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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I iz dark chocolate

Holiday was fun! I did my work the first week and play like mad the second. Seriously, one whole week of going out, having fun to the point, I feel tired =P

I gave my friend my hard disk so I can't post pictures. Pictures will be added later.

I went Redbox with friends, had apartment stay like good ol' days, took 1000 pictures, had 3 steamboats in 6 days, then had our much-craving-for mango crepe, went for a swim at 11.30am-damn stupid I know keke, went out with someone for the whole day and had fun, went Hat Yai and shop to my heart's content. Life is good. =) Met Diana TWICE in Hat Yai, super got jodoh can kahwin already if she's a guy. =P

Came back, settled some more work, by next Monday I should be sending in most of my work and starting to relax a little. Still have a few that's due end of October so I have time to get my work done. So fast, I'm finishing my 3rd year first sem. Crazy isn't it? But it has been a wonderful roller coaster ride. Many unexpected things happened and I'm glad it happened.

Got darker and darker. Now I'm no longer white chocolate + milky chocolate. I'm more like dark chocolate. All thanks to the walking in uni, taking insanely lots of pictures on the beach, swimming at 11.30am, I KNOW, what was I thinking? So now, I iz orh kia, mummy say one.

It's true that we plan but God decides. He knows what He wants in our lives and we live each day, surrendering everything to Him cause He knows best. And God, if this is Your plan, i like. =P

Uni is great, few more weeks to finishing this semester and I'm a bit reluctant for it to end so quickly. Time flies when you are happy...or maybe when you are busy =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Experiment #1

Guess what? I dyed my hair. With Liese, Chestnut Brown.

Am waiting to see the effect. Can't wait. Waiting for my turn to wash my hair.

My first time of dyeing my hair. It's quite fun and best of all? It's FREE. Sponsored by the sister who colours her with Glossy Brown.

Update more tomorrow or something.

Lots of plans lined up for next week. But assignment not finish. Will work hard tonight so that I can enjoy tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Clinic Cafe with Emmoes

So there's this clinic concept cafe in Gurney Plaza and we decided to pay it a visit since Emmoes are visual beings. We don't mind if the food is just normal, we want the environment. Also to camwhore la. So we went. Diana was er...a bit late and I was practically starving so the food was acceptable to me.

This is Hooi Shan's Tom Yam Bee Hoon. It was spicy to me. But it's still acceptable. They serve their food in this metal container which people use in hospitals during surgery.

Hooi Shan's Tom Yam Bee Hoon, June's Black Pepper Spagheti and Ling Ling's Tom Yam Fried Rice. All super spicy to me. T_T I no goods in eating spicy food.

All the food comes with this tiny little flag and I was telling them, 'Amboi happy posing all, but when PBSM ask to donate, run far far =P'.

As the value of this place is the place itself, we took lots of pictures which I believe will be more if Swee Win comes back to join us.

We got a syringe of....blood...No la, chili sauce. And I purposely ordered the 'money bag' to get this syringe of chili sauce. =P /shy I is like that la. But we get to camwhore with this thing so all is well. Worth the money paid. Nom nom nom.

Me and our (shared with Diana) fried rice I forgot what we ordered. -.-"
The awesome-possum light. Needs to do some surgery now *mask on, coat on* Cuts open....the chicken.

Love the girls.

Our drinks in this...beaker. =P My Chemistry super fail. Forgot all the names for these things already.

And the most important one, Hooi Shan... <3

I would say this place is worth a second visit. For the environment cause a lot of them weren't around to join us. And the food is alright. Not like super good but it's good enough. Besides, the last trip, someone paid for us. Like drama kan? You know you and your giggly girl friends go makan, then walk to the counter to pay.

 Cashier: Thank you.
You: How much?
Cashier: No, it's paid for.
You: Huh? What do you mean?
Cashier: Someone paid for you already.
You: No no no, you got the wrong table.
Cashier: No, that person said he/she is your friend. Paid for you already.
You: No, no, I don't have a friend. I think you've made a mistake.
Friends: Sure it's table 25?
Cashier: Yep, table 25.
Friends + you: *Puzzled* okay. Thanks.

*runs in case they realized it's wrong table* KIDDING. =) Friend's friend paid for us. No secret admirer at work here. Sien. Drama Queen wants more drama. *taps finger on the table*

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Are you sure?

It's happening again. I unconciously leaning on another wall, a man-made wall. Not very wise? I think so too.

Need to go back to the real wall who'll not crumble on me. Who knows exactly how to build me up and knows exactly what He wants me to be. A wall who is SURE of what He is doing and not just leading me around the bush.

Holiday has been...slow. I mean the time passes fast, work progress slow. And I have my WHOLE next week fully booked. So really, I don't know if I can finish my work. Doing bits by bits but tonight I have to finish something and I got it...50% done.

Tomorrow more work to settle. All my 'plans' are re-arranged so that I can finish more work in a day. Cross fingers that everything works well. I really want to hang out next week. *kill all lazy bugs*

Anyways, got my sis to cut my hair two days ago. When she was done, she said, uh-oh. Scare the crap out of me. Ok la, not too bad la. I was traumatized earlier okay?

With specs

And without

Not a very safe thing to be let roaming on the street. Almost got sister killed because I did not see the car reversing beside me and just zoomed past. Thank God I'm okay. Must remember to pray before I drive next time.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guess who is going to Hat Yai?

*wave* Yep, it's me.

Happy gila, cannot sleep, keep smiling, clap hands under the table, brain unconciously planning what to buy and what to do and what to eat, fingers dancing on the keyboard and heart fluttering like butterflies.

That's how happy I am. I probably bugged like lots of people that I want to go and how everyone get to go but me. Everytime I found out someone is going to Hat Yai, I'll go on a texting frenzy and whined to everyone close to me how unfair it is that I was so looking forward to going but everyone is going but me.

So I bet my friends are like so relieved now. =) Excited, can't sleep, can't stop smiling, clapping hands under the table, hearts feels warm and fuzzy. People would have thought I met my prince charming but no, all for the love of Hat Yai, cheap shopping, good food and night market.

fuzzy muzzy lalala... Hot babes travel agency back in action. =)

Me at Clinic Cafe

By the way, I drove home on Saturday. =) ALONE. *big grin* /proud

Friday, September 03, 2010

Holiday starts

And it rains this morning. On the first day of my holiday. How lovely is that?

However, there's a few note to self that I must remember.

Do not be lazy.
Do not eat so much.
Do not sleep so much.
Do not sit in front of laptop whole day.
Get a healthy life since I move less at home.

Pray hard that I don't gain back the weight I painstakely lost the past few weeks. Ok la, not exactly painstakely la since I come back every week and got amazed that I lost some weight. But still, it's so much easier to put back on all the weight that losing it.

Note to self, when I start working, I MUST JOIN GYM.

First week will be spent finishing up my work so that the second week of holiday I can spend it hanging out with friends. *tap fingers on the table* Waiting for someone to come back. =) You know who you are so get your butt back soon or we'll go out without you! No la, tak sampai hati. Heh, we think of you 24/7 okay? Excited with plans so win, come back quick.
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