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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Afalean Lu Xue Rui 卢学叡

Just some youtube clips I adore.

It's of him when he came to Penang.
Now I got like hundreds of pictures and a clip to drool at. =P

I love this song!!!! 愛我的兩個人 So handsomeeeee

Love it when he dances. Cute.. But he lupa lyrics, kesian

I like this Taiwan mother tongue song when i watched second season. Did not know Lu Xue Rui also sing this.

離開我 I think it's pretty good.

To be honest, when I first started seeing him on the screen, I did not know he is this good lor. I guess it was because Yoga and Aska were like the hot topic then and I kind of look at him because he is cute. Man, I wish I watched season one much earlier. I'll be head over heels with Afalean earlier.

Just found out Afalean and Aska pernah PK before and Afalean win lor. I am so proud of you Afalean!!!!

早知道爱 I think he has real great songs in his album lor. All also nice nice belaka.
And I prefer to see him smile than him sad. =(

Boh kuan si see him sing all the sad songs with sad MV. But one more.

This one hor, I think okay nia lor. But if not because of this, Afalean might be gone.

Season two mia. I can recognize the two guys and a few girls only.The orang asli one kurang cute.How come that model did not get?

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