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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bangkok Adventure Continues

Day 3 - Jatujak Weekend Market.

We started our day with hotel's breakfast again.

#1. My pretty sister. So cute la she, macam baby.

#2. On the way to Jatujak Weekend Market.

I love their MTR cause it's not packed like LRT in KL or MRT in Singapore. Perhaps it's because we went on off peak hours.

#3. YAY!! We reached Jatujak Park and Jatujak Weekend Market is just beside the park.

I love these picture because of the green grass and the three other gorgeous and important ladies in my life. Everyone was so happy upon reaching but soon the face turned a bit 'black' but all is well. =P We still had fun.

#4. The very first thing that made Pao took the pictures. Shoes and shoes and lots more shoes. But we did not buy any from this four bunch.

Love the colour of these pictures. So pretty and happy.

#5. The sausages and street food that most bloggers say MUST TRY.
Yummy. And it's so cheap. like THB100 per stick only. The coffee carried by that man is THB250 and taste like Nescafe. We saw him when we were busy bargaining with a seller. The seller bought from him and asked us to try. So we bought one because we find it cute I mean him carrying the tank of coffee on his back. So special. I don't usually drink coffee.
We had lunch at one of the stalls at Jatujak Market and left to go back to rest as it was very hot that day and everyone was a bit drowsy.

#6. Yummilicious goodies we ate at Robinson Mall's food court because it was raining heavily outside.

We had our 2nd plate of Mango Sticky Rice for the trip, my yummy Mango Pok Pok (I want to go Johnny's and eat them now!!!!), the super good pork stew rice, the babi stick, Salmon ball and Tom Yam (our 2nd for the trip). Actually we had another pork stew noodle or something but we did not take the picture. Yums to the max. I miss BKK.

#7. Me eating the taste-like-salmon's salmon ball. Bought because it's rolled in a ball. Sigh.

#8. Before we headed back to our hotel for the night, we went Swenson for a quick, cheap and good ice-cream. =))

After the good dinner, we went back to our hotel. Got our feet pampered at nearby massage parlour at THB 250 per person. It was such a relieve to get our feet thoroughly massaged after long day at Jatujak.

Of course before we retired for the night, we went over to our favourite snack shop a.k.a. 7-11 to grab some sausages for supper. Sausages overload. XD

Important Points
As Jatujak is very big and it's like a maze, you might get lost if you are seperated with the rest of the group and it might be hard to find them back. So there are few tips I think might be useful.

1. Have a layout of the place and ask for help from the nearby stall owners to help you to label where you were at. That way, you can plan with your group to go back to the same place a few hours later just in case anyone got lost. If you show your layout and tell them where you want to go, the owners will most likely be happy to help you.

2. Buy whatever you lay your eyes on and don't think about comparing prices or check out other stalls first. You will most likely unable to locate the store again. Even you can locate it, you probably run out of money or is too tired to buy. XD

3. It can be quite hot so if you are not a person who loves the sun, shop more in Platinum Mall cause Jatujak can make you worn out pretty fast.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are going to Taipei!!

I'm going to Taipei!!!!!! For FREE!!!!!!!!!!

My sister won us two free AirAsia flight tickets to Taipei and guess who she is bringing??? The girl she kicked at the butt and said, "Hungry ar? Fatty ar??" this morning. Yes, that person is none other than her room mate a.k.a ME!!!!!

She wrote in for the contest to win free tickets to Taipei and received an email that she won!!! We were practically jumping up and down shouting 'YES YES YES!!!!! Taipei Taipei Taipei.

So happy!!! Finally, I'm going to Taipei!!!!!! Go and give that small girl (in size) a big hug and congratulate her for being such a smart ass sister!!!!!

She blogs at .

- Nang my post if you are a nuffnanger. XD

- Nang Pao's post if you are a nuffnanger. XD

Bangkok Adventure Begins

Note: Teehee, the adventure I mean is shopping adventure. Not the stuff-head-into-crocodile's-mouth or eat-those-yucky-stuff kinda adventure. =))

We were jet lagged since the day we reached till the day we left. KAKA. Though the time difference is just by an hour. We will sleep at 10.30 or about 11.00++ and wake at like 6am or 6.30am and eat our breakfast at like 8.00a.m. Not kia su ok? Usually mum wakes the earliest, even at home, so she'll be up at like 5+.

