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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Day 2- Chase Artiste

The next morning, we woke up at 7a.m and took our bath. Changed and left house at 9 something. Ate our breakfast and traveled to Sungei Wang. Put our luggage into the lockers and walked to Times Square. This time, we not only had to take LRT but also monorail. But I love the monorail. Like on roller coaster although I never sit roller coaster before. I suppose the feel should be the same. =)

If we were to go Times Square, we should stop at Imbi. But because we were going to Sungei Wang, we got off at Bukit Bintang. Just one station away. However, the distance between Sungei Wang and Times Square are much nearer compared to Midlands to Gurney. Only few minutes walk. So before we got to Sungei Wang, we actually passes Times Square and as monorail is up there and not down, we can actually see the fans sitting there already. A lot of fans were there already. We rushed to Sungei Wang, put our luggage and ran to Times Square and found a place for Ju-Yen. The itchy ass us went shopping and leave Ju-Yen there. This in the end led to problems of me unable to get a clearer view of the two Taiwanese artiste. Nevermind, I did not like them at that time. So I don't really mind.

Yi Lin and I with the poster.

Yi Lin, Pei Ying and I

My aunt's food.

The two sisters. Kecil-kecil cili padi (small small paddy chilli) So daring go KL.

So back to shopping, we walked around, took some pictures with Hana Kimi standees, bought some posters and played rock fever. Then we went for lunch and go to find Ju-Yen already. As the place were very much crowded, we stood in front of Dome. I stood there for hours okay? Banana one. Late wor. Late for one hour plus I think. There were more than 8 thousand fans I think. They had to use the fan which sprinkles water to keep the fans cool.

Then around 4.30p.m Yu Zhe come out and sang. He sang two songs but I not sure the title for the 1st song. The second song was Zhuan Shu Tian Shi by Tank. After he sang, Wu Zun came out and did some talking. I was clueless of what happened because I was not standing on chairs. Short people like me can only see people's head. So I did not really see. But I know that they had some basketball game on the stage. Then I try to go in front but at that time they are already seated for auto session therefore I did not see much of them. We walked around and then Yi Lin and her sis got into the fans corner and ran to the front to have a better look. I did not go in front but I stood near the back stage. I managed to see Wu Zun and Yu Zhe got off the stage and got into the car. That was all for this two artiste.

Will get better pictures. Update soon.

Kuala Lumpur Day 1- Petaling Street.

Okay. I left Penang on Friday morning which means I 'ponteng' one day. It was Teacher's Day and going to KL one day earlier means that we can actually rest before seeing Wu Zun and Yu Zhe. So we decided to go in one day earlier. Reached KL at 2 something making Ju-Yen waiting for us for hours. She reached the LRT station at 11 something. Imagine that.

Anyway, took our first LRT ride of the whole trip at Masjid Jamek. The clueless me had no idea where we were and was thinking that I myself was at the Putra station since that's the last station. Super blur. I had problems knowing where I was the whole trip actually. Okay so Chen Yin, Ju-Yen's friend brought us back to her place which was very cool. I tell you, those TARC-ians in KL lives in beautiful condo. Got pool and gymnasium some more okay? Damn cool. And there are lots of cute guys there too. Unfortunately, we had only one day there. So didn't see much lar. But should be cute lar. =P

So reached her house at about 4p.m and Ju-Yen and Chen Yin had to go to TAR to settle some stuff. So I took my bath and waited for the rest to bathe too. At the meantime, we turned on the television and saw Wu Zun and Yu Zhe on 8864. YU ZHE HANDSOME!!!!! drools. It rained heavily the day before. We left for Petaling Street at 6 something after the rain stopped. Not much comment about Petaling Street actually. The place was crowded with lots of stalls but unfortunately, the stalls sell almost the same thing. I mean every 3 stalls, you will see the same thing being sold. Got a cap from there that cost me RM14 which was like half the price I can get in Penang. Walked around, tasted the Air Mata Kucing that Ho Chak! (read: One local show which bring us to various places in Malaysia for good food) once say it is nice. It was alright actually. Nothing special. Probably two things were different, the size of the drink per packet and the size of the straw. XP

Left Petaling Street at 9.30p.m and got home at 10 something. Took several pictures which I had yet to get from Ju-Yen and got ready for bed. We were talking until 12 something and slept around that time. Next day would be the Wu Zun Yu Zhe day. I was yet to like any of them except that I find Yu Zhe kind of cute. I did not watch Hana Kimi yet at that time. So, the last post will probably tell you which character in the show that I like.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Friends come and go. People tell me that high school friends are those who remains. But then I feel that things are no longer like how it used to be. I am not talking about any particular person but if you feel I am talking about you, you are free to think whatever you like. I am just speaking out my mind and I think this is what a blog is all about. As long as I don't state names, I am pretty much talking about things generally right?

