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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choosing Profile Picture

Was browsing facebook for no reason because I've just finished my test (which was super hard like mad don't ask). So I went to this find friends thingie to see for fun. And I've come to a conclusion that,

You should not put scary picture of yourself on the profile picture. Especially if in small icon, your profile picture only shows your eyes. Super creepy I tell you.

I've seen enough EYES today.

2 more weeks to the end of the semester (excluding study week and exam week) I am finally finishing with my 3rd year. Can't wait. I mean I don't want to leave PKA and all but I can't wait to finish up everything, submit it and next time, listen to other people's advice. But I'm not gonna let this unimportant person changed my stand that there are nice people out there. I still believe in kindness.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Haibun - Journey to class

I take the same route to classes every morning since first year. Each day, the feeling is different because I take the route at different times of the day. I love the morning ones the most. I love the morning breeze and fresh air on my way to class. Morning dew are seen on the tip of the grasses and on the buds of the flowers.

Today, I leave my room earlier so that I can enjoy the walk while breathing in fresh air and admiring the beauty of God’s creation. Birds chirping as I walk past the grassy area. Flower petals and leaves bestrew the ground as though it is autumn. Then I come to the side of the road. That is when the life in a city set in. Cars zooming pass early in the morning. I almost forgot that I’m living in a city when I am surrounded with lakes, trees and beautiful flowers.

Walking to class,
Morning breeze blew in my face,
A refreshing start.

Birds chirping everywhere,
Flowers blooming, leaves falling,
It felt like autumn.

Each day I thank God,
His creation kept me at awe,
Every morning.

Cars zooming pass me,
Breaking the serenity,
City life set in.

I cross the road carefully as I do not want to offend any grumpy morning drivers. Walking at the pavement, I look up to the mountains far away and the big trees that are giving me shed. I am amazed at His creation once again. Morning rays sipped through the big trees, landing on my hands. It gives me some warmth from those morning breeze. The shadows of trees form on the ground. I look at its uniqueness. Each tree gives different shadows creating a beautiful natural design on the ground. Drops of morning dew landed on my hands. The trees sway to the morning breeze and drop some dews. I wipe off the dews.

Then the bus pulled up, with its loud engine, interrupting my quiet walk. Then the bus take off, leaving behind smokes from exhaust pipe, choking the students who are walking. I can see students walking fast. We are late for class. I quicken my steps as I walk pass chattering students.

Big friendly trees,
Overlook me from above,
Protect me from sun.

Drops of morning dew,
Landing on my hands and hair,
Little drops of water.

Bus running by,
Smokes coming out from the exhaust,
Choking all passer-by.

I reach my class. Yet another exciting journey I take to class. God’s creation and His power is beyond comprehension. I can only awe at His awesome power.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

People think we are superheroes

otherwise, why would they throw more and more work on us? You think very fun is it? The last thing I need now is more homework or people telling me, eh I got even more okay? Cause I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE IF YOU GOT MORE WORK CAUSE I HAVE MY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. IF YOU DON'T LIKE, TALK TO THE WALL.

I'm so sick of people telling me, eh, you got it easier okay? You took the easy way out, taking so few papers and all. I LIKE YOU LIKE? TALK SO MUCH. Ok, I'm just grumpy because I haven't finished my short story and I got narratives to write. And I got projects to complete (3 to be exact..siao 1).

Who told you uni life is fun?
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