#1. Happy people eating breakfast together. Honestly, we rarely sit down together, all four of us, eating breakfast or stuff like that cause we wakes up at different times. This trip was also the first time our whole family actually do things together and spend lots of time together.

#2. On the way to Platinum Mall.

Platinum Mall is not that near to our hotel so we actually had to walk to the MTR station, take the MTR and then walk a bit more *because we wanted to walk on the streets a little* before taking a taxi to that place. We wanted to walk to Platinum Mall from the station we stopped at but luckily we didn't cause it's freaking far.

Their MTR uses token as shown on the bottom left corner of the picture (where I show a hand a few black stuff on it). XD Our first ride on the MTR and only yours truly tapped the coin on the correct place. Imagine that I passed that gate and saw my sisters and mum keep knocking on the screen. Sigh. Totally showed them that we are first-timers.

#3. At Platinum mall.

Platinum Mall is like shopping haven la. Just the other day I watched on Astro, one of the person in-charge there said, in order to finish walking all the shops, you need 2 days. Madness, half a day and I gave my legs to the mall already.

That top right hand corner picture, the wok with pork, famous there I think. We had two times and yummeh!!! Price wise, it's not that cheap though. About THB40/plate for most of their food.

#4. Bird Nest delight. THB 500 each. We were told to try them by our friends so try we did. =) Yummy. Remember those times I had to eat the sisa from other people because we were poor like that.

After shopping at Platinum and having our first ice-cream at Swenson (means the first in Swenson, not the first in that trip), we went to China Town. It was because we were told that we can get some goodies as souvenirs. Think cashew nuts, anchovies and other delicacies. To our disappointment, there's none!! It's more like a market like place and we were there too early so we did not really get to try the street food there.

#5. China Town continues. Though did not find the souvenirs, we had fun looking at things they sell. (But we can get it here too. So...)

HAHA top right, too dusty, Jie close her mouth. XD So cute, like very gam tung reach China Town already. Actually the tiny picture, one of it is of me, Jie and mummy being offered to try some plum. I tell you, DON'T EAU LO (GREEDY). Super sour okay? Sigh, why were we so greedy?? Why??

It's also why I fell sick few days ago. Pao was having sore throat and mummy made her honey lemon juice. I drank hers because I am greedy like that want to know how it taste like. So I got sore throat too. T______T

#6. While we were there, we tried their dim sum too. We were told to try dim sum at China Town so try we did. I still wished we tried the streets one instead of the restaurant one though.

L-R top: Sweet dumpling (with lots of ingredients from the savoury one, so different from ours),me looking curious, egg tart, siew mai.

L-R bottom: Me eating with mouth senget, me staring greedily at the food, wan tan mee, fried noodles.

#7. Taken at the MTR station to go back to our hotel

After finished eating, we decided to go back early, get some massage and eat some 7-11 sausages.

Had satisfying foot, neck and shoulder massage at THB450/per person (mummy treat). Then we walked over to the 7-11 opposite our hotel and bought some sausages as supper.

Important points
1. Get a good foot massage after a long day of shopping is just the most satisfying feeling ever. It helps you to get your feet back to it's original energy to walk more the next day.

2. Do not tell them to go soft because you are first-timer as soon as you go in there or it'll not be enough to make ur feet feel better. Tell them only when you cannot stand the pain.

3. Try their 7-11 sausages. Damn yummy. Their things in 7-11 are quite cheap, sometimes cheaper than the malls, so you can buy your things there. There 7-11 is also a must visit because it is different from ours, much more interesting.

4. Start your day early, you'll never regret it.

5. Platinum Mall is one of the MUST GO when you visit Bangkok because you can really buy a lot from there. RM25 shorts in Sungei Wang is just THB100 / RM10 in Platinum Mall.

