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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Resolution

I've stopped keeping a list of resolution because seriously, NOTHING WORKS FOR A LAZY ME. Nothing can motivate me to move an inch. Not even a naggy boyfriend. But because I am turning 24 #gasps the horror, I need to be serious for JUST ONE TIME. And I know how this blogpost will come biting me in the buttock when Daniel reads it.

So resolution for 2012.

1. to actually remember to do my devotion daily.

2. Buy less, earn more.

3. Be serious and persistent in what I am doing be it my small business or my studies.

4. Be less critical about things around me, especially about what he does which ticks me off.

5. Cook more, bake more, sew more, read more.

6. Be grateful each an every day for God's providence.

7. Try to exercise. =P Daniel will push me nevertheless.

8. Be more positive and confident in life.

I think 8 is enough lest I get poked for every single thing I do. Now, I really should get some of my stuff done. =)

Lesson Learnt

Do not provoke a busy man.

Do not watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 at night (you will end up googling for the nearest nasi lemak stall.)

Do not buy too many things and then got lazy to do any of it.

/crawls to get some craft done. #lazy

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Singing to BSB songs because I told Daniel to play songs I know how to sing. De-stress. Assignment due date coming, still not motivated and clueless. T_T


Friday, December 16, 2011

Hotel Naza Y YOU NO?

If someone request to be removed from your mailing list, do you email that person and ask why?

Well, I'll tell you why. YOUR FOOD SUCKS!!!

I was complaining that night when I had your so-called 'Grilled and BBQ Buffet' with my RM24.90 Mydeal/Groupon (can't remember, they both had it) voucher. AND IT SUCKS! It sucks even more than the Haven Delight one that I went (this deserve another post altogether but the story was, the ones we ordered, did not come, the ones that came already, came a few times more. Service is darn messy.)

So I was okay about it already because I don't usually file complaints or say much. I usually whine and grumble on my own. I know, damn chicken. But then, I got pissed (yep, Ping Ping just got pissed) and I sent this email to that person like a boss.

I didn't want to give any feedback before this but there has been several emails sent to me promoting the buffet. I bought a Groupon voucher some time back and finally went for the buffet at your hotel on the 10th of December which was last Saturday. The was not much variety of food offered but I didn't mind. I was shocked to find out that there's no bread offered with the soup. But that's beside the point. The service given was excellent and the view was breathtaking but that's about it. The ready-cooked food offered was just 5 or 6 dishes, 3 out of which was bad. The butter rice has no butter taste in it, the mutton and the beef was practically tasteless and cold. I am the least picky about food but this was enough to turn me off. The hash brown was nice though.
Then I moved to the 'grilled corner' with just 4 grilled items offered (and it was supposed to be grilled and bbq buffet or something). It was okay although I did not have much appetite to continue. I moved to the dessert corner and found only two types of malay kuih and two types of cakes with other fruits. So I took a little of each. To my disappointment, the seri muka (which is my all time favourite) was tasteless. The glutinous rice was JUST glutinous rice. No taste to it. The fruits and cakes were okay. The ice-cream was awesome!!
So at the end of the day, my verdict was, only the fruits, cakes, ice-cream and hash brown were really edible. And to think that this buffet initially cost about RM50 and I bought it for RM25, I still feel cheated. Initially I thought I shouldn't expect too much since it's a groupon voucher that I was using but no, that thought is wrong. Even though I only paid RM25 for something that cost RM49.90, I should be served food with RM49.90 cause this is a promotion. I hope this feedback will help your hotel to improve.

See, I even ended it with a good note. /damn proud. And the email on the promotion of the buffet kept coming. So I emailed that lady, requesting to be removed from the mailing list. She replied asking me why I would want to be removed. T_T Your food sucks and YOU'VE BEEN SENDING ME THE SAME EMAIL FOR 5 4 TIMES AT LEAST. I marked as SPAM and did not reply.

Force people to rant it here one.

ps: Decided to forward the email.

Start again

It's so hard to start again after I stop. Doing my assignment that is. Starting a brand new day doing assignment IS HARD...For me. I need the momentum.

FEW MORE DAYS TO FREEDOM!! Can't smell it yet. But it's coming.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad time

The worst time to lau sai when you have assignment due next Tuesday and you are just doing the second part. -.-

But it's okay. All cleared now (my bowels, not my assignment). Can even eat Tau Hua like a boss.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I can haz Ipad2 for Christmas

This comes a little late but I am in denial, and looking for all ways possible to not do my assignment though I know I'm digging my own grave.

