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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Super no sporting

Make Malaysia sia sui only. One handsome but scared another handsome one win him, another one not cute at all but scared the handsome one win him. All kia su people to extreme. Like this don't go competition la, stay at home sing in the toilet. Like this boikot people. So teruk can?

And the host, where got people so brainless do such thing one? Show the news in front of all four of them and ask the victim's feeling in front of them. Beh song also dare not say la. Siao one. I don't care if you people say I shallow but I root for Adrian and Will. With attitude like the other two, give you contract also wasted nia. No sporting at all.

My blog can't show the video in full screen. To see it in full screen, click here, go to the fourth part.

The video is of Project Superstar contestants la. Somehow one of them namely Adrian got isolated because they don't think he deserves to be in top spot. To be honest, this singer got higher marks than Eddie lor. I wonder why they think Eddie is much more a worthy contestant. Anyway, they kind of boikot him like leaving him eating alone during break, letting him standing alone at the side, like dumb like that while taking pictures.

Even if it's because he has this habit of isolating himself when he feels people don't like him, you guys are all he has in that competition. At least show some concern. And stop being a sissy by bitching of him on screen lor. And he has to go, "I don't mind, seriously. I am fine." And these two guys are seriously hating him for God knows what reason. It's not like in MDG where we get to listen to people bitching all the time. But I think it's kind of mean la to make him eat alone and like bodoh like that. Even MDG's girls don't isolate Cindy and leave her alone like that. Imagine, having 7 people in a gang against you alone. I would have given up and packed my bag to home where people loves and cares about me.

The show is every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30p.m on 8tv. Watch to see which is Adrian if you want to. The two bitching sissies are Hao(not cute) and Eddie (cute but damn lansi) I hate people discriminating another person like that.

ps: I don't know is it another reality show tricks but it doesn't seem like it. Or the other two won't want to be the bad guy. Especially live.

According to my sister, since 7 people are against one, it's definitely the one person that has attitude problem. But then still feel kesian when watch the video. I guess I initially also don't like Hao and I think Eddie is rather cocky, that adds to me thinking Adrian is the sole victim. I do not think that Adrian is not at wrong but all these years, there's never a situation like this happen before. This is the 3rd season of Superstar and I've never seen the contestants not liking one another. They are like friends lor. I don't know what happened in this season. Will is kind of alright though. It might be fault of both parties la. Entah-lah.


Anonymous said...

lets vote for Adrian
everyone is just jealous because Adrian has the look and the talent
i really hope that Adrian is not too sad and can still deliver his best performance to us...
Adrian's characteristics can be an example for everyone...
he is really brave...
i salute him..
now all we can do is to vote for him
prove to everyone esp the 2 fellow that he is better than them

sHaN sHaN said...

relax ping... chill ping... lol...
btw i still didn't do ur tag...y la tag

Mrs Chong said...

cuz we all need to make ourselves feel good once in a while... =) Do it when u need something to lift u up ok? i miss has been days since i last talked to you...

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