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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Goodbye kurus-kurus hamster.

He was one health-concious hamster.

He did not like to eat a lot and enjoyed exercising.

Hari-hari tak makan and run on the wheels only.

I suspect the hamster died of aneroxia. Lack of nutrient or probably due to excessive exercise.

His owner suspect that he probably stop eating because his partner, fat fat one, died of, er....obesity.

He must have stopped eating because he saw how his partner died and did not want to die the same way.

Anyway, this is to tell you that excessive eating or excessive exercise will both lead to death.

Do things moderately.

Finally, good bye hamster. T.T Wah Keong is crying. Kesian.

The one in the plastic bowl don't know sudah k.o ker..kaka.. So cute!!!!

I should go for evening walk again tomorrow. I don't want to share the same fate as the first hamster. T.T =P


ps: If the above is not enough to make you feel sympathy for that hamster, he died on the wheel, probably got heart attack when he was doing his usual exercise. T.T Imagine dying on a treadmill!!!! That's sad. You hard core exercise "machine", do things moderately okay?

I assume it KO-ed like that. See, for legs up. So kesian.


Anonymous said...

dont curi my photo..wakaka

Mrs Chong said...

u send to me one. T.T bullier

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