6. Things in Platinum Mall is said to be cheaper than the ones in Jatujak because seller in Jatujak take their stock from Platinum Mall.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I WON I WON!!!! Remember the post I put up few weeks back?

I won the mother and daughter look alike contest!!!!!! So as stated in the attachment, I will get DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 50ml fragrance worth RM215. So happy!!!!!!!! =)) Yay yay yay. Mummy, we DO look alike. XD

Monday, May 25, 2009

A peek into the trip to Bangkok

I'm going to do it a picture post and try to type as little as possible. Cancelled out cause failed miserably.

#1. A collection of photos of us in Penang International Airport. The middle one is our tour guide for this trip from Hot Babes Travel Agency. She's in charge of the flight tickets and bring us around (with the help of free maps from Bangkok Airport.).

Asst. Travel Agent is me who is supposed to prepare the itinerary and also to assist the travel agent.

Traveller 1 is in charge of having fun.

Traveller 2 is in charge of the bills, hotel and having fun. XD

#2. Because we were going by AirAsia, we had some small makan-makan session at McD before we boarded the plane. Look at the choo-choo mouths. HAHAHA. I don't know what happened.

#3. We reached Bangkok Airport at about 5.45p.m. their time. We took a individual picture with that statue. If you can see clearer picture, it's us showing very serious face.

Last picture is the travel agent and assistant doing the 'YES' pose that we did during our past trip to Pangkor.

#4. Maps we took from the airport. We grabbed as many different maps as possible (Penangites on the loose) and it proved to be a good move as some of the maps are not as user-friendly. We proceeded to take the taxi (outside) which cost us about RM30 in total. (The airport limousine one wanted to charge us RM30 per person okay?)

#5. Checked in and rested a while before going out to look for food. We were so hungry and was too lazy to walk further to try our luck on finding more food choices. So we went to one of the seafood kopitiam we saw opposite our hotel.

#6. Our food. Char Hor Fun, tomyam, fried rice. We actually ordered another dish which is the fried mix vege but it came very much later so we did not take picture of it. The Char Hor Fun is not like ours where the hor fun is rather smooth. Their's rather sticky as they kind of like deep fry it until it's very crunchy and berketul-ketul first before mixing the gravy.

Communicating at the kopitiam was a huge problem but it was alright. We enjoyed our food.

#7. When empty tummies has been filled, we walked further and found fruits, glorious food. In the last picture, you'll see our traveller #1 busy opening her pouch bag to grab some money as she's met her first love, the rambutan. She was happy, so she's done her job (which is to be happy).Finally we reached the mall we saw on the way to our hotel, the Robinson mall. So we went in and bought some cakes and ice-cream and walked around. The ice-cream looks very cute. That's why we bought it. HAHA. I think the amount of ice-cream I ate during this trip (beginning from Penang Airport) is more than the amount of ice-cream I ate the whole year.

Last two pictures are of me in the Tuk-Tuk. This one is so different from the one in Hatyaai. That's the last time I took a Tuk-Tuk during this trip. It was a scary, fast, and cooling experience and I really mean scary, fast and cooling. It's more expensive than taking a taxi for the four of us though. It costs us Rm2.50 per person. However, you really should try it, even if it's just once. (My attempt to make everyone else suffer the traumatizing but valuable experience. It just goes on to prove that Penang drivers are not the worst.)

That's day 1. =))

Important Point 1.
When you reach BKK airport, grab as many free maps as possible. They come in handy throughout the whole trip. =))

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My laptop is acting up on me again and I've lost the mood to blog about Bangkok. Maybe later, maybe during the weekdays. I don't know, I've become lazy to update my blog. It's ok though, cause I don't have much reader so I guess it won't affect much.

So, if you are still very kind to drop by, sorry, the blogger is not in the mood to update blog because she's sick and she's a very moody writer. =))

/stomps off to be moody again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have to learn to appreciate

I am about to complain on the lack of productivity during my holidays that I am sure I will truly appreciate once I am back to USM. Let me be a normal human and complain okay?

I've been playing Bejeweled 1000 times a day with lousy marks every day.


Get me one will ya?