So, how many people will agree that high school friends are those who last the longest? I personally would like to think that way because I made a bunch of great friends in high school and I am loving them to bits. I believe that we must always try to find sometime to hang out with friends to make sure we still stay close. No boyfriend or any other new friend who can give you the feeling your high school friends can. I do agree that some people find better new friends and decided to move on. That type of people, I will not comment on them. Because I have yet to experience it on my own so I can't talk much about them. Perhaps their high school friends were horrible bunch of monkeys, we will never know right?

When it is your friend's birthday, she invites you, you should actually go right? Unless of course you have something else on. Not having money is not a reason. I seriously find those reasons lame. You can go to Redbox with your new friends every day, you can go out with your new friends, you can do so many things with new friends but you cannot attend an old friend's birthday. I seriously see problem in this. It is plain rude and inconsiderate. But still, to go or not is your choice and those around you can only judge you from the outside. Whether you think that your action is right or wrong, it is totally up to you. No one is going to threaten you to go. But as an old friend, for old times sake, isn't it bad not to attend.

I somehow feel that people will change. No one remains the same. The used to be so innocent and goody-goody girl might turn into a hang out queen and vice versa. People move on every single day. No one will stay on the same spot, being the same old person she used to be. And that makes me sad. Because at times I feel that people changes until they forgot their root. Forgot the people who used to be with them, keeping them company, being there for them. They totally forgot all these. It is rather sad to see this. And as I grow older, I feel that at times, there are so many things out of our control and no matter how hard we try to bring things back, they just won't. And we will end up being a total bitch.

Perhaps my friend is right. Stay away, take less things into hands. Try to ignore things and not be too sensitive. Life will be better. How I wish I can be like that. From being a chatterbox, I wish I can tone down and keep more things to myself. Perhaps that way, I can gain more friends, and people will finally take me seriously.

Friends. They come and go. But they will always leave a footprint. Good or bad, they stay.

What I learn in KL?

Just before I got all of you bored with my chase artiste-shopping-running like mad stories, I'll talk about what I learn in KL in this short short punya 4 days 3 nights trip. =)

1. You stand on the left side of the escalator if you are not rushing, making way for people to move faster.
2. The roads here are super long, you won't enjoy missing a turn.
3. The population here is so big, every single mall is very much packed. Not one is spared.
4. The taxi drivers do not have to wear their safety belt at all times. Tengok keadaan according to reliable sources.
5. They do not mind using meters because they got lots of customer. There's lots of taxis around too.
6. Their buses are not packed. Their LRT are. I often see their buses empty.
7. Almost every mall I went, there's long queue to buy movie tickets, as though they are free.
8. It is alright to wear as though you just came out from the television. You can wear like those characters in the anime and still do not get stares and gossiping from people.
9. Thick make-up is normal, no make-up is very 'chan'
10. You do not have to wait for the lights to turn green for those who are walking because at times, they don't turn green. So you must pass when there's horrible jam. Else, stand till night also cannot pass.
11. The only place you will get lots of people calling you 'leng lui' whether you really leng or not is Petaling Street.
12. Petaling Street people all graduated from the same school. Their tagline are all the same.
13. Eye on Malaysia not very nice only.
14. K.L people are seriously mad about artiste. Much worst compared to Penangites.
15. K.L people waste food a lot.

That's all I can think of now. Will update once I get more. =)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exam pergi, KL mali

Yes, I am going to KL tomorrow morning. Skip school. Sorry Pn. Khoo Chee Bee, don't be sad because I won't be around to celebrate with you. I sent my wishes and will get you something from KL if I really think it is nice and suit you alright? And sorry Miss Yeoh. Hope you enjoy yourselves tomorrow. I hope I will enjoy myself too.

