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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why am I a chatterbox?

You can find people who talks all day long, in the toilet, while cooking, while studying, while playing, while watching television and much more. However, I took the "chatterbox" title into a whole new level, I talk when I am sleeping. All the time. -.-" Roommate says I always mumble and laugh and smile while I am sleeping. Worst if I laughed too much before I sleep.

I so ganas one meh? I also don't know. They say I laugh like evil witch. T.T It's not me la. So, er...just in case I go sleepover at someone's place or something, I think I should let them know. If not later they traumatize la. Thought got "special friend" that night.

I don't like Love At Zero Degree's ending. Why all of the sudden YiXin realize she likes WeiXiang? The story like not complete one. Here a bit there a bit. And I think GuoBin is cute ma. Why Singaporean call him faggot? I DON'T LIKE THE ENDING!!! LIKE NO HEAD NO TAIL ONE. =(


sHaN sHaN said...

cheh guo bin where gt cute.. wei xiang ka cute k... somemore what he does is enough to make yixin fall for her... apa itu guo bin buat??? wei xiang is the best... haha...

Mrs Chong said...

=P but guobin also handsome ma...ya la..geram la..but i dunno la..i dun feel the connection between weixiang and yixin so like suddenly she say she likes him then like kenot accept lor.. =x

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