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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thank you(s)

I still have about 3 blog post about the birthday which I wish to blog seperately. But here are the list of people I want to thank. =) If I miss anyone out, sorry.

my two lovely sis. mum. granny. diana. yuhjen. yilin. ahwin. suling. sha. juyen. lingling. hooishan. angeline. june. shan. chengling. diana'skevin-for the cake. sweewin'skevin. suling'sleslie meg. mich. tengteng. soursand. shin. kenny. eweyan. eeming (who is 20 today). monkeykoko. vincent-cousin. hoeng-cousin. anna-cousin. mingyang-cousin. chinhong-cousin'sgf. darienkoko. wahkeongkoko. lemonkoko. dianaadik. sabita. meiphing. thejuscolady. jennifer. allthefriendsterwishes. ahtox. those people who wished me on my blog.

Special thanks to
my two lovely sister again (had a great one and I love you two!!!)
Ah Win, for the blog post and wonderful day out. =) I am a happy girl young lady.
Ah Jen for the blog post, fantastic message of me getting old with wrinkles and wonderful day out as well. I love hanging out with you girls. *roll eyes*
Ms Shan for the blog post. Miss you girl. *roll eyes again*
Pao for the blog post, surprises and love!!! (love you young lady) *grins*
Che and Pao for the presents, dinner and cake. I am one very very happy girl young lady.
Ah Mah for the ang pow.
Lau bu for fetching me.
Ju-Yen and Ling Ling for the magazine, card and present. And no, I am not getting an aging mask.
Vincent-cousin for the wallet. =) Will blog about it.
Su Ling for the dinner outing. I miss you so much!!!! Love hanging out with you. Always get laughters with you around.
Yi Lin for the movie hang out and everything else.
Diana and Kevin for the cheesecake. Yummeh!!! And for coming although you are having exams this entire week.

I really had a great birthday. Best as far as I can remember. I am 20 already and this is greeting me when I was onlining.

Chieh, 20 and single. Lol. I care about the number, not about being single. =P

Hello and welcome to Aloysius, Ahtox's latest edition. =P His birthday is one day after mine so AhTox got no reason to forget mine!!! Muahaha. And oops, not yet buy the teddy. Should I get CJ7 for that lil boy or just a real cushiony soft teddy bear? Hmmmm.. I can bear a kid of my own already and man, I feel old!!!! When Aloysius turns 20, I'll be 40!! HORRORS!!! *Rush to the nearest SaSa to get herself a packet of aging mask*

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