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Saturday, April 05, 2008


I am going to put this at the side of my blog and if I ever gonna think that I am lonely or I got no friends or people don't love me, I am gonna come in here, read this and slap myself till I wake. I will not post the outing with Diana, Yi Lin, Swee Win and Kevin, Yuh Jen and myself today. Tired. I spent 11 hours in Gurney okay?

Anyway, remember I mentioned CJ7 plushie on my wishlist? Well, if you can guess it right, I GOT IT LOR!!!!!!!! And it was given to me when I did not realize it and I was surprised la.

I wanted to have the Baby-G watch so much, I even went to ask for the price again in Gurney today. It was the second time I saw the watch. Anyway, I decided to get it once I got the money.

Sis came and fetch me after my 9p.m movie and I got into the car. Damn cramp la I tell you. So second sis was holding a big big plastic bag and they went Prangin earlier, so understandable la. Girls=Shopping. Anyway, second sis insisted that I hold it although it's very big and I had to la. I was very tired and was talking so much in the car. Yes, I am such a chatter box.

Then eldest sis ask me to see what she bought. I opened and ta-da, CJ7 plushie. And it's not even the tiny one that I aimed for. I wanted just a small one because a big one will cost a fortune. And they got me a super huge one. I am such a lucky girl!!!

When I got home, I helped my eldest sis to install the new magazine rack. Then I got into my room and my sis asked me why I let my "chat zai" on the bed so fast. I did not. It was in a plastic bag. I sat on the bed, all tired, wanting to sleep, FAST, before I saw a red paper bag. It says, "Time Planet." I go, "OH MY GOD!!!" It's exactly the model I wanted, and it's even nicer now it's mine. =P I love it so so so much!!!

I always complain I am not loved and stuff and no, I am not going to say I am very much loved just because I get presents on my birthday, the ones I want too. But I am going to tell you how much I am being spoilt and loved. It is also to remind me that I am a very lucky girl and that when I am sad, I should read all these and be super thankful.

I always get kisses and hugs from my sisters and mother. Whether it's the 5 days trip to Singapore or the 3 days trip to KL, they will send me, give me kisses, call me and check on me, and even pay for my trip. I can still vividly remember one incident where a few of the girls from our trip did not make it back because they were drown. My family were there, waiting for me, and hugged me once I got off the bus. It was something I will make sure I remember for life. And they give me kisses and hugs for no apparent reasons too at times. Like I was onlining and suddenly they come, planting kisses on my cheek. I love being spoilt like this.

And they often tell me that I am pretty, though I suppose they know, liars go to hell. They better be telling the truth. =p Ya la, they are the people who gives me the motivation that I am pretty, just need some er....reduction. Lol.

I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: Will post up clear pictures of the presents when I get them all. I am going to parade with the watch on my hand tomorrow!!!


aL said...

huwah! happy birthday wor ;)

may all ur dreams come true ya! enjoy.

Dom. said...


Not everyone gets what they wish for for birthdays.. U're 1 in a million lucky girl..

Nux V said...

happy b'day! cool blog u hav!

Anonymous said...

woahh so nice...
i want put "hints" on my blog for my sister to read..xD haha..

Mrs Chong said...

al: thank you..hee bang will come true la..

dom: Thanks. I am one lucky lucky girl.

nux v: thanks.

jen: lol, hint hint. I do that every year

sHaN sHaN said...

Wah someone gt new watch d... at last u gt a watch that u wants... beh tong nia... ho mia betul gt 2 sis n mum

anyway gal, happy birthday in advance!!!

PS: don't be so sad over the twoo jelo...hehe....

Mrs Chong said...

shan: thanks... =) yea...loving that watch..some more S.H.E endorse mia...but it's Hebe's style, not Ella's. Nvm, still like

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