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Thursday, October 30, 2008

As unproductive as it can be

Today sibeh unproductive.

I woke up, bathed, makan breakfast, sit around sorting out my notes then I walked to CIMB to bank in my cheque *finally*.

Then walked to Sg. Dua and waited for Yi Lin. Then go lunch and print her stuff, then I got back, read a lil, went to get my notes from fellow coursemate.

Then I continue reading this Teori and Teknik Terjemahan that I don't even will be any help or not. And I fell asleep, woke up, online a little.

Read some more. If it's of no use, I'll die lor. I am planning to spend my entire day on this. Better make it worth it babeh.

Abdullah, if it is useless, you are so dead lor. I find your book very offensive actually but I still read.

ps: This Abdullah is the writer not our prime minister, no ISA please thank you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm back in USM

I studied the whole day for Translation and Interpretation paper. At least I feel better now.

Will continue in the tv room later. XD 9.30 I am going to the tv room d. Just in case some one else want to rebut with me. =))

I finished reading the whole stack of papers but haiya, not that I can remember but at least better than none. Really must go PBA only can study lor. Damn suay ar me. Why like that?

It's ok. Everything is fine now. I am back in USM.

*stares at the bunch of baju that I have yet to wash. Boh lat, tomorrow.*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's it


Walao eh, really cannot study at home. I've been rotting whole day. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

I heard connection over there very terrible. So good, I cannot online and I can study.

Wish me luck. =))

No lunch there though. Nevermind, dinner will do. Dinner will do.

***I am going back tomorrow evening. =)) I love you Shan. =D

Monday, October 27, 2008

USM hostel friends and BENA

Neh, yang I said I kena tipu with free food and had to sleep with bugs, neh, BENA lor tu. Still got unfinished business. Die. Haih. *When I drafted it, still got unfinished business. But I've settled it. Here comes SUPERPING* ignore me thankyouverymuch. Nevermind, nothing stops me from camwhoring. Oh oh and many other people I meet in USM la. XD

My room mate on my right and my partner for the BENA thing on my left.

This is my neighbour, Dilah. Very cute indeed.

Me and the three musketeers. I don't know how to spell. Soli.

This is me bullying a participant. So bad I know.

We even camwhored. Kesian dia. And later she came into our room for a chat. Luckily she is blindfolded lor. If not I'll kena pukul. =x

Dilah again. She is cuteness extreme.

Lol. Ms Wei Wei with assets, me and Pang Sue-Yin who always looks down on me just because she is tall. Literally.

That tall skinny girl and the short fat one. T.T Sakit hati.

Our coursemate, Gaik Buon. Ignore Wei Wei, she always pose like this. Flirtatious to the max.

It all started with Boh Phaik Ean wearing that red shirt to class. Wei Wei started calling her Ang Pow and ask her is it CNY already. So that's us 'pai ni-ing' (er, like saying Gong Xi Fa Chai and take ang pow ritual.)

Sim Yin Yin and Ch'ng Ping Ping. I know. Our names damn, double. XD

That's me trying to look for books in the library.

And this is the last time I am going to wear this baju. So ugly one. Haih, fashion disaster.

Trying to study la. Cannot see is it? Bulan exam.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've got my money...

Yay yay. Actually hor, two weeks liao. But I tak ada chance update.

So yes, this is to mark the first for the many many cheques I am gonna get from Nuffnang.

I love Nuffnang. <3>*more ads?*

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I don't think I have weird habits or things because I am well, not weird. I don't know how I am going to finish this meme *shakes head* but I will do it anyway since Simon came over to my blog and say I am the Ping Ping he tagged. What? Got a guy name Ch'ng Ping Ping in Penang okay? sigh, why la choose girl name. *No, cannot say I got guy's name thankyouverymuch.*

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tags back!

Here goes. Weird stuff about me. *thinks for 231551 days*

-1. I like guys with strong jaw line. *this is not even weird lor sigh* Like Kevin from BSB. I KNOW!! *roll eyes*

-2. I think I can get drunk just by drinking Shandy. I just hate the smell. *shifty eyes*

-3. I blush all the time. It's not even weird but it feels WEIRD.

