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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Down the memory lane

Years have passed since I was a child. I've moved away from my then comfort zone- my old house to a place I don't know who my neighbours are. At times, staring out from the window at my new place, staring blankly into the wide blue sky, admiring the beauty of the "artwork" of our God, I think of the past. When I was a small kid. When a 50 cents nasi lemak is good enough as my lunch. I can't eat nasi lemak anymore now.

The white, fluffy clouds always seems like a very inviting cotton candy to me. I once was curious how would it feels like to lie onto that fluffy clouds?
It was another day at work. During lunch, mum brought me to this wholesale junkfood food haven to all kids. I ran in like a big kid. No, I AM A BIG KID. We asked permission from that very kind uncle to take some pictures and I went around the shop, taking pictures of food that reminds me of my childhood. (10 years ago only la)

See the rows of yummilicious snacks!!!

Yummeh Yummeh. If only I am the boss of this shop. But then again my diet plan will fail miserably and I couldn't afford to fail it.

OMG!! Kong Kong Th'ng (far right, wrapped with semi-transparent papers), coconut biscuit, peanut biscuit!!

Another type of kacang biscuit, and other snacks.

Kueh Bangkit!!! I remember they have pandan flavour too. I think it was in the market when I was like 9 or 10. We used to eat them cause it reminds us of CNY. But CNY ones taste so much better.

I miss this one. It used to be 10 cents and now I think it's 20 cents per pack. Last time damn cheap.

Lol, I bought this from this uncle before, two years ago I suppose. And I hung it in the living room and sell it to my mum and sister, 20 cents per pack. Lol, it was fun. My mum bought for me to sell to her. Kakaka.

Apollo. I have them in my drawers now. We did not buy this one la. Too many, we bought from supermarket. Can get like a dozen one. Up till now, it's the yummiest lor.

Bar Leh Ko. I don't know what you call it. Caramel? I don't know but it sticks on your teeth and refuse to let go one lo. That's why people always say, she stick to him like bar leh ko.

Chewing gum!!! It was 10 cents per box last time. Now I don't know anymore. Stopped buying this for years already. But used to pop those into my mouth. There's 3 inside I think.

I love this!!!! Taste like sugus but longer. Yummy, I remember eating this in my kindy years. =P I am missing it now.

I grow up eating this lor. Last time I heng this one. 30 cents per pack. Is it more expensive now? I don't buy cheesels or nachos or chipster, I ate this my entire childhood lor.

Dip the biscuit into chocolate melts or peanut butter provided inside. Yummy. I used to eat those Yum Yum or something. They have rice beads inside or something also. I love using the long biscuit to korek the chocolate, lick it off and korek again. =P

Bird's egg!!! I used to buy it because I get to take it myself from a big jar. The aunty will give me a plastic bag and I get to kepit it and put it inside the plastic bag. Man, I love cash register and things like this. Should I start a small business? Hmmm...

How was your childhood like? Did you eat what I eat? Did we grow up in the same generation? What's your favourite snack?


Swee Win said...

yor..make me miss my primary school mya years..we used to eat all that junk food... miss those times la... sumor so cheap 1 packet rm0.10 hor.. hehe.. when we were young..

Mrs Chong said...

T____T when we were young
Yea...I miss it too. Will go looking for other things that reminds me of my childhood, take them down and blog. I miss being a kid.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAH your mom bought for you to sell to her!!! HAHAHAHHA

I should have done that when I was a kid lah why didn't I think of that har!!!!

Mrs Chong said...

lol, things kids do hor?? But I was 17 already la that time.

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