Daniel Chong bought me Ipad 2 for Christmas!!! That bugger who is always so stingy thrifty I mean, forked out over RM1.7k to buy something for me. He is always so thrifty when it comes to spending on himself but splurge all for me which makes me feel very bad cause I splurge more on myself than on him.

We have been filling our baby in with lots of apps. I clothed it with a brown leather and put on 'contact lense' (protective screen la) on it.

Buying me flowers, chicken soft toy, more flowers, more things. Basically he just made himself even more unpredictable. He has successfully scrape of that predictable mask and been keeping it off for some time after we got together. I need to buck up and be unpredictable too. I have been an annoying little pest, a lazy one at that, who refuses to do her work and wallows in self pity whole day. CRAP!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Waiting Room

I'm in the 'Waiting Room' of AirAsia. Just because I don't get to sleep cause I'm doing my assignment, I decided to join in the fun.

And I am listening (yes, listening) to How I met your mother. It's a tv series and because I am doing my assignment, we are just LISTENING to it. Damn sad.

But in the afternoon, I did a very happy thing. I SHOPPED!! Online. =) Then I got scared and ran to Daniel. I know, I'm weird. He is much calmer. Of course, not his money.

Oh well. Assignments are driving me crazy. I don't even know what I'm doing. I really need to get this over with.

Continue waiting.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Baked Mashed Potato

Got this idea from my CG friend.

It is SUPER easy to make.

You'll need:-

3 Potatoes (actually depending on how much you want to eat, I made 3, you can make 10. Just agak-agak.)
RM 2/3 minced meat (put more if you have more potatoes)
1 packet of Enoki Mushroom
Chopped garlic
Cheese (Parmesan / normal sliced cheese will do)
Butter (to mix with the potatoes)
Salt and pepper to taste

1. First, boil your potatoes.
2. At the same time, fry some chopped garlic. Put in the mince meat and Enoki Mushroom.
3. Put salt and pepper to taste.
4. Mashed your potatoes and mix in some butter.
5. Put your mince meat in a plate (suitable for baking) and put the mashed potato on top of it.
6. Line the cheese on top of the potato and bake till the cheese has melt.
7. Get ready your tummy for a yummilicious snack.

It's good, trust me. And SUPER EASY!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Life of a Master student.

Working was mundane but studying is mad busy. T_T Been reading journals after journals, books after books (and watching Forensic Heroes 3) but still haven't finish doing my assignments. And I have only two weeks left to vomit something out to be handed in. Last minute work does kill!!!

Anyway, I will survive. As I am too lazy/busy to update my blog, twitter and everything else, I will make it an effort to at least post a recipe each week, whether the ones I've tried or have been meaning to try. Just to keep my blog alive. Recipes or craft ideas. Just in case I didn't cook.

Daniel and I bought these beautiful glasses from Daiso (RM5 for 3) to make dessert as we got pretty cheap oreos (RM2 per tube) over the weekend. Will be trying out some dessert soon. We have bananas, oreos, full cream milk (to whip them up), vanilla pound cake and some other biscuits. Daniel will create his own layered dessert. Will see how it goes.

Next up,
Baked mashed potato (like pie)

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Happiest Moments

For those who knows me well, you would know that I take pictures ALL THE TIME. Especially of myself. And when I am with Eemoes (my girlfriends), it's even worst. We can take 600 pictures on our 2 day one night apartment stay and really, all the photos are just of us doing silly things. Daniel would know even better since he has been elected the chief photographer ever since we got together. And he loves his job I think.

I was trying to choose a picture of my happiest moment and I browse through my pictures. I have many happy moments, so many that I couldn't seem to pinpoint to one. Imagine having a harddisk full of pictures and pictures only. Vainpot I am.

I am blessed and I am happy with my family, boyfriend and my awesomer that awesomest girlfriends. God blessed me with people who truly care.

I decided for the sake of the competition to choose pictures when I laugh the loudest (or appears to) and I decided to take the one during my convocation with Eemoes. This is the picture of me laughing unsophisticatedly because we were taking multiple shots and we don't know what else to do.
They came and waited for me for an hour, went around with me to take pictures of me with my Pong Pong tree, under the humid weather and yet able to smile with me. I love my girls. And I got my girraffe!!!! And flowers...and teddies...I am loved. Daniel is again the photographer and he captures beautifulllll candid shots of me. Damn pro my chief photographer I tell you. Olympus Pen will come in handy for my chief photographer to practise on his photography skills and capture even more beautiful moments like this for me.