-4. I am excited when I see or hear the word FREE. It hurts when you have to korek ur purse to buy lunch. =((

-5. I check on people's blog too often a day. I think I can open PinkPau's, Sweatlee's and Audrey's blog for like 5 times a day. I forgot I checked. T.T *this is not weird, this is short term memory lost*

-6. I often feel stupid. HAHA. This is not weird but I like to put it here. Am I weird? *shifty eyes*

-7. I am always nervous about exam but no matter how nervous I am, I still can't get myself to concentrate on studies. *this is not weird either, this is lazy.*

I get distracted so easily la. You see la. Until now I still write like what? 5 not weird stuff of myself. Cin cai terima can? T.T

-8. I can never finish blogging about a trip. That reminds me of NZ trip. Lol, one year ago, I went to NZ. Until today, tak habis habis diblog. I am lazy already. Besides, it'll feels weird to read it now, one year later.

-9. I walk out of my hostel building, looking up at the sky, take a deep breath, smile and say good day before starting to walk to my first class of the day. *if I am not moody.* And it does feels good. But people who saw me might think I am weird.

Sometimes I'll thank God for a beautiful day. And I will stop and admire the mountains I can see on the way. I love it when it's early in the morning, slightly chilly but you can still feel the warmth from the sun. But it's in the morning only la. I am in Malaysia for goodness sake. By noon I'll be so hot, I show my Bao Qing Tian's face.

-10. I am still lost in USM after one sem. Wei Wei will always have to scold me cause I somehow will always take the longer route without realizing or ask her, WEI, where nearer? *Wei as in normal woi, not wei wei's wei. Nevermind.* I am not weird, it's just that everywhere seems the same to me. What can I do?

-11. I can play Mahjong on the computer for the whole day and not get bored. The match the tiles one la.

-12. I can get lost even in Penang. Well, what you expect? I get lost in USM. But ya, bringing two friends from other states and still get lost in Penang is well, pathetic.

-13. My bulu roma tangan stands all the time. Whether it's hot, cold, rainy days, sunny days, Monday, Tuesday, anyday. 24/7. It's fun. =))

-14. I can make people sing 1 million (in hokkien) with me. Come on wei wei. chi pa ban, chi pa ban.

-15. I always do things I vow not to do. Like going to Macalister Road for All You Can Eat steamboat. And sometimes, I pay for it lor, not people belanja. T.T Why I liddis?

Habis liao la. Spent one hour thinking of weird things of myself, it's weird. And all the things I stated are not even weird, weirder.

I tag
- Weiwei if she ever rajin to do
- PaoPao cause she is weird like me?
- Ah Win cause she is very weird
- Ah Shan but she is busy studying
- Cheng Ling cause she sent me a cute sms yesterday
- Diana cause she lama tak blog lor
- Ewe Yan cause he is on a holiday.
- Anna Chi Chi (my cousin) cause I want to know she is weird like me or not. =))
- Yuh Jen cause she got a weird dog that opens the fridge.

This reminded me of someone who is so full of himself that when I tag him, he tell me, oh, I don't do meme. Really, why like that?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pangkor trip last post!!!

Eh, which island after this???Woohoo, REDANG??? Mari, sit in a circle and start planning. Anyway, last batch of the pictures. All pictures of me camwhoring.

In the room with my hunter hat. I don't have any other hat so I brought my hunter one there. But I did not wear la. Lol, where got people go beach wear hunter hat??? XD

Morning breakfast. At that very same spot we sat the night before, looking at sunrise (tak ada cause if we can see sunset, mana leh see sunrise? Different side darling)
After breakfast, we decided to jalan-jalan at the beach and we saw MANY interesting stuff. At least to us and they are all sea creatures. Kam Xia.

Mr.Lim busy catching crabs, I know, at the age of 24??!! Nevermind, and Miss Ch'ng acting cool.

Pictures of Mr. Lim happily showing his crabs *shakes head* and Miss Ch'ng with jelly fish. Oh and that two picture with one black dot one. The one of scenery above, pic 5 and pic 7, they are Mr. Lim, going to get sticks to poke that jelly fish. sigh.

Pictures of us before we leave the resort. Byebye Pangkor. It was a great getaway though. I miss not doing anything but lying on the beach, although under the trees.

Below are pictures I forgot to put up or want to put up.

Me and Pao with our sunnies. =))

Me and the sea. Haih, the only one I took that at least my face is visible. The rest damn dark.

Beautiful isn't it? It makes me wonder how capable we are in making a mess out of these beautiful earth God provided us. I mean look at the beach in Penang and compare, you'll understand. And Pangkor is NOT the cleanest beach around lor. sigh. Why like that???

Peekok which weiwei say cannot call it like this. Cause we got a friend name Kok. -.-"

Three of us before Mr. Lim turns to look at birds. sigh. WHY LIKE THAT???