KL sayangs are going back to KL already and that budak Sabah is going back to Sabah also.

Sigh. I shall not complain cause I'm at home. Just the other day while I was complaining, my eldest sister asked me, 'You want to go back USM is it?' Chieh. Whine a bit only ma. Cannot meh? *mumble mumble*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My sis and I were walking around the Robinson Mall's food court when we were in Bangkok. We were there to have our dinner.

Then I spotted something. They name their shop Papaya Pok Pok. Being the dirty minded one, I even dropped my duty to look for food and ran over to tell my eldest sis. Sigh. Why are we like that? She said she saw it the day before already but she did not tell me.

Pok Pok is a more decent (can private parts be decent?) word for a girl's private part. More like what you'll tell a small girl. And Papaya Pok Pok is actually papaya kerabu. Does that make the mango kerabu we had Mango Pok Pok???

ps: Mango Pok Pok (if exist) really taste good worrrr. Ok, sounds wrong.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a standout in life

Or at least during my guiding life. Don't believe me? I'll tell you what I did during my guiding life.
During my first camp which was held by my own school, I was actually the Queen in our sketch although the Queen usually appear in a few parts only because everyone prefers to see the princess more. I was the mother of Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/Cinderella *all roll into one*.

The first scene was me wearing the pregnant lady's gown without stuffing any pillow because I've got a natural big tummy (with no baby inside). Then I was to lie down on the grass, and GIVE BIRTH! In front of hundreds of eyes. And there I was in the middle of the field, shouting 'PULL' when the rest shouting 'PUSH'. Don't ask me why, it was in the script.

See? I was a standout even when I was in Form One okay? What? Not standout enough ar? I was not at any random field okay? I was at Youth Park (a public park where Penangites go for their walks). So basically, apart from the girl guides from my school, there are many other people who were there exercising, staring at me. I bet you would too if you saw a girl in the middle of a park, shouting 'PULL' with her legs opened wide (wear pants inside).

I later found out that I was probably made the queen because of my natural tummy. T________T What is this??? AM I JUST A JOKE TO EVERYONE?? HUH??? HUH??? ADA???

Then I went to another camp the following year. It was a combine camp with another school- an all boys school (PFS). As I was like a boy, fat, short and got hideous hairstyle with spectacles too small for my face, I did not exactly stood out. Well, I grew my hair longer now with spectacles that fit my face and am more ladylike now. I am still fat and short.

Anyway, because of my outlook, I was shocked when they chose me to act in the sketch. /skips around while whistling. My scene was that I will walk out and they will play 'Pretty Woman'. Imagine, PRETTY WOMAN!! Stand out or not? Of all the pretty girls in the group, I was made the 'actress'.

I soon found out that once I walked out with the song playing behind, the song will stop abruptly.Then I was supposed to open my 'skirt' (I wore jeans inside) and pretend to flash to the actor and then the song 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman' by Britney Spears will be played.

Apparently I was supposed to be a boy, dressing up as a girl. Hence the flashing part (to show him my true identity) and the main actor will get scared and vomit or something (I forgot) T_________T Stand out or not? Everyone will forget about that pretty actress or that handsome actor but everyone will remember that FLASHER. AM I JUST A JOKE??? HUH??? HUH???

Sigh. See, I stand out in my life. I later decided no more sketch because I've decided that I stood out enough.


Do I standout enough??? HUH??? HUH??? ADA??? *don't make a pregnant lady (though fake one) angry.

This post is written to get passes to

Date : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout

Friday, May 15, 2009


Woke up slightly too early this morning (read: 8.15a.m.) -.-" So have been walking around the house, doing final check on my bag, and talking to sister.

Wheeee.. Bangkok, here I come.. =)) Don't miss me. Will be back even before you realize I'm gone.

Gonna have so much fun with people I love. Have a strawberri-ful weekend my fellow readers. =))

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm leaving on AirAsia

Yes, I'm travelling again. It has been a year since I last left Malaysia and this time we are going somewhere nearer. We are going to Bangkok. Despite all the flu everywhere, we are still going and keeping our fingers cross. =x

It'll be a splendid time with the shopping and all. Therefore, this blog will not be updated until I got back because I don't have much material with me to blog anyways. If I had enough material or stuff to blog, I would have schedule an update but well. Don't have. =s

I'll try to work something out so do check this site if you are free and got nothing to do ok? =))

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do people change?