It's impossible to choose just one happiest moment but to be able to live each day with my loved ones is the happiest moment for me. And if I win the Olympus Pen, I'll ADD on to the happy moments and be happier!!!! The boyfie really needs a camera that doesn't have a red light on ALL THE TIME.

Simply because I love green really.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Much has happened since 6th August

I went to Bangkok

Nom-ed countless amount of Swensens with

Mr. Ice-cream Fan

Came back and enrolled in my Masters programme. Study + work is no easy feat. Especially when you have mad study schedule which throws you with quiz on Week 4 and lots of words you've never heard before. Was reading almost every day two weeks ago only to go to class and realized we've read the wrong chapter for our quiz. The lecturer was referring to old book while we are all using new book. How would we know that the two books were so different? What was once in Chapter 2 is now in Chapter 6. Talk about changes.

Then Yi Lin had her convocation.

which Ah Win and I attended. The rest couldn't due to work commitment.

Then Daniel had his convocation and I was running around like mad girl.

In the afternoon I think, AWESOMEST had hers.

The next day, it's MINE!!! So I threw some mortar board with Yi Lin,

Took some pictures with my family.
And got showered with love from awesome people like this.

Then we went to Diana's convo (which I dont have the picture and the following week, we went for this awesome good food.

Celebrated Pao's birthday two days ago and now back to studying studying and studying. I'm surrounded by people who loves me for who I am and not talk behind my back. There are some who does but I've got plenty who don't. Thank you sayangs.

Three more to go? Swee Win, Ling Ling and Hooi Shan's convo. Just that theirs are all too far for us. One in Sabah, one in KL and one in UK!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back from Bangkok and off to school

Came back from Bangkok on Sunday and attended my first class yesterday. Will be going to another one later. This marks the beginning of my Masters' life. Although I am taking just two papers this semester, the first one is enough to set me back and shiver a little.

Nevertheless, the show has to go on and I have to stick to it. It will be okay. Will be back to work tonight teaching a group of very interesting students. Bangkok was INSANE... but I love it. Just not so much of the food cause we eat almost the same thing every day. Penang or Malaysia still has the best food ever..

Will blog about Bangkok cause we found out an easier route to our hotel which is like 20% out of the cost we took to get to our hotel. When you are in Bangkok, you want to save as much as you can for the hotel and the transportation cause 1baht saved is 1baht more to shop. Will definitely try to blog everything but we have like 600 pictures so it'll take some time (and with my procrastination, my work, my studies, some time is an understatement).

Friday, August 05, 2011

Counting down

Wah, I did not blog for more than a month. Damn power /flips hair. I kept doing this /flip hair thing with Daniel, even when I'm half asleep. He usually wakes up at like 7.30 am and by 8.10am, he'll be talking to me when I'm half asleep. When he praise me, I'll flip hair and I'll do it even when I'm half asleep.

So basically I wake up by 8.30am (if I can steal a few more winks) and pack his lunch. Then see him off before I go back to sleep or come online.

My daily routine is
1. Wake up, pack his lunch (he has to heat it up himself because I want to sleep)
2. See him off, online
3. Cut the ingredients to cook and then of course cook.
4. Take my bath.
5. Pack my dinner and eat my lunch.
6. Off to work for 8 hours.
7. Reach home at 10.30pm, he washes the dishes (if I'm too tired or I have other things to do)
8. Laze around watching shows on laptop, play games or talk to each other, counting down our working days.
9. Sleep till next morning.

The cycle repeats itself for 4 days (Tuesday to Friday) and on Saturday, as I'm working early, I'll just wake up, bathe, see him off, eat breakfast, tapao lunch and go to work.

I kind of like my job if not for the time. I kind of like the kids if not for the SUPER noisy ones. (Thank God Miss Leila is back and she's taking all the noisy ones with her.)

Thank God for this job nevertheless. Gives me RM1.2k and I don't sit around rotting or spending money in the malls. It's not too bad a job. Just a little lazy.

So looking forward to Bangkok with Daniel!!!! Began to write down what I want to buy there. Daniel has a shopping bug in him too. I like! One more month to go.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

God is Faithful

I learn to see things in a different perspective (though I still whine and complain and get lazy all the time).