Pao and I. We took like half and hour walk to the other end of the beach, quite far away from our resort. You can really know until where the beach is owned by the resort. Cause after that point, it's freaking dirty can die.

Hardworks of the crabs, korek-ing lubang for their house. These are the hasil korekan cause they korek small cute balls.

Errr...Hornbills? Can you see them??

Pao and I at dinner.

If there is one thing I really love to eat, it has to be PRAWNS!!!! That's me attacking the prawns.

Us at the "bridge" lol. Quite scary actually. Can fall.

Me playing with full concentration although we did not insert money. sigh. Why I like that?

The SHIT that Pao talk about. Don't know what makes it like this but it's actually sand and it comes out from the beach like all the time. Must be got lubang so the udara menolak the pasir come out or something. Nevermind.

Four eyes girl

Isn't that what everyone call girls with specs? It's in Cantonese though. Anyway, having to wear eyeglasses for about 7 years in my life, I know, sad way to start your secondary school life huh? Well, to wear it for 7 years, I think I've spent quite a fortune on eyeglasses cause it's so EXPENSIVE now. I used to make one which cost me RM70.

Don't do it. Cause I later found out the power is too low. And then I went to make a RM200 one and the power is too high. I don't know what these people are doing. Anyway, I think eyes are very important for us and it's essential to find cheap and good eyeglasses shop to make ours cause it's always good to be able to save money.

I found this site online called sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8. That is like below RM 30? You can get a huge selection of frames (very important to stay 'IN'), with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. Malaysians will definitely say, "Why so cheap? What's the catch? Well, the secret to the Low Prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer with no middleman. I think that explains it all. Besides, this site, Chicago Tribune, wrote an article about it and explain them in such in detail manner, you'll get to know whatever you need or want to there.

It's time to change my specs too. The one I am wearing cost me about RM200++. Spend faster than earn. T.T

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slipping Through My Fingers

I love this song. I want to cry now. I think it's cause I emo la. Not that I have a daughter leaving me.

Wei Wei is right

I am super think cannot open type of person. (direct translate it back to Hokkien please thankyouverymuch)

Haih...I still feel bad for making Kok angry. He is like the paling tak leh angry one person.

And then I kena shoot for taking pictures in lecture cause the lecturer talks and changes the slides too fast me cannot catch up. So me take pictures. I don't know she is talking about me or Mr. Peet since Mr. Peet also take but haiya, I feel kena shoot la.

I'm gonna be moodless over this for few days.

Shit, study la. T.T

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I feel like



Monday, October 20, 2008

Will I learn?

To show my dissatisfaction and not just rant it here? I wish I can show my muka masam to them as well. I wish I can show my beh syok-ness to them as well. But I'll be here for the next few years and I don't want any problem. It's so sickening to be treated like shit and still smile to them.

I don't know but if she says she tried, she wasn't trying hard. And she dares to show me muka masam. When I get it all done without even asking for her help, should I show her my muka masam too? Seriously, don't just tell me you don't know. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

If Yi Lin is not here, I would have to do it alone. Thank God Yi Lin is around and we had a good laugh while running and screaming. Such a multi-tasker we are. The fact is I thought the biawak will stay in water like they really should at all times. And when I saw it at the tree about 10 footsteps away, I screamed and told Yi Lin. There we were, running, screaming and laughing like mad. XD

So malu. Anyway, that was our encounter with the biawak. I hope it's the last and I hope no one took picture. WTF, so malu can die.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't know how many times I'll blog about this

I don't know la.... I'm so sick of people taking advantage of me and not realizing it!!!! How can you like run to me when you see that I am taking picture of people and then run away right after you have taken it. At least for goodness sake, offer to take one for me in return.

And I am not a total whiner. I am a whiner, just that ever since I enter USM, I often complain and whine about something and then ask myself, was it me or was it that person? Seriously, I often think that perhaps I am too sensitive or I am prejudice or I am being ridiculously unreasonable. But I'm so sick of it.

I don't know. Perhaps it's just me. Perhaps it's me and my over sensitivity. I bet some other person in my shoes will be able to endure it. And maybe, they wouldn't be complaining at the first place cause they won't feel disgusted. And there I was, thinking that I might actually find best friend here.

People often say you will change according to the situation you are in. I guess they are right. I stopped telling people secrets and when I blog about something, I don't mind people reading them.

Pangkor and the beach!!!

After reaching the resort, we got changed and go to the BEACHHHHHHHH... WOOHOOO...