When I am back, I probably have a lot to blog about and being the usual me, I probably will blog so little bout it because I am lazy. Thank you. And no, the papers were not easy. I hate myself for not studying enough. All because of the 'friends' at the library who caught our attention a lot. But they kept us sane so, I forgive them. =)

My library should understand kua. XD Will be back by Tuesday latest.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

988 Roadshow

Wanted to blog about the Rasa Sayang room so much but had to blog about this first because the pictures are in my sis's laptop and I am too lazy to switch it on. Anyway, after sitting in the library for 8 hours on Saturday, I decided to give myself a break which I do not deserve to go to Queensbay and see Winson on Sunday. I was supposed to blog this on Sunday but because I was so angry with myself for leaving my notes at my aunt's house, I off my computer, went to my room, roll on the bed, make a big fuss and fall asleep. Yes, just like a spoilt brat. Don't bother telling me. I know.

Anyway, I went to see Winson who is my favourite contestant in Superstar 2006. Okay, I kind of like Rickman and I adores Mei Sim. But the guys la. I like Winson a lot. So it was really an exciting event for me. Especially when I got people to go with me. None other than our chase artiste queen, Ju-Yen. I reached there at about 3 when Ju-Yen messaged me and told me that Sam is already on the stage. Sam is the host for the day. So I got down from the car in the middle of the road to the parking area, and run all the way to the main hall. Yes, like in the movie. Damn drama. So I got in there, too many people, couldn't find Ju-Yen, so like in the movie, I frantically look for my mobile phone and called her. And just like in the movie, I look up and down, front and back while on the phone with her. If you have guessed that the next thing that happened was I saw her and we saw each other and we smiled. Yes. That was basically what happened. Lol. Damn drama right? Okay, so we both moved forward, nearer to the crowd and started bringing out our camera, giggling like lil girls looking at Barbie Doll.

As we were busying talking and me explaining why I was late, W.H.Y came out and started singing. I don't really know them. I heard bout them once but that was it. Their songs? Not bad la.
Don't know the names. But I like the one in black and the flowery baju one.

This girl. Hehe. Her name macam Ying Ying I think.

It was then the Alien came out. The "Wai Xing Ren" aka Jerry came out and sang "Wo Bu Si Ren". He did not get much response from the crowd probably because he is still new. Furthermore, the other two artiste on that day were the Superstar Winner and the Superstar runner-up for the guys wor. How to beat that? Anyway, it was rather embarrassing for him to hold out his microphone for the spectators but no one actually know his songs by heart. His songs were relatively new and no, I don't know the lyrics. Hee. Nevermind, he will improve with them. Wahseh, say like I am pro artiste chaser like that. XD After singing, they did some interaction with the crowd. W.H.Y did 5 pose for pictures. The one finger until 5 fingers one la. Then Jerry imitated Eason. That's all.
Alien. Jerry.

"I am not human."

Up next was our Xiao Wang Zi, Winson. Really a wang zi. Because I like. =) He sang "Xiao Wang Zi" (Putera Kecil) and "Dou Dou Si Huan Ni"( Curi-curi suka sama lu). Love the songs. No offence but his songs macam more presentable compared to John one lor. Perhaps I am bias. I am always bias. I admit. Haha. I adore Winson because at times he looks blur especially when he was caught unaware. And he is very playful and really friendly and you know what? I really enjoy looking at him performing on stage. Like a small boy.

Happy thing is that he always walk to our side. Love.

Isn't he cute? No? Shut up! XD

Will update John's picture when I can get some from Ju-Yen. My camera battery was dying okay? I get lots of blur shots because John were moving about. Hard to get his pictures. Winson was the best. XD

Oh and before they left, we managed to get upclose with Winson and said our goodbyes. Love. <3. style="text-align: center;">The crowd.
Up, left

Up, right

Down, right.