My God is a faithful God. He will not leave me nor forsake me. I just have to cling onto Him and trust and have faith that He knows best. That whatever I am going through, He knew it and has gone before me to prepare the way.

He knows best and I just have to obey and follow for He will make a way for me. I may feel tired, demotivated, disappointed at times in my life, asking if it's the right thing to do but no man can answer to that but God. He knows everything.

This is all a process and a trying period. I will survive this for I trust in my God.

Praise the Lord I got into USM for my Masters in English and Linguistics Studies! Studying and working part time...This will be my first time so bear with my whining at times.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Start all over

Being a teacher for one month has taught me quite some stuff.

1. Kids are not always that cute. Sometimes you'll get high blood pressure.

2. But not all kids are that bratty.

3. I don't know that much English as I thought I knew. I have to revise all the phonics and grammar because all these while, the only teacher to my grammars and pronunciation are my ears. If it sounds good, it's good.

4. I have to turn all these laziness, negative emotions of fear and anxiety and stress to motivation. This is not just a job. This is a moulding and learning process. He knows I need it.

=) It's a beautiful Friday. I'm looking forward to work. (Yes, the blue dragged too long but at least the sun is shining now.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extended blues

Just so you know, my Tuesday blues have officially extended till Thursday. Barely one month of working and I'm having blues EVERY SINGLE DAY. Need to be more motivated!!!!

Lazy... *nua*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've always wanted to be an editor or a journalist. Then when I finished with my degree, I decided to settle down as a teacher purely because there's not much opportunity here as editor or journalist. Most of the jobs are in KL.

Now I'm having a second thought. Seeing my friends getting what they wanted, I'm thinking if the path I chose is the right one. Should I be working or should I continue studying?

God will make a way and He will show me my path. At the mean time, I'll just have to do my job as a teacher well. 4 classes for me today. I'll be okay.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The first thing I'll buy when I get my salary is


=( and take make me feel better.

I thought I just dislike working in office but the truth is, I think I just dislike working.

Thank God there's cute people at the centre who'll make me smile. That helps to ease my laziness.

Now I have to drag my sorry feet out to wait for bus. Working life sucks.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Working adult's life - From a teacher's perspective

is very boring. Wake up, cook, online a bit, bathe, go work, come back, roll around watch show, sleep.

No matter how much you think you enjoy your job, you'll still feel lazy. (Or is it just me?)

It's better to have a lot of work. Time passes faster that way. If you are too free, you'll feel like the clock has stopped moving and 10pm doesn't seem to come.

If you are a teacher, best if you have many classes. 8 hours will pass easily.

Not all students are going to like you. Especially if you are new and still learning how to teach. T_T Learn and improve.

Do not be too nice, students will step all over you. Do not be too fierce, either the boss will come after you or the parents will. And your student will stop responding to you.

Not all students can understand you even if you use simple english. So do your homework, find more examples.

Please master the skills of hiding your yawn. You'll need it a lot.

All jobs are hard. There is no easy job in this world. Even a housewife needs to think of what to cook every day.

As much as you complain and whine each day, when the time comes, you'll still have to drag your sorry feet out of the gate and go to work.

This is the life of a working adult. Really not much fun.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why am I so quiet lately?

Not in a real sense but in a blog world sense. I've been working for two weeks now and it feels surreal. I may be lazy to go to work sometimes (still a brat at heart) but I always wake up on time to cook lunch and dinner before I go to work.

I am learning from this job and I kind of enjoy it. It is hard to handle kids but I gain my confidence from them. I love being called Teacher in a weird way. I am glad I took this path instead of jumping straight into the adults path because I believe I learn so much more now than before.

Kids nowadays learn words that are so hard, they got their teacher looking for dictionary. Either that, or my English is very weak. But I am learning, I am learning each day, from these kids and also to further help myself. I am happy with my job and I hope I will be every single day until I resign.

That's why I've been quiet. Because I've been busy. Haven't been taking pictures lately and I so need to get my contact lenses. Wait till I get my salary. Cause I need to dress up so badly!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interviewed and hired

Now it's up to me to try out the classes and decide if I'm willing to sign one year of my life for it.

=) Thank God for such a smooth sailing interview and also for the favour to be upon me since there's another girl waiting to be interviewed after me.

Both interviews I went, I was hired but the first one wasn't what I expected it to be. And never judge a book by its cover cause the second one seems easy (from the website) but when I went for the interview, it was more tricky.