Love you girls and errr... guys? XD

Anyway, it has been such a longggggggg time since I've last met Joel or June. So I'm glad that we still talk like we used to and everyone seems to be like last time. I mean the minor minor characteristics that made us great friends.

Missing: Su Ling (toothache), Hooi Shan (UK), Ju-Yen (tired from work), Sharifah (got exam)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Salsas, cooking with all senses

I would say this place's motto should add the words I put there, 'Cooking With all Senses, Service with NO senses' probably cause they put all their senses on their cooking.

I was told that when my friend wanted to make a reservation, the people there told her that we will have to choose two items from their RM13.90 range, two from RM15.90 and so on because we are in a big group. Excuse me? Have you been to such restaurant that they limit you to what you can order despite having all the ingredients for everything in the menu? Apparently they say if we order from the vast selection on the menu, we have to wait for a long time.

And the cocky waiter told us that we cannot have salad *although it's clearly stated there that we can choose and they clearly serves salad* just because we have more than 10 people there. I guess to make their job easier. HELLO?? Service ini macam ker?

And then he said he can make one exception because I was like. WHY NOT? Then I ordered for myself and my sister because she asked me to. We do that all the time right? However, in this HIGH CLASS place, you are not supposed to do that okay? Because that so-called pro waiter *with his slang English* looked at me as though I'm idiot and asked, 'Wait, so who is having the beef and who is having the spaghetti' So we said it's okay, we are sharing anyway. Apparently he was writing down the orders on a paper where he has already labelled who is having what.

Then I thought, probably it'll make it easier for him to serve later on. NOT. The only useful part of that paper was he knew which cutlery to change. Then he carried all the food out and started asking who ordered A? Who ordered B? ala kopitiam. Seriously, the waiter has attitude problem and the service is really lacking.

Despite having terrible service, the food was okay and kinda cheap. Wait, it was free. One of our CG member belanja-ed us.

The said salad. Corn yum yum.

My beef Schnitzel which was actually yummeh and I lick the plate clean.

When I was posing for this, my friends laughed at me and asked another boy to pose with his food. He was puzzled. Poor boy, never encountered such people. =P

Pao's seafood spaghetti which was exceptionally humongous and no, we did not lick this clean because it's really too much.

Finally the yummeh dessert that comes in three for everyone. So good!!!! I mean I've never had such dessert where each person get 3 types. It's yummy and I actually enjoyed it after I got over that earlier incident.

I would give it 3/5 for the food because Pao's seafood spaghetti was not exactly good. But that beef was quite good. So, + -. I love the salad, and the dessert and the soup was okay. The drinks was ok. Price wise,RM13.90++ for each set which is kind of cheap since the portion is big.

Service wise, never been to one that is worst that this. Champion. =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

A day at Kawan

We left home at about 8.30 a.m and got there about 8.55a.m. After mingling around, we went to fix the OHP for our worship later. My sis and I were supposed to lead the worship and we sang wonderful Hokkien songs.

Kawan, friends and that's what they are to the homeless people on the streets. This place is actually established to help those homeless people by providing them place to bathe and change their clothes and also provide them lunch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturday morning, they can come over for mandi, listen to Hokkien sermon and have light breakfast. However, on Saturdays, not only homeless people will be there but also people who are poor or people who wants to attend Hokkien sermon.

See? =)) Ta-da. The place and time. It's right opposite Love Lane Inn which to me was a very good landmark to direct people there because it's so pinkish red.

That's me posing with the beautifully painted wall. I wonder who did all these but they are really beautiful artwork.

My lovely sister who can speak good hokkien and translate them into good BM. T_T I ought to be ashamed of myself.

