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Monday, April 14, 2008

Drivers in Penang

First it was a 2 lane road with cars all moving at their respective speed, not too fast and not too slow. Suddenly there's this my-car-is-big-with-super-speed come driving like a snake. Literally la, snakes don't drive. He went overtaking people from the inside and outside. We all know it is not okay to overtake from the left. It was so close, we thought he'll scratch our sweet little kancil.

It is always such a case where people either follow you too closely or overtaking you though the road is narrow. And they don't even bother to slow down when overtaking you. Just zoom past you and you go like what-just-happened? These people ought to think of other people's life as well. I don't care if they do not appreciate theirs, we appreciate ours.

On another incident, it was my first time witnessing this and I still think it's pretty hilarious. We were at this traffic light this afternoon. In front of us was another Kancil. Then the car in front of that Kancil drove off and that Kancil driver did not move one bit.

You know what he was doing? He was busy kissing with his girlfriend. -.-" My sister honked them and they were so embarrassed, the boyfriend hit the signal light and drove to another lane, escaping from us. It was a new experience and it was darn funny. =P

ps: Do not kiss in the car while you are at a traffic light. We don't really like to wash our eyes with this and then have to wait for another traffic light. But, actually, I had fun laughing la.


Scud said...

Your Sweet Kancil should wash her eyes too! Remember to spray on your windshield + wiping it..

Falcon said...

its Pg...they run by their own

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