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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Queenstown Day 2 Part 1

I shall consistently blog about Queenstown for the next two days cause I've got 3 more days of Dunedin not blogged yet but I think I should. Finally, on the day 2 in Queenstown, all my anticipation for sheep has finally being answered. If you have read about my previous post before I went to NZ, you would have known that meeting Pao and the sheep was my main objective for the visit.

That morning, as early as 7a.m. , we bathed, took our breakfast and walked down to the harbour to take our cruise. It's situated somewhere near the place where I took pictures of the ducks and birds. It was chilly as usual, and I was excited. At about 8 or so, I can't remember, we boarded our cruise and off we go to see the sheep.

The one further in the picture was our cruise. Will post up a close up picture soon.

My mum in front of the cruise.

They even explain how does the cruise work. Cool.

Look at the mountains. The white cloudy mist. Is it mist or really clouds?

The view from the cruise. OMG. So pretty can? I miss NZ right now. =(

Ah~~ I am sure I'll go back to NZ.

After an hour or so, we reached the place. Beautiful isn't it?

However, the thing I am more eager to see are the sheep. So our first stop is to go up-close and personal with the sheep.

Before I go there, I've always thought, sheep looks like this.

The white one. So white and fluffy.

Or as cute as if not more than this. Sheep are suppose to be CUTE.

Mana tau, their sheep looked like this.

T.T Habis berkecai my mimpi angan.

Exactly like the one in Black Sheep or something. The movie was filmed in NZ. -.-" Luckily did not watch.

So scary can? I ran like mad. T.T

The only one in my family having fun. No la, just my sis,my mum and I went. T.T geli

The sheep come charging at you for food and I threw the food and ran like mad la. So paiseh.

See who stepped on sheep dung? Me lah~

To be honest, you can't miss the dung lor. It's everywhere on the ground. But I think a few stepped on it nia, including me.

Ta-da. We are going to undress this sheep. It's sheep shearing!!! =) See, the sheep like this put nia cannot move liao. It doesn't know how to stand on its feet when it's in such position. Kesian.

Minutes later, a naked sheep. Chak, so much lighter. Ha-ha.

We get to touch the sheep's fur and it's a little wet. They told us it's some kind of oil or something. I forgot already. After touring around the sheep shearing place, we were led to have our afternoon tea at the beautiful house just now.

Walking towards that house. It feels like I am in a movie or something cause NZ was so beautiful with flowers and greens.

Ah~ This is life. Having afternoon tea while looking at the beautiful sceneries.

See how red the flower is. I love flowers!!! There's so many flowers over there and sis and I keep taking picture of it.

The pictures of other flowers we took there. We were eating yummilicious scones and juices.

Ah~ Duckies again. Mandarin ducks in Western countries? How irony? But it looks like Mandarin duck la. I don't know what duck is it. =P

Other random animals we saw when we were there. Farm mar. Got deer and that kerbau. That little girl is very daring. She feed every animal she can. The first picture is of sheep with the tanduk.

Rupa-rupanya the sheep I like are the baby ones. Glad I saw them. i love these sheep. See, I dare to walk near instead of running off.

You see la. This one we capture one okay? Not scan from postcard one. I love sheep. Baby ones.

iSuka betulx2.

This lady smiled for us to take picture cause she did not want us to take picture of her while she is making thread. So funny. She teaches us how to make thread using that machine.

And that ends our trip to Walter Peak Farm in Queenstown.

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