedly overlooking beautifully lit up Penang bridge which was unfortunately half-hidden by tall apartments. Saw firework. Yep, no 's' as there's ONLY one. No stars on a cloudy, windy night.

He began his speech, I began to look everywhere else but at him. He then explain that there'll be NO MOVIE and he has something important to ask me.

So he did. And I said, yes.

=) This is the account of THAT day. The date was 7/11/2010, the time was somewhere between 10.40pm to 11pm.

ps: Time adjusted to have my post on THAT day. It is really 1.49am of 8/11/2010 now and I am sleepy.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The word

sounds nice.

I think I don't mind listening to it again and again.


so...Hah?? What you said? I didn't hear...sorry, wasn't paying attention. =P

Monday, November 01, 2010

Rain + Bed = Bliss

Both begins with a B but why does 'bed' sound so much more nicer than 'books'?

Not gonna touch them today. Gonna just touch my bed.

If only that lady will stop singing or announcing lucky draw numbers cause I don't feel lucky at all cause I have to endure the noise pollution.

Hello, people actually sleep before 12a.m. if you are not aware of it. /glares.

The downside of staying in Penang, too many ger tai around.

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