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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Insane yo-yo price

Isn't it always the same case during festive seasons? We see prices hike up so fast and drop just as fast. You will see things like CNY deco at darn expensive prices. Of course you see those 3 for RM10 ones too but seriously, do you really really like the design and quality?

I've come across some decorations that cost RM20 for that one red deco. Yea, so you can decorate your entire house with ONE decoration cause it's so expensive. We just moved into our house few days before Christmas last year. Though we eyed on christmas trees, both big and small ones, we knew we won't have the chance to buy it that very year.

One day after Christmas, which was the boxing day, the price of that very same tree we saw was on a discount. A 70% discount!!! I urged my sisters to get some small decorations cause they will definitely cost bomb next year. They refused to. And the following day, no more christmas stuff. It was all Chinese New Year stuff.

We managed to buy a white Christmas tree alike to use as our earring hanger and it was about RM11 only compared to RM60 earlier. Everyone loved it.

Anyway, I just found out that they have this special name for Monday after Thanksgiving which is called cybermonday. If I am not mistaken, the day after Thanksgiving is called
black friday. People in US buy Christmas presents on both days because things are cheaper then. It is afterall a day after Thanksgiving which is also a big festival in US. If that is not enough, cybermonday is offering presents at cheaper price with great offers. They give special offers and they even update the consumers on latest products and such. It's much convenient isn't it? For those who do not have time to go around the shopping mall, fighting with 500 other people for Christmas presents. Besides, who doesn't like special offers? And you get to do it at the comfort of your own house.

This site let people purchase Cyber Monday items online and features discounts and sales that various merchants are offering.They also offer email alerts that let you know when new cyber monday sales have been posted.

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