Down, left

More people than Superstar 2007 Roadshow. Power of Winson. Okay, I made that up. The power of Winson I mean. XD

Oh and before I forgot. I saw the Speed and the Leslie. Su Ling's. Hee. I think. Actually, I can only recognize itu laju mia. The other one, I piang only. XD

Total Random
Girl : Do you love me?
Boy : Yes Dear.
Girl : Would you die for me?
Boy : No, mine is undying love

Friday, May 18, 2007

Chih Heng's Farewell & Random

Note: Yi Lin says that we must drink more water. Because water=memory. The more water you drink, the better your memory is. Being the I-don't-drink-unless-I-am-thirsty-or-boh-huat, I find lots of reason to argue with her. My point of view is that, the more water you drink, the more you go to toilet, the less time you study, the less thing goes into your head, the less you know and when the marks come out, hee, the less you get. So don't drink. XD

Last Monday, 14th May, a day after Mother's Day, we decided to have a farewell makan with Chih Heng, my second sis's bf. He is going to Sing soon to work and my eldest sis decided to give him a treat on behalf of my second sis also la. My second sis is now in NZ studying, too far to belanja him. So we went to this Japanese Restaurant near BJ there. The restaurant was beautifully decorated. Love the decorations a lot. Anyway, it is called Tsuraya. The price was alright, its the feel you want. You can sit just like the Japanese there. Hee. But no, we did not sit there because my grandma was around.

She: How you want me to sit there?
Us: Sorry boss. Don't angry boss.
*lol, she looks like tau keh soh. XD *
My sis calls her Datin. Hee. She macam Princess at
home okay? My sister pampers her a lot. =)

Was bored while waiting for the food, played with the camera. Luckily they did not scold me.
Some restaurants don't let people take pictures I think. =)
I am total noob when it comes to taking pictures. I took this thinking that it will look nice. Cis, macam jauh berbeza from those I see at my friend's blog. Sedih.

The sushi thingie. Yummeh. I love the halia thing.

My aunt's set. Or was it mine? No, my aunt's

After getting some lessons from Chih Heng on how to use the Manual Focus. I kinda like this picture. Got improvement or not? Lol. Or still the same? Me feel this one nicer leh. XD

Simply adore this picture. I am a beginner in taking pics okay? But I love this shot. Wait, did Chih Heng take this one? Lol. Don't care. Count as I take one. =)

It was a pleasant evening. Having dinner with cousin, his gf, aunt, mum, sis, boss aka Datin, second sis's bf. It was really fun to be sitting at one table, enjoying meals with relatives. Close one I mean. Not the one I don't mix with often.


Anyway, there's this advertisement I saw on TV recently. Its about how we must co-operate with the police to report those you feel are suspicious. Be it those lorry drivers you see while stopping at traffic light, the drivers or passenger of a car which just passes your house or the motorist who happens to pass by your house. If they look suspicious, call the police. Report. You won't want something bad to happen to you for there are cases of people stealing telephone cables, pipes and stuff and when you need to use the phone or the water for emergency just to find them being cut off, it will be too late already. The one part I like most is the roti ah pek stare at the lorry driver and the lorry driver stares back. So next time if see ahbu in the car, don't stare at me. I CALL POLICE ONE HAH?? Damn lame.

Watch the advertisement or come find me, I act let you see. My friend say I do already more funny. Should ask me go and act la. =P

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

The one I wrote days ago got stuck in my desktop and I can't on it this morning. So, no choice. I had to rewrite. Well, the previous one was really in detail and I guess right now I don't feel like letting people know too much about me. At least not here. Let bygones be bygones. So yea. About my mum. Do you guys know my mum? I guess I should start with the names, pictures and everything. My mum's name is Shirley.

Pao and Mum

I am a very naughty girl since young. I follow resemble my mum a lot. From my looks to my bad temper to my crazy bits to my talkative nature, they are all from her. So mind you, I am crazy because I inherited that from her. =P Anyway, I believe that it is the hardest job to be a Mother. Apatah lagi, she is a single parent. No, my dad is not dead. As we were poor, we had to go through a lot to be who we are today. She is someone who was a pure lazy student and thus, I got that from her too. *she say one* But as she was lazy, she won't let us be lazy. She sent us to tuition classes despite having hard time making ends meet at that time. I been to a lot of tuition and yes, I admit I do benefit from it, especially when I hate touching my books when I got back.

