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Monday, April 14, 2008

Me and my cacat-ed jari

T___T I hurt my thumb. I so power, I type using my middle finger. So sakit la. I can't bend my thumb. I don't know what happened. I was watching television last night when my right hand suddenly hurt.

I tied my arms to my neck using a towel and I think it was idle too long, I got a jelly arm. =P Like how you get jelly legs? Anyway, it hurts like mad now. I dare not massage it cause I am afraid I'll injure it even more. I have weird thumbs. My thumb bone often gets dislocated for no reason.

I was telling my sis I have weak arm.

Ping: Che, my arm so weak la.
Che: Your arm weak nia good la.
Ping: -.-" huh? Puzzled
Che: I whole body also weak.

Lol, she was in some detoxify program and all she had was salad and fruits the entire of yesterday. She has 4 more days to go.

I shall rest my thumb now. T____T I even have to wear long sleeve to hide my hand cause I use Chinese medicated plaster (koh eouk) on my hand.

I went to find Jas Lyn at Ego Pharmacy, the one opposite Komtar and bought a wrist supporter. Now I look damn cool with it but it is damn painful lo. By the way, she ask how's everyone and I tell her everyone is fine. Drop by and visit her la. She is still that smiley smiley. Miss her nia.

Me with my "bandaged" arm. That goes jelly after that.

My super cool wrist supporter. Aiyak, terbalik. Nvm.

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