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Monday, April 14, 2008

SEO and programming website

SEO stands for search engine optimization. I bought this book about how to earn money from blogging and it states something about SEO. I read from another website where SEO is the main topic. I know that we need to learn SEO so that we know which words to use as our title and thus increase the percentage of people getting to our blog while searching for stuff they want. This means it'll help to increase our unique visits and if the readers link us and return to read more, our PR increases. SEO is like a way we advertise our own blog.

Anyway, this blogger mentioned that every page has it's own Page Rank or PR. Now this is new to me. I do not know how to bring people to link me up other than promoting my own blog everywhere. However, this blogger seems to know how to increase PR. I know all bloggers who wants to earn some side income would definitely love higher PR.

This website certain teaches us how to increase our PR and I think it's pretty informative. I am hopping there now to learn a trick or two and seriously, you should have a look. He will teach you how to do the
pagerank calculation. Follow closely and you might be able to get it. =)

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