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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Redressing the veil

Well, growing up attending a national school, mixing around with Malays and Indians has never been a problem to me. I've got good pals of both races and they are great people. I remember I used to complain that I can never really recognize the Malays and Indians because for Malays, they look alike when they wear their tudung and Indians look alike because they have the same length of hair (most) and their skin tone I guess. Plus I suck at remembering people. I am not trying to be racist but seriously, we, chinese got damn fair like snow people, the normal skin color girls, the tan girls and the super dark girls.

Anyway, that was what I thought of tudung. It makes people look alike, enchance the round-ness of one's face and is super duper duper hot. Well, I've never worn a tudung before but baju kurung makes me want to rip of the skirt. For the weather in Malaysia, I cannot stand wearing baju kurung in school.

There's this event held in my St. George's Girls' School, opposite Disted and all they need us to do is to wear the tudung and then tell them how we, the non-Muslims feel after wearing it. It is on this Saturday. Anyone interested? Go to this blog and leave her a comment or something. More information over there.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


actually, this remind me at one
of my chinese classmate.

her wearing baju kurung to class
sometimes, she also wearing tudung
at hostel.

actually, i'm really respected her
coz she also fasting like other
muslims at bulan puasa.

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