Cheryl, me and Pao. Cheryl was kind enough to join us in front to lead the worship because my sister and I are hopeless like that. Wait a minute, I was the only hopeless one. Pao was my heroine of the day. =))

Pointing at my blog link or Kawan?? XD After the sermon and serving the people there with food, we mingled around and took more pictures. I had fun although I did not talk much to the people just because I don't know what to say.

A bunch of happy people from my church. Wherever they go, they seem to be so happy and chirpy and fun. =P Unlike my sis and I who always try to slip out of the place and run home. Why are we anti-social like that?

We left Kawan at about 11.30a.m. and went to Salsas to have our lunch. Two of our CG members are going off to Tanzania on a missionary trip so this is kind of like a farewell lunch and also just to makan and satisfy our tummy needs.

Salsas deserve a new blog post altogether because it'll be too lengthy and draggy if it's put in this post. But I assure you, it deserves a whole new post altogether. You'll find out why.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is how you celebrate Datin's birthday

With lotsa good food!!!! She insisted that we go to Foong Wei for her birthday dinner. As birthday girls always WIN, we went there last Wednesday. I get to pamper my tastebud and my seriously-don't-need-anymore-pampering tummy.

The two daughter with their mummy. Look at my mum (labelled as Ah Chern) and the Datin. HA-HA. No teeth one eat kacang look alike one I tell you. XD I'll take mine when I'm their age and toothless. =P

First up was this yummilicious Shark's Fin. I can never say No to a good bowl of Shark's Fin. Seriously. I can pass anything but not Shark's Fin. What I really love about this bowl of Shark's Fin is that the crab!! Gosh, it has huge huge chunks of crab meat and it's just very thick, rich and yummy. It's not like those you have at wedding dinner, very diluted and all. This is DA BOMB.

That explains why I gobbled down two bowls even before the rice was served.

Chun pia. It's good. I mean I like it but I really couldn't eat much since I've gobbled down two bowls of super good Shark's Fin. I would say it's a good chun pia but I cannot tell you how good it is because all I remember was their super good Shark's Fin and my very satisfied tummy.

Curry fish not-the-head. It's slices of fish. But yums. I'm a fan of curry with ladies fingers and tomatoes!!!!! Fine, I'm a fan of tomatoes. =P I ate a little of the curry because I cannot stomach anymore rice so I left the curry untouched. Just had the tomatoes, ladies fingers and fish. I did ate a spoon of rice just to be fair to the curry. =)

The table of food. There's two more dishes that I did not manage to take a close-up picture. One is that green plate of vege (their famous dish which I did not really like. Probably cause I was too full already) and their tofu (also their famous dish) with huge chunks of crab meat again. Totally crab meat overdose. I am okay with the tofu only because I was really very full after the Shark's Fin that I cannot enjoy much of the food anymore.

But this is different. My all time favourite (and much more affordable) sweet and sour/plum sauce chicken. YUMMY!!!!! Datin grandmama loved it too. She was a happy birthday girl (pun intended). She was eating so much you thought she starved herself the entire day for this.

Me and Sun, my cousin's gf. My cousin is away in UK so she joined us.

What's a birthday without birthday mee? For the old people of course. I think youngsters don't mind if there's birthday mee or not as long as there's birthday cake. =P So I guess we've adopted the Western style into our daily life.

**Birthday Mee is Lam Mee. However, to differentiate them, Birthday Mee has shredded orange and yellow coloured fried eggs sprinkled generously on it.

To dip into our dessert!!!

For desert we had 'Fa Sang Woo'. I've always loved 'Fa Sang Woo' with that sweet cake to dip in it. However it can be too filling and you'll get jelak of it because it is too creamy. You can never have a second bowl.

I love their service there as they will offer to change the bowls and all if I ask them, eh, is this one dirty or is this one chipped? I think it's a great place to bring your family (especially older generation with fussy tastebuds). It can be rather packed on weekends though as it is very famous. Go early to avoid disappointment.

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant is located at:
23 & 25 Jalan Sri Bahari
10050 Penang
Tel: 04-2611 918

****ps: I was looking at some website and they actually offer break-up messages to be downloaded. WHAT IS THIS MAN....Nonsense.
Visit for nice dresses.