I feel that my mum never stop working. Ever since the day she gave birth to us, her job is endless. She not only had to take care of us, earn money to feed us, now when we are all old enough and do not depend on her that much anymore, she has to start cooking for us to bring to school or work. She says that it is much more healthier if its home cooked food. So whenever my friends say that I am very lucky, I never deny that. She trust me a lot and she believes in me. Although I get lots of scoldings but I know, she loves me. I used to think that she loves my second sister only as she is pretty, smart and very hardworking. I on the other hand is not pretty, lazy and my academic results are so much poorer. Till I fall sick on 2005, I realized that no, my mum does not love one daughter more than another. She loves us all the same. And loves me probably more than my two sisters. I spend the less time with mum when I was small as I was sent to school and mum had to work. But I am so pampered, I get whatever I want.

In 2005, when I fall sick, she gets me presents every day. She will get me a small bag every day. One day one color. I got a lot of small bags now. And she never fails to see to my needs. She is a superwoman. So much stronger and 'mulia-er' compared to any other superheroes. Superman and Spiderman is nothing compared to a mother. My mum loves us unconditionally and we were thankful that she was responsible and did not give up on us when we were small. She never gives up on our study, never gives on giving us a better life. I got my first mobile phone when I was standard 6. Remember, we were poor. We even had to go to our aunt's place for meals. But I get whatever other girls get, maybe a less but still, I get them. I am thankful that I am born into this family and being her daughter, I am glad.

I love her a lot although I am extreme naughty. =)

So mummy,

Happy Mother's Day. We love you. Make sure you read ya?

My mum reads our blog. My sisters and I also write blogs. Maybe I should ask her to write one too. Hee. Mother's celebration is tomorrow. Having a farewell party for my second sister's bf too. =)

100th Post

No kidding. 100th post of craps. Well, I decided to invite Superstars to perform for my 100th post. I went to see them despite having lot more to study for exam. I guess its a good way to unwind after weeks of trying to swallow my books. So I went and I did not regret it. It was fun and super stress-free event. I don't want to yak yak yak. Just enjoy the pictures.

When they arrive. Diana damn pretty right? =)

The guys. =) L-R : Jo, Wee, Henley, Nick, Kyan

They sang their song. Will update when I know the title.

Any Henley fans?

Nick fans?

Diana's fans? Here here. Love her. So pretty.

More of Diana

And Diana.

And Diana. With Rynn

When they finish their song. "Meng Zui Da" (The biggest dream)

Ending pose. Orange was not around. She had graduation to attend.

The guys up for "Yong Gan Ai"

Top 10 but Orange was not there.

When I see Wee, I go wheeeee.. =)

The crowd. =)

Diana, Miko, Rynn and a bit of Yuni.

Them. It was great. Love the songs, the album, their signature.

Miko, Diana, Rynn, Yuni and a bit of Henley.

Us, the people who go crazy with me. Yi Lin and Pei Ying (sisters), Ju-Yen and Cher-Yin(sisters), and I.

Okay. Review? Well, I reached there at 2.30 pm and went straight to the entrance area. Then we waited and waited and waited. Then the bus pull up and Ju-Yen and I rushed outside. Henley used his video camera to record us. Well, the crowd actually. They were on the bus, chatting away, playing and waving to the crowds. Then they stood around and did some 'jia you' action and got ready to come down. So after like 10 to 15 minutes, they came down. Then we went in to see them perform. It was great. Their songs, their signature. They wrote my name on the album. Well, Miko and Jo did. So I did not shake hand with them. Shook with the rest though. Their friendliness, their enthusiasm makes me feel that it is right. Everyone should be happy with what they are doing. Although I might not actually know that they are so worn out but this is the attitude. Happy face whether you like it or not. I should start studying with interest and not just plain studying.

There's this thing about me liking local artiste. Some may think that I am a little immature and spend money on unnecessary things (the albums and time) but this is what I enjoy doing. I mean you can take that RM30 to drink alcohol, to go clubbing, probably other nicer and more useful activities, but I feel that what I am doing does no harm to other people and I should feel proud that I am helping the artiste to enjoy what they are doing with income. So, no comments about how lame and how stupid I am to support singers please. It is my choice and you do not have to right to judge me. =)

Anyway, it was a fun fun day. Thanks to my chase artiste gang especially Ju-Yen whom I chase artiste with almost every time.
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