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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

400th Post: Birthday presents 2008

I wanted to blog about the wonderful day I had with Emmoes but decided to blog about the presents first because then it's more fair la. No worries, I will post up about the Queensbay day we had. Diana, don't jealous, you got exam.

*walks off to take pictures of the presents*
*10 minutes later*

Chat Huat Zai (haih, names chinese mothers give. T.T)

It's a girl la. You see, got white ribbon one.

That's Ju-Yen's smiley toy sitting on Chat Huat Zai. Nampak syok.

My The Watch. Hehe. Baby-G. Endorsed by S.H.E. All pink. Though I did say I like white most, I think this is pretty!!! Much prettier than the white one I saw. Love at first sight. I believe now.

LV wallet from Vincent. Damn cool right? It's of high quality though it's like my Adidas bag.

Besides celebrating my own birthday, it's also a day where I got my first payment for paid post. So I bought something for myself.

Zebra necklace!!! Go Alien shop at 1st floor, few shops away from Cheap accessories there.
Teddy bear face which looks darn good on darker color clothes.

Fake lashes and color eye liner. To feed the vain me. I know, Yet Tyng, Wendy, Pao and Hwee Yeng sure geleng kepala now. I love myself without specs. =P


I had this agreement with Vincent a day after his birthday that he will keep a ringgit a day for my present until my birthday which is 48 days away. He bought me the LV wallet which I think is quite costly. Make me feel guilty nia.

Me: Eh, nah, give you cake.

Him: Thank you.

Me: Faham-faham la, present leh?

Him: Later la. I also don't know what to get for you.

Me: Har? Then you did not buy la?

Him: Got la, but I don't know la. Cin cai buy only.

Me: Where? Where?

Him: Outside.

Me: I go take ha?

Him: Ok.

*runs out*

Me: This bag is for me?


Me: Oooo.. Luckily. =P

Then I opened the bag and took the LV wallet. Pandai pilih also him. Luckily not the brown one. I don't quite like the brown LV bags.


Anonymous said...

white wallet T.T i wantt......

Mrs Chong said...

lol. get ur cousin to buy it for you lor... =P do like me..make agreement..muahahaha...

Akira 思胜 said...

I want the CJ7!! I cannot get a nice one in Penang, aikz...

Mrs Chong said...

there's a lot at NiceDay outlets. It's everywhere in Prangin, Gurney and Queensbay. Shouldn't be a problem. =)

Swee Win said...

i want ur wallet oso !!

Mrs Chong said...

lol...i shud put alarm on my wallet now... *looking around for suspicious people*

Swee Win said...

that pink thing *jy & ll bagi wan* got name d? so cute la.sit on ur huat chai.. haha..he is a happy pink creature

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea...tht expression memang menepati what he is doing name...too many at one time...better not ask my mum's opinion..she'll name it Ong Lai or something. T_____________T

Anonymous said...

yup yup!!! u'r right! m gelang-ing my kepala now.. =P

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