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Friday, April 25, 2008

I will die as a spinster!

Walao, I cried la while watching Love at Zero Degree. I hate An Na. But I think I am like YiXin lor. I mean as in attitude. I will let go one lor. I don't see why must we hold on? I think I am that ego lor. You want you take it kind of person.

Like that I sure die a spinster la. No meh? WeiXiang rocks!!! la la la. Sien, next episode of Love At Zero Degree sure make me cry like siao. T.T I hate Love @ Zero Degree for making me cry.

ps: I think An Na is born with that menyampah face lor. Even if her character is good one also will let people hate lor. And hor, that's why she always watak jahat. You know how some ke le feh who act as tai lou one always hold the same watak? There, same theory. =P


Joze Foo said...

I tell you...i super hate her from last time... All the drama she add in i hate her... She always the bitch~~ And when she speak like no tone... Sien nia...see her!

sHaN sHaN said...

Hate her in that movie too... so tut tut tut.... lol... yea wei xiang rocks!!!

Mrs Chong said...

joze: ya ya...i so mang chang when I see her...i hate her from the first time i see her which was in Meteor Garden.

shan: yea yea...benci sedih..when la will everything be ok??? I dowan see An Na la... T.T

Anonymous said...

eee.i suka wei xiang....his mouth like 1 kind 1 hor..dont know how to say..but he is cuteee =P

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