Once we got there, we went into our room and decided to go out for a stroll and perhaps make reservation for our lunch-dinner-breakfast. To our dismay, we can only get dinner-breakfast at a reasonable price cause there's no package for lunch. The lunch here are freaking expensive so we decided to go back to our room and eat our biscuit. I know, so sad.

So if you are going to Pangkor and you want to avoid expensive lunch, eat before you go to the hotel or get something to eat at the hotel. =)) And do check out the website of the hotel, especially Pangkor Beach Hotel which we stayed cause there's lots of promotions and discounts for those who book through hotel. Besides, if you call in and they say the rooms are fully book, try online booking.

Back to the trip.

After we finished making reservations for dinner-breakfast and ate our "lunch", we had a short nap before heading for the BEACHHHH... Woohoo... See how clear and beautiful the sea is... Gorgeous man. You should have seen the one in Penang, so dirty can die. The one here is not the cleanest but it's clean.

After some swim in the pool, we decided to lie down on the chairs provided and just relax. Just listen to the sound of the waves, enjoying cool breeze and heh, camwhore. I'll never get enough of that beautiful sceneries. I'm glad we went. I just love the sea, the sceneries. OMG, so pretty.

And when I see pretty sceneries, I can't help but to camwhore. Ok, excuses I know. T.T Why I like that? XD My Roxy flip flops. <33>

My sis and I and the beautiful sceneries. Can you see that hut? That's the hut that the waiter in the restaurant refused to let us sit there and claimed that we CANNOT EAT there but we saw many foreigners eating there after that. DISCRIMINATION I TELL YOU!!! This is why I hate Malaysians. They discriminate A LOT. Where can like this? But I heard there are many discriminations cases all around the world. They treat locals like shit. Let's not let this destroy our mood.

Our freaking RM8 wedges. So damn expensive. Lol. After our snack, we decided to go back our room and rest for a while before further activities. Mr. Lim was tired already. After resting a while, we decided to walk along the beach before going back for a bath. On our way out, we saw this and Mr. Lim excitedly snapped pictures.

Peeeekok. Beautiful peekok. =))

These are the pictures of us at the beach with jelly fish and expensive chalet *gasp* (chant with me: Kahwin orang kaya, kahwin orang kaya), sand sea lion and sand castle (with one dead crab on top of it wtf. They put it as decoration lor, so mean wtf.)

That's Pao and Mr. Lim happily walking as a couple and that's me, strolling along the beach feeling sad and down. =(( I say only lol.

Nyek nyek, we beh syok the guy dun let us sit, we sit juga. XD To camwhore only. Please focus on us and not the ah pek behind us thankyouverymuch.

After that we go back to our room mandi and berdandan for dinner that night. It was a buffet dinner. We don't know why we berdandan though. Lol. Oh and there was like few companies there for company trip. You should have seen how the girls wearing skimpy clothes walking past the bosses. WTF, in bikinis some more, purposely walk and wave to the big bosses. So hiao can die.

Dinner while admiring the beauty of nature. Having our dinner while admiring sunset. Macam orang kaya. Lol. Can I kahwin orang kaya now? Please, pretty pleaseeeee.

More pictures next post. =))

Pangkor trip!!!!

Banyak pictures ahead. XD. I have to post this up today cause I AM HOME!!!! Though just for a day, I AM HOME!!!! =))

We departed from Mr Lim's house at about 7.00 a.m kut. We woke up at 5 okay? Cause heh, our bags were not properly packed yet. I'll talk according to the flow of the pictures okay?

Pictures of us departing. See, the sky is still dark. And that's me and my shoes. Woohoo.
Woooo. Beautiful skies. Isn't that gorgeous? Seriously....Look at that bridge. Oh and the picture below, we took it cause it was so misty. Must be cool out there.

Us snacking on CHIPSMORE!!! and Mr. Lim upon reaching Lumut Jetty!!!

Camwhore at the shops and temple nearby the temple. Look at us!! Lol, our YES pose cause we sudah sampai. XD

Us camwhoring around the jetty area. There were beautiful sea creatures' statues and stuff all around. Love them!!! Such a great place to camwhore.

And that's us on the way to Jetty. Heh, so pretty!!! I mean the sky, the sea, everything.

That's us lol, while waiting for the ferry.

And us while checking in for the ferry, walking to the ferry and in the ferry.

And guess what??? The holiday has just begun!!!!!!! These are the pictures of us reaching the hotel!!! We took about 3 hours to get there cause heh, someone la, needs toilet a lot. Kesian dia. Ok la, I know, my pictures are all damn tiny. What to do? XD Next post, stay tune la.

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