May this be a stepping stone for me to know the business better. The teaching business. Another chapter of my life slowly opening up.

God does provide. =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

To the 16 year old me

Dear 16 year old Ping Ping,

Just thought you might want to know what will happen to you in the next 7 years. You will be having the time of your life for the next two years. However, you will have to know that SPM is not like any other exams. You must study for it. Even if just a little bit. I know this may sound a little stupid but if you don't study, you will be stressed out during the exam (which may sound ridiculous for you now but trust me) and you will suffer from anxiety attack. So do prepare okay? Don't just study your Bio seminar book.

In this year, you will accidentally call a friend of yours while sleeping and that will cost you a lot because that stupid friend did not hang up. You will end up with him and it's a bad idea. But if you were to experience it, do not put too much heart in it. Otherwise, do make sure that you do not put your phone beside you when you sleep. Do not spend so much time talking to people you do not know. You will not end up being a spinster so ignore these people okay?

You will get 6A but it's good enough for you. Study Form 6 and I stress on that. MUST CHANGE TO ARTS STREAM OKAY? Then APPLY FOR USM. I have to stress all these because you will get to know the Lord more after you enter USM and then you will get to know the love of your life too. Let God take charge of your life, He always do.

Anyway, You will gain A LOT OF WEIGHT so make sure you eat less. You will eventually lose them when you enter uni but lose some weight when you can. Appreciate your friends (Emmoes) and Bentengz whom you'll meet when you are in Form 6 because they will eventually be your bestest friends and still be your bestest friends after uni. You will enter USM to do a course not many people know and do not believe the lecturers when they tell you it's the coolest course ever cause really, it's not as cool as they said it was.

Join PKA and there you'll get to know your future boyfriend, God and many other awesome people. APPRECIATE the seniors because they will be very important people in your life. Check out the guy name Daniel Chong and try to get to know him better. He may be a bully and funny guy but he will be your boyfriend and you will learn to see his soft sides and his wonderful character.

Uni life will be the place you grow spiritually so let God take charge okay? After your degree, you'll be stuck in a phase where I am now, no job, no money and no aim but have faith that God will take charge and God will provide. You will be okay. Have faith, hold strong to God and know that He knows best. Oh and your sister, Pao Pao will marry Mr Lim so try not to provoke him too much. And Ah Ma will move in to stay with you and you will learn to love-hate her many patterns.

the 23 year old me

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grape Seller turned Ribbon maker

since I've been selling grapes for almost a month now (no business), I decided to make some ribbon flowers to be made into hair pins. Loving them. Think can make better ones but for starter, it's pretty good so I'll just give myself a pat in the back for my lack of artistic genes but still the ability to produce such cute hair pins.

I have yet to take pictures of them but I have already made them into hair pins for my usage. Thank you for those who are helping me to keep a lookout for jobs. =) I am greatly touched. I actually kinda enjoy my tai-tai life for now but will still look for jobs okay?

I wonder if everyone else got their job already. Feeling a little lonely and left out here.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Selling fresh grapes

When everyone else are either working or interning or holiday-ing, here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, waiting impatiently for someone to call me and ask me for an interview.

I should not worry. God has His plans. So I shall enjoy my break while I still can. Today I'm gonna sit around doing nothing until noon and see if my aunt wants to bring me to town for a spin. I should enjoy my holiday right? It just feel empty when everyone else has things to do and I'm just sitting around.

Pictures from our lil getaway. =) Got my face only because he got to be the photographer. <3 ze beach and morning sun.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga

It all started with me flooding my phone in my bag. How would I know that the 'sweat' from the bottle can actually flood the whole freaking bag with everything inside it? So my phone kinda died when I reach Penang (Thank God) and so it's now lying dead on my table.

So Daniel and I had to resort to chatting on MSN or to make lunch and dinner plans. Then my MSN on my laptop went crazy and I had to resort to using my iPod's MSN to talk to Daniel since he hardly on his facebook. Katanya don't want facebook to earn advertorial money from his page.

Then my ipod suddenly shut off and got crazy too. And I had to restore everything to its orginal state. So now I got a dead phone, a crazy MSN on laptop, a restored and empty ipod (with no MSN, email whatsoever) and a boyfriend who still refuse to leave his facebook on lest facebook earns money from advertorial on his site.

So I have to facebook spam his wall (which of course has no effect since he don't ON his facebook anyway). I think I should email him instead. If all fails, I'll have to write him a snail mail that will reach him in 3 days and I have to spend 80 cents.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saying goodbye

This is what I wore for Farewell Night 


With bii


What I wore for BATI night. With Naqiah

With Sarah


Ended my uni life with two dinner with people I hang out with most - my coursemates and PKA-ians. Both were okay. I kinda regretted not giving a speech during FN. Next time I graduate (in two years time) I will give. CONFIRM. I'll write one and read it if I must. Cause I'll be too scared. And I'll make sure what happened that day won't happen again.

I will be back, PKA-ians. (if you still want me to)

Monday, April 18, 2011

My 23rd Birthday

I need to get a job but there's so many things I want to do this holiday. This long long holiday like learn sewing, do my mini project, write more blog posts and relax. But I still need to get a job so I'll need to go hunting for some tutor job or something. Freelance. I don't want to be in the office from 9-5.

Ok pictures galore from birthday.

We started with a surprise lunch at Soul Kitchen. So sweet of him.

Awesome deco!!!

Then we went Redbox!!!!! Karaoke!!!! Daniel is awesomely cute when he sings. I love.
Me all dressed up. Ok I'm done.

I skipped my Spanish oral for an awesome time on my birthday and a happy boyfriend. Now it's my turn to make his birthday even better /kiasu. He did so much for me, he needs some pampering too!!!

I need pictures from Diana cause they bought me a little cake the other day. SO SWEEETTTT... <3 they love me. Teeheee.... I love my friends.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shaking leg

Many has happened after my last letter to my lecturer (which still makes me feel dumb).

I skipped the test and class. Had an AWESOMEEEE time with Daniel in Redbox, had an okay Farewell Night. Gonna miss the people in PKA!!!

Then the girls (Emmoes) got me a BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Ping Ping is a very simple girl. She just need her birthday cake. =P But all is well now. I am resting for a few days before studying for exam.

Little Poupee my accessories blogshop is doing okay. I want to bring in more beautiful necklaces and rings!!!! Have to work harder in sourcing those. But overall, life has been great.

I need to get my blogging mojo back. Been lazy on that. Have a little project up in my head but still yet to do it. =) Need to stay focus!!!

And need to get a job. Cause I'm going to be jobless soon. I am currently a student. When I graduate, I'm no longer a student but a jobless young adult. teeheee...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Not very smart

I just emailed my lecturer to tell her if I can do my oral in the morning because I don't plan to go to class in the evening.

Not very smart eh?

To what she replied, "Sorry, but I have something else in the morning. It is better if you do it during class time."

So now not only I have to attend a class on my birthday, my lecturer knows I have the intention to skip class and I don't think she'll be very happy or very nice to me.

T_T My first mistake was falling sick on the day I'm supposed to do my oral.

2nd mistake, I emailed her to inform her, hoping that she will go all furious and say you don't have to do oral anymore. Mana tau she nicely tell me, "It's okay, you can do it on Thursday." /bangheadonthewall.

3rd, I emailed her again, throwing myself over the cliff by saying, "Can I do my oral on Thursday morning instead because it's my birthday and I actually did not want to go to class?" /bangheadonthewalldoublehard.

I iz the most kurang bijakz person on earth. Now I just throw stones at my boyfriend who had planned everything for me, bang my head twice on the wall and put salt in lecturer's eyes so she won't be liking me very much.


I am tempted to just disappear into thin air.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choosing Profile Picture

Was browsing facebook for no reason because I've just finished my test (which was super hard like mad don't ask). So I went to this find friends thingie to see for fun. And I've come to a conclusion that,

You should not put scary picture of yourself on the profile picture. Especially if in small icon, your profile picture only shows your eyes. Super creepy I tell you.

I've seen enough EYES today.

2 more weeks to the end of the semester (excluding study week and exam week) I am finally finishing with my 3rd year. Can't wait. I mean I don't want to leave PKA and all but I can't wait to finish up everything, submit it and next time, listen to other people's advice. But I'm not gonna let this unimportant person changed my stand that there are nice people out there. I still believe in kindness.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Haibun - Journey to class

I take the same route to classes every morning since first year. Each day, the feeling is different because I take the route at different times of the day. I love the morning ones the most. I love the morning breeze and fresh air on my way to class. Morning dew are seen on the tip of the grasses and on the buds of the flowers.

Today, I leave my room earlier so that I can enjoy the walk while breathing in fresh air and admiring the beauty of God’s creation. Birds chirping as I walk past the grassy area. Flower petals and leaves bestrew the ground as though it is autumn. Then I come to the side of the road. That is when the life in a city set in. Cars zooming pass early in the morning. I almost forgot that I’m living in a city when I am surrounded with lakes, trees and beautiful flowers.

Walking to class,
Morning breeze blew in my face,
A refreshing start.

Birds chirping everywhere,
Flowers blooming, leaves falling,
It felt like autumn.

Each day I thank God,
His creation kept me at awe,
Every morning.

Cars zooming pass me,
Breaking the serenity,
City life set in.

I cross the road carefully as I do not want to offend any grumpy morning drivers. Walking at the pavement, I look up to the mountains far away and the big trees that are giving me shed. I am amazed at His creation once again. Morning rays sipped through the big trees, landing on my hands. It gives me some warmth from those morning breeze. The shadows of trees form on the ground. I look at its uniqueness. Each tree gives different shadows creating a beautiful natural design on the ground. Drops of morning dew landed on my hands. The trees sway to the morning breeze and drop some dews. I wipe off the dews.

Then the bus pulled up, with its loud engine, interrupting my quiet walk. Then the bus take off, leaving behind smokes from exhaust pipe, choking the students who are walking. I can see students walking fast. We are late for class. I quicken my steps as I walk pass chattering students.

Big friendly trees,
Overlook me from above,
Protect me from sun.

Drops of morning dew,
Landing on my hands and hair,
Little drops of water.

Bus running by,
Smokes coming out from the exhaust,
Choking all passer-by.

I reach my class. Yet another exciting journey I take to class. God’s creation and His power is beyond comprehension. I can only awe at His awesome power.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

People think we are superheroes

otherwise, why would they throw more and more work on us? You think very fun is it? The last thing I need now is more homework or people telling me, eh I got even more okay? Cause I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE IF YOU GOT MORE WORK CAUSE I HAVE MY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. IF YOU DON'T LIKE, TALK TO THE WALL.

I'm so sick of people telling me, eh, you got it easier okay? You took the easy way out, taking so few papers and all. I LIKE YOU LIKE? TALK SO MUCH. Ok, I'm just grumpy because I haven't finished my short story and I got narratives to write. And I got projects to complete (3 to be exact..siao 1).

Who told you uni life is fun?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having MY time

It has been a while since I last do nothing, sit around, watch shows, do my work and just chill. I miss doing this. I used to spend every meal alone in my room and spend the entire day doing MY thing. But now it's more like OUR time, OUR thing.

I love having MY time. Went to meet lecturer just now and got my draft back. Need to rewrite the story but I'll settle the things I have in hand now first before attempting to do the others. I have quite some items on the list that needs urgent attention but I'll be okay. I'll pull through.

Me at beach. =) Such a blessing to have a boyfriend who is good at taking picture. Then I get to dress up, go somewhere and take picture. FOC dating. But I have to remind him again and again to take picture of me and not just of the place because he tends to neglect me when he saw beautiful views or interesting thing to capture. What to do? I not interesting enough ma.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Was trying to slimify myself using photoshop with the help of Daniel. The picture not with me but it was darn successful. As in I'll be contented if I got that face. Smaller a bit but I'll be super contented already. Anyways, after that I realized, I'll look so much better if I'm like that. So I'm determined to exercise and try to diet. *ties red bandana on head*


Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had 6 days of steamboats at different houses, cooked by different family and they all taste different. I know, you might be thinking, steamboat is just soup and those ingredients like fishball, fish, prawns, meat, vegetables right? How can it taste different?

Every family has their own way of cooking the soup and they are all yummiliciously different!

2 days before CNY I cleverly suggested dinner at Bar-B-Q

My ATM was there. <3

Nom nom nom
The night before CNY had reunion steamboat at Chih Heng's place.

1st Day of CNY steamboat at Ah Win's

Making Popiah for the first time.
 2nd Day of CNY was spent at Sis's Godmum's place where I had another round of steamboat - tomyam and clear soup but I did not take picture.
3rd day of CNY, I had my steamboat at Shan's new place

Nom nom nom ice cream.

And the final one was at home but I don't have the picture with me now. So CNY has been of steamboats. Not that I'm complaining. I love anything soup. And homecook ones beats anything out there.

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